JJK Chapter 224 Spoilers: Gojo Vs Sukuna Continues!

So that’s two chapters of hype for Jujutsu Kaisen fans. Keeping up with the standards of the 200% hollow purple that we saw previous week, JJK chapter 224 continues the action albeit in a more physical manner.

Also, unlike the previous chapter, there were no major info dumps that came in the latest chapter, so it was purely an action packed 19 pages. Still, there are some points that I’d like to point out in this chapter analysis, so let’s get straight to it.

We got a Toji crumb in JJK chapter 224:

JJK chapter 224 begins with both Sukuna and Gojo bad mouthing each other. Also, the damage that Sukuna sustained from being hit by Gojo’s 200% Hollow purple, losing an arm basically, was healed completely.

That should not come as a surprise because Sukuna is one of those few characters who is shown to be able to regenerate body parts. He did that with Itadori’s body at the Juvenile Center at the start of the series, and now he’s done it again with Megumi’s body in this chapter.

While Sukuna’s insults were quite interesting, calling Gojo a fish on the cutting board, the one that stuck with me was Gojo comparing Megumi’s face to Toji’s, and using it as a license to punch Sukuna without holding back. Does this mean Gojo is still scarred by what Toji did over 12 years back?

Once the insults are done, Gojo vs Sukuna round 2 begins.

I felt that the flashiness of the fight was toned down heavily from the chapter. However, that certainly did not take anything away from the brawl.

But before we get to it, I wanted to highlight a couple of points that Gojo said apparently!

  • Gojo states that he has gone through some special training routines, probably in preparation for this fight. I wonder what those are..
  • He says he will think about Megumi once he kills Sukuna. Is Gojo being serious here or just threatening Sukuna with words?

Satoru has the upper hand?

The face off between Gojo and Sukuna in JJK chapter 224 was more of a close quarters fight this time around. But, even though it began with both of them trying to land punches on each other, by the end of the chapter, they had caused a considerable amount of destruction.

And throughout the fight, Gojo seemed to have a slight upper hand on Sukuna.

First he blasted the king of curses through a horde of structures, and then proceeded to chase him around in an attempt to land a hardcore kick. Gojo continued to torment Sukuna using his powers for the rest of the fight. While it didn’t cause any sort of damage, he did seem to be on the front foot there.

Also, Gojo dodged a low-effort dismantle launched towards him by Sukuna. The latter was being creative here as he used a finger to fire off his Cursed technique, which was soo unlike the other times.

Gojo is supposedly the only person who is able to dodge or deflect the Dismantle after Mahoraga did it back in chapter 118. It was either because it bounced off his infinity, or Gojo sensed the attack and dodged it at the last moment.

After Gojo dodged the attack, Sukuna once again tries to catch him unawares, closing the gap between them. Sure, Gojo’s infinity provided the necessary insurance. This is where things got interesting. Gojo suddenly turns off his infinity and catches Sukuna’s punch with his hand. This results in both of crashlanding into a building nearby.

What I don’t understand is why Gojo deactivated his Infinity. Was Sukuna using something like Domain Amplification which we saw back in Shibuya, altering Gojo’s cursed technique? I am not sure about that, but Gojo just might have thought of feeling the punch to get him more in the mood for the fight. Or maybe he has something up his sleeve!

However, the best part about the fight comes later, when both Gojo and Sukuna aim a powerful punch at each other and end up destroying the whole building inside which they end up fighting.

Talking about the punch and the finger attack, I have something interesting to point out!

Reference to Togashi’s works:

Akutami used two major references to the works of manga author Yoshihiro Togashi in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 224. First was the finger pointing attack that Sukuna used on Gojo, and the second was Gojo’s stance before landing the punch towards the chapter’s end.

The first was a reference to the Spirit Gun from YuYu Hakusho, while Goji’s pose for the punch was very similar to that of Gon while he did his trademark Jajanken.

Well, the similarities are there, and Akutami has not shied away from using references in his manga before, the most notable one being the Uzumaki, which was clearly inspired by Junji Ito’s work of the same name!

Gojo and Sukuna are not serious!

If there is one thing I noticed throughout the fight between Gojo and Sukuna, then it is the fact that both of them don’t seem very serious at the moment about their face-off.

To be more precise, they are not worried about the outcome possibly, and both are just enjoying this opportunity to go all out against each other, consequences aside.

I mean, look at Gojo, casually dodging Sukuna’s punch by lying down, and then smiling before attacking him with a repulsive force.

One can blame him for being too cocky there. Let’s hope he is not underestimating Sukuna in any way, because, I don’t think the King of the Curses is also fighting seriously at this point. Maybe Gojo has Sukuna figured out to an extent thanks to the Six Eyes (I mean his technique and cursed energy signals, not the personality), however I still think the Mahoraga could be a trump card in this scenario. In fact any of Megumi’s shikigami can be used as a distraction to divert Gojo’s attention.

We saw a glimpse of that in this chapter, when Gojo was caught up observing the effects of Dismantle, Sukuna sneaked up on him to try and land a punch. It didn’t work this time, but there’s no saying that Gojo might be safe again, not with that cocky underestimating attitude.

Or I could be totally wrong!

Talking about the two not being serious, just take a look at the final panel. They come across as friends in it, complaining about mundane things. Well, it’s not just me who had that feeling you know!

What are your thoughts on Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 224? Is there anything in the chapter that caught your eye? Let me know them in the comments below!

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