JJK Chapter 144 Spoilers: A Fan Favourite Reappears

Few spoilers from chapter 144 have surfaced online, hinting at what could happen in the chapter. However, remember to take these spoilers with a pinch of salt and read the chapter on Viz manga or Mangaplus on its release for free!

Since the release of chapter 143, the fans have been eagerly waiting for the next chapter to know more. The chapter revealed Yuuta’s plan and what awaits Megumin and Yuuji. 

Few spoilers from chapter 144 have surfaced online, hinting at what could happen in the chapter. However, remember to take these spoilers with a pinch of salt and read the chapter on Viz or Mangaplus on its release for free!

Before we get to the spoilers, let’s have a small recap of chapter 143!

What happened in chapter 143? 

Chapter 143 revealed Yuuta’s true plan, i.e. to save Yuuji. During his foreign trip, Gojo asked Yuuta to look out for the Jujutsu High students, especially Itadori. We also witness a conversation between Itadori and Megumin, as the latter asks for the former’s help to save his sister during the culling game which Getwo has organized. 

So, what happens next?

Chapter 144 Spoilers and Summary: 

The chapter is filled with heart-breaking and super tense scenes. The pacing of the chapter seems rather slow from the scans but it does seem to have a very dark and heavy feel to it. However, the return of a fan favourite, Maki Zen’in, in this chapter makes the read all the more worthwhile!

  • Near the start of the chapter, Yuji asks Yuuta to kill him if he ever switches back to Sukuna and Yuuta accepts his request. He says so because he wants to protect Megumi and other innocent people as well. Itadori is well aware of the destruction that Sukuna caused in Shibuya, and that’s the last thing he wants. He’d rather prefer death than live through that again.
  • Then, he also asks Megumi about Nobara’s Condition. Fushigoro clenched his fist, and kept his mouth shut. Itadori replies that he understands, but we know nothing about Nobara’s Condition. While many may assume that our beloved country girl is dead, we’re sure that she’s going to come back in a state similar to Maki. It his highly likely that she’s still in a critical condition due to Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration but we believe that her character hasn’t been fleshed out yet, and Akutami sensei won’t let her die before that. Here, you can see the grief and pain in Yuji’s eyes, it’s disheartening to see what has become of our beloved sunflower.
  • While the Reverse Cursed Technique was able to heal Maki, her scars will still remain. Akutami sensei clearly isn’t scared of messing with his character designs. He has dealt heavy damage to our beloved senpai. 
  • Yuuji, Fushigoro and Choso finally meet Maki and Yuki. This meet is rather awkward as nobody really knows what to say to each other. Maki breaks the ice and starts a conversation. After Yuji replies, Yuuta asks Maki if she’s okay with moving around a little, to which she confirms that she’s fine with it. This conversation showed us a different side of Yuuta, which fans who haven’t read the prequel of Jujutsu Kaisen might be unaware of. Yuuta isn’t some heartless monster, in fact, he’s quite similar to Yuuji. He also respects Maki a lot, since she trained and helped him a lot
  • Maki asks Megumi about Tengen-Sama’s barrier. Choso starts talking even before Megumi could say anything. He says that there’s a cursed storeroom used to store cursed tool and cursed objects between the gate and the Tomb of the Stars. His little brothers’ corpses are stored in that cursed storeroom. Even if they’re just corpses, if there’re 6 of them, then he can sense them using the secondary effect of his CT. This means that Tengen’s barrier is still up, at least some of them are. Megumi is glad to hear that. 
  • Maki inquires about Choso. After a short period of silence, Yuji says that Choso is his elder brother..for now. In Yuji’s dream, his mother had those same stitches on her forehead as Getou and Choso is related to that spirit as well. Is this why Itadori felt like he should refer to Choso as his brother now? We were already intrigued about this cursed spirit’s (?) identity, and we’re even, more eager to know now. 
  • Megumi also states that meeting Tengen is quite crucial for them, as he might know how to undo the Prison Realm’s Seal and also help understand Noritoshi Kamo aka Getwo aka the brain’s motives.
  • All of them leave. After opening a gate, they move towards a room similar to a storeroom. Facing the storeroom, Choso says that he’ll be back to take his brothers back with him. It should be obvious that Choso loves his brothers dearly, hence he wants to get them back as soon as possible. However, does he have anything in mind regarding his and his brothers’ futures?
  • After they move on, Yuji notices a few bloodstains on the wall. He inquires about it and Yuki says that they’re from an incident that happened 11 years ago. Here, it seems like she is referring to the Riko incident. She was supposed to be the replacement vessel for Tengen but was shot by Toji Fushigoro. This is basically confirmed as they described it as “A shape of a man, with curses clinging his body, swung sword”. They’re clearly referring to Toji here, meaning that Tengen lies just ahead.  
  • Maki and Yuki arrive in a white room; “we’re rejected” Yuki says. A stranger says “How do you do? Zen’in’s descendant, Michizane’s blood, Cursed womb and Sukuna’s vessel?” in another place. You surely must’ve guessed who this is. Yes! It’s Tengen! However, he looks quite different than one might have imagined. He has four eyes…yeah. 

The chapter ends here. 

It seems like we’re going to witness Tengen reveal something important, he might even put some responsibility over our dear Jujutsu Sorcers’ shoulders. While we don’t know why Yuki and Maki were rejected, one could assume that it comes from the conventional and orthodox thinking of the Jujutsu world’s higher-ups show. However, only time will tell how much of it is true! 

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  1. I think Yuji and Maki are rejected because they both don’t have cursed energy, or at least Yuji didn’t get cursed energy the natural way. This could also mean that they learned from the Toji incident to also reject people with no curse energy at all

    • We think only yuki was the person to be rejected, but let’s see. Maybe they all got in…Also, Tengen does say something like Sukuna’s vessel, soo Yuji did get in


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