JJK Chapter 142: Choso Vs. Naoya!


Warning: Just like the title says, the following article contains major spoilers from Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 142. Read ahead at your discretion!

The battle of Jujutsu Kaisen’s dearest onii-chan has reached its climax.

Last week Choso took upon himself to fight the annoying Naoya Zen’in to help Yuji take on Okkotsu. Well, since it was a fight between two entirely opposites in brotherly love, it was sure to send some sparks. And it was so evident in this chapter through their conversation about their siblings.

Naoya and Choso have a conversation

The previous chapter also had us worried about Choso because he could not keep up with Naoya’s Projection technique. But, near the end of the chapter, Choso activated a new technique, giving us hope for his survival, if not victory.

Even the chapter is titled “The Back of Onii-san,” so we knew this was gonna be great. Choso nii-chan for the win!

Choso’s Flowing Red Scale Stack!

Choso went above and beyond our expectations in this battle. Amidst everyone’s worries about him, Choso lived upto his Special Grade rank.

We know that Naoya can execute pre-determined movements, so it was important for Choso to keep an eye on that. But he also had to maintain a safe distance so Naoya could not freeze him.

Flowing Red Scale Stack

He used his specialized attack, Flowing Red Scale Stack, startling Naoya. The Flowing Red Scale technique increases Choso’s optical ability. With it, Choso can concentrate his power on the muscles outside his eyeballs. This concentration greatly enhances the sharpness of vision.

This technique is a really effective way of countering the Projection Technique. If one can see the shaman’s movements, it will be easier to dodge them or move in a different direction.

An attempt was made by Naoya

But as foul Naoya is, he wouldn’t play without any underhanded tricks. He quickly noticed that Choso adapted to his technique. As soon as he found Choso in his range of attack, Naoya stabbed him with a special weapon. He was very confident in this attack, counting on it to render Choso unable to fight.

The only experience or knowledge Naoya has about Blood Manipulation is probably from the Kamo family. It made sense to reduce a Blood Manipulation shaman useless by making them bleed enough.

Naoya is shocked

But, Naoya was oblivious to the biggest factor about Choso nii-chan. Choso was only half-human; blood loss barely meant anything to him!

Using Naoya’s distraction and the pool of blood to his advantage, Choso created a big distance between them. And when Naoya got caught up in all of it, even struggling to move his feet due to Choso’s blood, Choso grabbed the chance!

We were wondering if Choso would survive the battle, but he instead went ahead and wiped the floor with Naoya. What can I say, he had it coming. 😀 Unfortunately, Choso’s (and our) victory was pretty short-lived.

Just when he was about to hit Naoya with his technique developed over 150 years, Supernova, Yuta arrived as a wet blanket.

Okkotsu Yuta, the big bad?

We can’t help but notice how the manga is making out Yuta to be the bad guy in the last few chapters. Ever since he appeared in chapter 137, he has us in a dilemma. He wants to kill Yuji, but there is evidence he is not planning to do it. Even though he stabbed Yuji, he apologized after it. And he doesn’t look a bit enraged.

Yuta appears

In this chapter too, Yuta is shown dragging Yuji across the floor to the tunnel. Or is it his dead body? Well, that is impossible thanks to Sukuna, so not a dead body. Yuta appears behind Choso to land a powerful hit and taunt Naoya on his pathetic condition. Hmph! First, stabbing Yuji and now hitting Choso? Not fair.

But Yuta and Yuji’s arrival confirmed one thing: Megumi is nowhere close. So, why indeed was Sukuna smiling in the last chapter? Was it something related to Yuta? We have too many questions!

What are your thoughts on Choso and Naoya’s battle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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