Is Rent-A-Girlfriend Manga Coming To An End? Author’s Cryptic Tweet Gets Fandom Hyped!

Rent A Girlfriend

Reiji Miyajima’s obsession for Chizuru Mizuhara, the lead character of Rent-A-Girlfriend, is no secret. And so when the author shared a cryptic tweet regarding the manga’s conclusion, fans were beyond surprised, as he had been previously accused of ‘living in his own ridiculous fantasy’ through the protagonist Kazuya.

Reiji Miyajima took to Twitter to drop the big news, stating, “The final episode has been decided“.

However, it’s worth noting that Miyajima had made a similar announcement last year as well, so it is advised to take the update with a grain of salt.

In response to the announcement, fans flooded social media platforms with mixed reactions, with many conveying their eagerness for the series to come to a close, citing a lack of plot progression over the last 70 chapters. Whereas, others speculate that the author is pulling the Oda move and drop another 100 more chapters.

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Rent-A-Girlfriend is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Reiji Miyajima. It has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine since July 2017, and has been compiled into thirty-four volumes as of November 2023.

An anime television series adaptation produced by TMS Entertainment, aired from July to September 2020 on MBS’s Super Animeism block. A second season aired from July to September 2022. A third season aired from July to September 2023. A live-action television drama adaptation also aired from July to September 2022.

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