Eren & Reiner Trend On Twitter After Latest Attack On Titan Episode

The latest episode of Attack on Titan was nothing short of a spectacle. The declaration of war on Paradis by Willy Tybur is one of the most defining moments of the entire series. The confrontation between Eren and Reiner and the sudden appearance of the Attack Titan only made the fans go crazy. So, it shouldn’t really be surprise that Eren and Reiner, who was on the receiving end this time, were trending after the episode aired.

Eren trending
Reiner Trending

In the latest episode, Willy Tybur reveals the truth about the role King Fritz played in bringing about peace. Then, he proceeds to declare war on Paradis, essentially branding Eren as the root cause of evil. Knowing that he had no option but fight back, Eren proceeds to transform into the Attack Titan and attack the Festival at Liberio! Eren’s transformation too managed to garner a lot of positive response from fans.

Eren took it personally

Falco had it all wrong

Why is this soo funny huh?

Rise and shine, Eren, rise and shine…

Definitely worth the wait!!

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