Was Zeke Really Controlling The Beast Titan On The Founding Titan?


The following article contains major spoilers for Attack on Titan. Read ahead at your own discretion!

Fans witnessed the return of the Beast Titan after a long time in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 (Part 1). Mind you, we say Beast Titan and not Zeke.

The huge furry bastard, the moniker that Levi gave him, makes an appearance when Eren’s Founding Titan and the Colossal Titan are being bombarded by the Marley airships in a last ditch attack.

The Titan’s baseball throw is enough to take out the airships, thus protecting Eren in the process. But doubts are being raised as to whether the person controlling the Beast Titan was actually Zeke.

Well, looking at how the scene played out in both the anime and the manga, there is a strong possibility that Marley’s Golden Boy was not the one pulling the strings here.

Why not Zeke?

We haven’t seen Zeke Yeager in person after Eren activated the rumbling. Assuming that his Royal Blood is still needed for Eren to control the Founding Titan (even after his passionate ‘You are not a slave’ speech to Ymir), it would mean that Zeke is being kept in a safe location away from the enemies.

But, it is a given that he is somewhere inside the monstrous Attack Titan that we see. 

Eren won’t let him out of his sight, it is known

But in chapter 134, (and ofcourse part 3) we see the Beast Titan dangling from one of the bones in the Attack Titan’s body, fully exposed to danger. The huge furry is then tackled by the Armored Titan, as the allies make their appearance to fight (stop? kill?) Eren.

Meaning if Zeke were indeed in the Beast Titan, and Levi and co were to take out the Beast Titan here, Eren’s control over the rumbling would stop. Knowing Zeke’s importance, it is safe to assume that Eren won’t leave him in a precarious situation like that. It is only an assumption though.

Reiner taking down Beast Titan

Also the way the Beast Titan materialized also cast doubts in our mind.

The Warhammer Titan’s powers in play:

After consuming Willy Tybur’s younger sister, Eren is currently the holder of Warhammer Titan. And the one unique ability of the Warhammer Titan is that it allows its users to remotely activate and control the Titan. The body of the Titan is connected to the user with a long cable of Titan Flesh.

When the Beast Titan manifests, we see a similar cable that is connecting its body to the large bone structure. The Titan’s body seemingly originates from the nape up. This almost confirms that it is the Warhammer Titan’s power that’s in play here. 

Beast Titan forms in Chapter 134

Since Eren is the one in possession of the Warhammer, and because he seems to be in control of the entire situation since the rumbling, we can say that it was not Zeke who was controlling the Beast Titan.

Eren just seemed to use the Beast Titan as a canon to take out enemies (fancy cars in James Bond movies). The lack of accuracy in the throw can also be attributed to the same.

The Beast Titan missed Azumabito’s flying plane by a mile. This is either the standard shounen trope being implemented by Isayama here, or it is Eren, who’s marksmanship is not as great as Zeke, controlling the Beast Titan.

There is also the question of ideologies. 

Zeke won’t attack Marley ships!

Unless Zeke was deranged, there is no way he would attack the Marley Airships that were trying to protect innocent citizens.

Not that Zeke is a pure hearted angel who is trying to turn this cruel world into an Utopia. He just lacks the resolve or the courage to make such a harsh decision (something which even Eren is having a hard time to stomach). 

Also, Zeke wanted no part in Eren’s murderous plan (read genocide). And there is no way Eren could convince him to change his stance. This is another reason why Zeke attacking the Marleyan airships as the Beast Titan doesn’t sit right with us. 

Beast Titan attacks Marley airships in AOT chapter 134

There are arguments that Eren could have modified or altered his memories. Even if that’s the case and Zeke is on Eren’s side, he wouldn’t still be inside the Beast Titan because there’s no way Eren would want to expose him to danger or lose him at this stage.

The Allies have taken the bait!

So, when Reiner cuts open the nape Beast Titan, he will be surprised to find that there is no one there. The allies have taken the bait of killing Zeke to stop Eren. And Eren seems to have predicted this somehow (voila!) and dangled the prized M O N K E right in front of their eyes.

While their forces slim out fighting the Beast, Eren will chalk up a plan to possibly come out as the winner.

We believe Isayama is only giving us false hopes. With Eldian and Marley warriors uniting to fight a common evil, the scenario closely mirrors that of Code Geass.

But there is something inside us that whispers “This is all fake, the allies will lose”. Well, Isayama did say he had a grim ending planned for us. We don’t know whether he was referring to the deaths caused by the Colossal Titans, or the ending itself that would bring us despair. As we say always, we can only find out what follows once the next chapter drops. 

Where do you think Zeke is currently? Was he really controlling the Beast Titan? Let us know your opinions in the comments section!!

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