Dragon Ball Super: Will Goku Rage Transform Once Again?

Defeating Moro was never going to be easy. The horned villain managed to beat the literal crap out of all Z fighters and punch a hole in Goku. Vegeta with his new powers looked like he would make a tough stand against Moro. But Toriyama being a simp for Goku, that never happened. So, as per the standard Dragon Ball tropes, a Goku transformation is needed to overcome the current villain.

And Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63 has set the stage for such a rage transformation. Goku has been training to master the Ultra Instinct for sometime now. While he was able to use the UI sign form in the fight against Moro, it was not very effective. In order to master the form he needed some kind of trigger and it came in chapter 63 as the loss of a friend.

The similarities of the transformation to the time when Goku first achieved his legendary Super Saiyan form cannot be ignored. .

Watching his friend vanish Goku starts losing his composure just the way he lost himself in rage when Frieza killed Krillin. His stance is similar to the first time he went Super Saiyan. His dogi is torn in a similar fashion. We might as well see Goku go berserk for the first time in Dragon Ball history. After all if there’s one thing Goku absolutely doesn’t want to happen is lose his friends. He will do anything to protect and defend his friends and their honour.

Merus saying Goku can achieve Ultra instinct
Merus believes that Goku can master Ultra Instinct

The parting with his friend was emotional and he is now set to overcome his limiters once again. Merus, who acted as Goku’s trainer, informs him that his training hasn’t been to waste. At his current strength, Goku can achieve the most stable form of Mastered Ultra Instinct. After that, there wouldn’t be anyone who could stand against him. Also, Merus did his part in the battle by buying some time for Goku to recover and destroying Moro’s copying crystals.

With Goku finally looking like mastering the Ultra Instinct and his rage building up we are going to witness an epic battle unfold. Again, we truly wish for Vegeta to have a centre stage for once or for Gohan to become truly great. But unfortunately we don’t see that happening anytime soon. Let’s hope that day comes too. What are your thoughts on Goku finally being able to master UI? Let us know in the comments below.

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