Different Types Of Kagune In Tokyo Ghoul Explained


Kagune is the predatory organ of a ghoul, in the universe of Tokyo Ghoul. It helps them get their prey or defend themselves while under attack. In order to know more about Kagune, click the below link;

The following article is a part of the above post. Depending on the type of Rc cells in a ghouls body, the manifested kagune can be of four types.

Rinkaku Kagune:

Ken Kaneki with his rinkaku kagune
Ken Kaneki & his rinkaku kagune

Shape of Kagune: The shape of a rinkaku kagune is similar to that of tentacles. The number of tentacles can vary from one to eight. Some ghouls can manipulate the shape of the tentacles and make it look like a sword or claws. They can even make the kagune bigger and stronger by binding together the tentacles. 

Location of Kagune: Rinkaku kagune usually manifests from the lower back of the ghoul, where its kakuhou is present.

Property of Kagune: The rinkaku kagune has superior striking power and brute strength. The ghoul with a rinkaku kagune also has high regenerative abilities and capability to withstand critical damage The regenerative ability is due to the Rc cells which are bound easily due to weak binding force among them.

Pros: This kagune is strong and decently fast. It can be regenerated quickly.

Cons: This kagune type is soft and easy to break

Comparison with other Kagune: The Rinkaku kagune can easily overpower the koukaku type kagune. However, rinkaku type is at a disadvantage against the balanced bikaku kagune, which has superior power and hardness compared to the former..A rinkaku ghoul can also fare better against the ukaku user, though it’d be a tough fight.

Ghouls who use Rinkaku Kagune: Ken Kaneki, Rize Kamishiro, Hinami Fueguchi, Nimura Furuta and Saiko Yonebayashi.

Ukaku Kagune:

Touka kirishima in Tokyo ghoul with ukaku kagune
Touka Kirishima and Ukaku Kagune

Shape of Kagune: The ukaku kagune basically takes on the appearance of spread out wings with feathers. The kagune can be shaped into sharp blade like objects for long distance attacks or can be used as a shield in defensive situations. 

Location of Kagune: The ukaku kagune is released from the shoulder area of the ghoul.

Property of Kagune: Ukaku type users can crystallize their feather like structure which can be used for projectile-like attacks due to it being lightweight. The users of this kagune too are known to be exceptionally fast. Renji Yomo is one Ukaku user who can use lightning along with the usual properties of his kagune.

Pros: High speed attacks, Long range attacks, can end battles quickly

Cons: Users have low stamina and endurance due to Rc Cells being depleted quickly as projectiles are released from kagune. Not useful for short range attacks (though some ukaku users can overcome this by making their kagune more flexible).

Comparison with other kagune: Ukaku users can beat bikaku type kagune users in battle due to their speed, mobility and long range attacks. However, they fare badly against koukaku users who can use their shield like kagune to guard against the projectiles of ukaku users, eventually tiring them out. They can do fairly well against rinkaku kagune users.

Ghouls who have Ukaku Kagune: Some prominent users of Ukaku kagune in the tokyo ghoul universe are Touka Kirishima, Ayato Kirishima and Renji Yomo among others. 

Bikaku Kagune: 

NIshio Nishiki's bikaku kagune
Nishio Nishiki’s Bikaku kagune

Shape of Kagune: The bikaku kagune has a tail like appearance and is known for its balanced offense, defense and speed. Usually a bikaku user can only create one tail, but there are some users who have been known to create more than one tail. Some users can manipulate the shape of the tail, like Demon Yamada, whose bikaku kagune had the shape of a butcher knife.

Location of the kagune: The bikaku kagune manifests around the tail-bone or the coccyx. 

Properties of Kagune: The bikaku type user has no particular strength, weakness or specific properties. Due to its balanced and overall abilities, this kagune is preferred for making quinques for CCG investigators who are quite inexperienced.

Comparison with other Kagune: A bikaku user can trump a rinkaku type user (the only difference being Kaneki defeating Nishio), however, they would lose to a ghoul with ukaku kagune due to their speed mobility and long range attacks.

Ghouls who have Bikaku Kagune: Some prominent users of Bikaku kagune in the tokyo ghoul universe are Nishio Nishiki, Matasaka Kamishiro, Nutcracker and Big Madam among others.

Koukaku Kagune: 

Tsukiyama and Touka kirishima fighting in Toukyo ghoul
Tsukiyama’s Koukaku Kagune

Shape of Kagune: The koukaku kagune comes in various shapes. For users with defensive abilities, the kagune is shaped like an armour or shield, however, for offensive purposes they can also be in the shape of a drill, blade or sword.

Location of Kagune: The Koukaku kagune manifests from just below the shoulder blade. 

Properties of Kagune: The kagune is extremely sturdy and robust owing to the high density of Rc cells in it. It is best suited for defensive purposes. 

Pros: High weight, extreme sturdiness. Extremely good for close combat. 

Cons: Reduced speed due to the weight.

Comparison with other Kagune: Koukaku kagune can overcome a ukaku type user with the same strength by wearing them out. However, they fall severely short while coming up against the rinkaku kagune ghouls. Koukaku and Bikaku are kind of evenly matched and the outcome would depend on the ghoul’s prowess.

Ghouls who use Koukaku Kagune: Some prominent users of Koukaku kagune in the tokyo ghoul universe are Shuu Tsukiyama, Hinami Fueguchi, Donato Porpora and Kuki Urie.

Which of the different kagune mentioned here is your favourite type? Let us know in the comment section!

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