Four Times Zenitsu’s Thunder Breathing Stole The Show In Demon Slayer!

Zenitsu definitely has proven time and time again that he is a formidable ally throughout the manga. Despite his “unique” circumstances (ie, falling asleep when scared), he has shown great swordsmanship at crucial times. From the six styles created from Sun Breathing, Thunder Breathing is arguably the fastest.

Here are a few instances Zenitsu’s Thunder Breathing skill literally stole the show in the best way:

Thunderclap and Flash: vs Tongue Demon (Tsuzumi Mansion Arc)

The first time we saw some mettle in Zenitsu was in a super cool way. Along with the great background theme and fantastic visuals, this was one of the most popular scenes in the anime. This is where we understand the heavy emphasis put on leg strength in Zenitsu’s Thunder Breathing.

Considering that Kaigaku and Zenitsu were complete opposites in terms of mastering the breath, Zenitsu’s use of Thunderclap and Flash has a lot of symbolic importance as well.

Thunderclap and Flash, Eight Fold: vs Daki (Entertainment District Arc)

What’s more awesome than one Thunderclap and Flash? Eight times of it of course! Here, Zenitsu amped up the six fold he performed against the son spider demon in Natagumo Mountain Arc to eight fold- doing thunderclap and flash eight times. Zenitsu was able to lessen the intensity of Daki’s attacks and managed to behead her.

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Thunderclap and Flash, Godspeed: vs Daki (Entertainment District Arc)

If this didn’t make you respect Zenitsu, then I am seriously judging you. Daki was a stubborn rival, and eight fold was just not enough for victory. Godspeed is the fastest variation to Thunderclap and flash in Zenitsu’s thunder breathing.

Zenitsu not just uses it once, but twice– one to escape the wreckage, and one more to drive his blade through Daki’s neck so that Inosuke can behead her. With the Entertainment District arc, Zenitsu proved that he is one of the most talented demon slayers out there.

zenitsu god speed number 1 1
god speed number 2
Zenitsu- “I am speed.” (I’m so sorry.)

Honoikazuchi no Kami/Flaming Thunder God: vs Kaigaku (Infinity Castle Arc)

The seventh form of Thunder Breathing is the brainchild of Zenitsu. Honoikazuchi no Kami is important for many reasons- this completes Zenitsu’s character development in the most beautiful way. Zenitsu vs Kaigaku is one of the most symbolic and personal fights in the whole of manga. Zenitsu is not only facing someone he had lots of love and respect for, but also a betrayer who caused his beloved “gramps” to commit seppuku.

Kaigaku does his best to belittle Zenitsu with not just words, but with his extravagant display of the forms Zenitsu can’t do. However, we see a changed Zenitsu fueled with determination, who doesn’t let Kaigaku get to him. Therefore, things come full circle for Zenitsu as he manages to prove his worth as a tsuguko by creating a completely new form. Not only does this show Zenitsu’s badassery, but also the fruits of his consistency and suffering.

Seventh Form Thunder Breathing
In my humble opinion, one of the best fights in all of the manga. What do you think?

Seeing these remaining forms of Zenitsu’s thunder breathing animated would definitely be a treat for our eyes! 

In conclusion, Zenitsu is so much more than a girl chasing side character. Do you think these fights support his character development? Let us know in the comments!

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