Demon Slayer Chapter 204 Teases Timeskip, Gives Hopes To Fans

Tanjirou and Nezuko

Chapter 205 of Koyoharu Gotouge’s superhit series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba will probably be its last. However, a timeskip that was teased at the end of chapter 204 has given fans hope of the series returning with a sequel again. 

What happened in Chapter 204 of Demon Slayer:

With Muzan and the demons defeated and wiped out, the Demon Slayer corps has disbanded. Tanjirou and the others who survived the battle with Muzan have managed to recover from their physical injuries (but let’s say that they will take some time overcoming the loss of friends and family). Tanjiro is not able to use his left hand anymore and has lost vision in his right eye. After some happy reunions with the surviving members of the battle and other people, Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke and Zenitsu return to Tanjiro’s home (they have nowhere else to go). 

However, the last panel of the chapter featured a modern setting with tall buildings as seen in the present day, which is totally different from the medieval settings that we have seen in the manga so far. This (possibly huge) timeskip has given fans hope about the series returning with a sequel.

Demon slayer timeskip panel
The panel showing timeskip

What does a timeskip mean for Demon Slayer?

With publishers confirming that the series will be ending with Chapter 205, the timeskip could only serve the purpose of showing how the protagonists’ lives turned out in the future, in order to give a proper conclusion to the story. This is usually done to give a happy ending to the characters (a chance to see all the ships get confirmed)

However, we have seen in the past that franchises have continued to roll out chapters even after a happy time skip. The new series could deal with the future generations of the story, like Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. With the threat of the demons all but destroyed and Tanjiro not able to fight anymore, this seems like the most plausible outcome if a sequel is being planned. This would also allow Koyoharu Gotouge to take a much needed break before coming back to the drawing board with an interesting plot.

However, instead of just showing a happy ending, the timeskip could also introduce the new threats that the modern world is facing (maybe demons returning some way or the other), allowing the mangaka to pick up the story and continue it in the same vein.

But then, why are fans clamouring for a sequel you wonder. Why can’t they let the protagonists have a happy ending you ask.

The main reason for this is that there are a lot of open points in the series that need to be addressed yet. We came across a lot of major deaths in the final arc of the manga, especially in the battle against Muzan. These deaths were rushed and not much was revealed about the characters’ past (especially the hashiras). 

We were also hoping that the whole thing about Muzan’s will and desire being transferred to Tanjirou will have a much bigger role to play in the manga. Even at the end Muzan seemed to beg Tanjirou to continue being a perfect demon and carry forward his wishes and desires. What exactly was Muzan’s wish and desire, once he gained a perfect body and was able to defeat the sun. Peaceful co-existence with the humans? We think not. 

The mangaka could very well plan a sequel to the anime, where demons and how they came into being are explored in much detail, also adding more depth and backstory to the overall plot of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

They way the final arc came to an end, we (along with the fans) do feel that something new is in store for us in the Demon Slayer universe. That said, sequel or not, we can’t wait to see our protagonists all grown up and happy. What do you think the timeskip means for the Demon Slayer universe? Leave your thoughts in the comments section!

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