We Isekai’d And Got An Exclusive Interview With Nezuko-chan

We decided to get her opinion on the latest controversies surrounding her Demon form. Here's how the interview went!

Fair Warning: Do not believe everything that you read on the internet!

It was a lazy Sunday morning and we were waiting for the latest Demon Slayer episode to air. And as I was biding my time, all the controversies revolving around Nezuko chan and her recent demon form swirled in my head. 

Surely, the anime community was divided when it came to her new avatar. However, I was curious as to how Nezuko would react if she were made aware of these controversies. Lash out in anger? Fight for her rights? What would she do?

I could no longer contain my thirst for answers. So, like Ulysses, I decided to set forth on a quest that would give me what I seek. Wasting no further time, I packed my bags and dragged my content manager along as we made our way to the Demon Slayer universe.

How we managed to isekai ourselves, is not something we can disclose (blame the company policies). And no, truck-kun was in no way involved in this exchange.

Nasty surprises awaited us in this new place. If it wasn’t disappointing enough that our appearances did not change, smartphones that refused to work put us in a fix.The fact that touchscreens and the internet were a distant dream in taisho-era Japan hadn’t even crossed our minds.

Well, impromptu trips are never complete without a tinge of surprise!! (Disappointing ones at that. Mostly.)

It goes without saying that we had a hard time navigating and getting directions over there. However, we finally made our way to the entertainment district and to Nezuko, who was now sleeping peacefully in a box. 

Our first job as interviewers involved waking up a sleeping demon. I assure you, never was this done in the history of interviewing. 

After successfully waking her up,and struggling with sign languages (because oh boi! language barrier was an issue too), we ignored introductions and directly jumped to asking questions.

Yes yes, I know, totally unprepared for someone so curious for answers

Note: This is also when my blood demon art, editorial understanding of all languages awakened and I was suddenly able to decipher what Nezuko had to say. Or so I think.

With that in mind, here we go!!

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RnA: What do you think about your recent demon form?

Nezuko (a bit confused): Umm….I wish the clothes that I was wearing had increased in size too. It got a bit tight around my chest and made it hard for me to breathe.

RnA:It also left a lot of fans breathless. Some were left red-faced too.

Nezuko: Oh my! Did you say red-faced? Even I was left red-faced due to all the fighting that I had to do. Or maybe that was just Daki’s blood. By the way, what are you trying to ask? And WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?

RnA: Anyways, what do you have to say to the fans who were not happy with your transformation?

Nezuko: Fans? Not happy?

RnA: Let’s just say a bunch of people who saw you transform had some complaints.

Nezuko:I won’t blame those people. I ended up destroying a lot of things while I transformed into my demon form. I know the people are not very happy with that. Neither am I. But my brother’s life is of utmost importance. I can’t just let him die. Did you see what Daki was about to do to him?

RnA: Erm, that is not what we meant…

Nezuko: Oh! Is it money that you want? I am pretty sure the Demon Slayer corps will pay for the damage done to the district. You can write a formal complaint and submit it to them. 

RnA: We won’t say no to money. But what we really meant to say is that people were unhappy about the way you looked.

Nezuko: Shall I tell this to Tanjiro? He would be very angry to hear you say that. You should hear him praise the way I look!

RnA: O-okay, what do you have to say about being a bad influence on kids?

Nezuko: Bad influence on kids? I am Kamado Nezuko! I am the one who took care of my siblings. They secretly loved me more than Tanjiro, but don’t tell him that!

RnA: Oh naive little Nezuko chan, you should come to our world and see how people are fighting over you!!

Nezuko: Your world? Fighting? Are you not from here?? Not from this place? Hmmmmmm…..your attire did seem very strange.

RnA: Ermmm………

Nezuko (suspiciously).: Why did you come here?? Again WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE??

At this moment, my content manager gave me a glance, the kind of a glance that said he knew what I was about to do. The last glance before disaster fell, before I blurted out the truth behind our mission!

RnA: Wearefromanimehunch!!!! We came here so that we can get your interview and break an exclusive before animepewsnewtwork!!

Nezuko: Exclusively break? You came here to exclusively break us, the demon slayer corps?? Are you the bad guys? 

RnA: Wait! What??

Nezuko: AHA!! You ARE bad guys!! (Looks over her shoulder) TANJIROUU THERE ARE SOME MORE WEIRDOS YOU NEED TO BEAT UP!!!

Welp, the saying goes…”pen is mightier than the sword,” but it was not the time and place to test it out. Nezuko’s misunderstood cry for help was our “clock struck 12, yeet from the ball” moment. But, unlike Cinderella, the only thing we left behind was the skin we shed out of fear. (Yikes) 

On my way back home, I had an epiphany of sorts. We were expecting answers to our questions, but somehow I believe the matter we were focusing on was not even the right one. 

After this interview, I am pretty sure the issue that begs for our attention has come to the front. 

Nezuko needs a strict lesson in manners and dealing with people. Being a demon cannot be used as an excuse. I mean, just look at how she answered. Don’t you think that was rude? 

Can we please start a viral tweet that points out this fact. If the controversy surrounding her demon form was worthy of attention, then you can’t deny the importance of this issue either. 

To all fans out there, the butthurt ones, the concerned ones, the fantasizers, the hentais, and especially the one reading this interview, I have a dream.  I have a dream that my little nezuko will one day live in a world where she will not be judged by her demon form but by the way she treats her interviewers.

Go ahead humble warriors, invest all your sweet time into addressing this matter, because it would bring about a very positive change to this world!!!

Until next time, controversingapai!!