DBS Chapter 72 Review: Goku’s Defeat

DBS Chapter 72 Review

With the 20th of this month getting over, here’s our DBS chapter 72 review. There was so much of theorizing and brainstorming on what could happen in the first leg of the fight. I’ve seen so many videos and posts speculating on who would emerge victorious in the battle between the Saiyans and Granolah. Out of all of them, none (including me) expected this sort of a start.

DBS Chapter 72 completely took us by surprise by showcasing Granolah’s unbelievable power. A day before the chapter dropped, Twitter Accounts DBSChronicles and Ryokutya released a spoiler saying:

“Who loses TWICE in ONE chapter? (lol)
He’s got the skills of Kenshiro (the protagonist of the Fist of the North Star).”

Most of us were under the impression that the “loser” could be either Vegeta or Granolah. In fact, many folks on Twitter already started shitting on Vegeta. I was like; here we go again with Toriyama/Toyotarō writing with a Goku fanboy mindset. But boy, could we BE more wrong?

Granolah’s power took everyone by surprise in DBS Chapter 72

The fated battle began by Granolah making the first move against the Saiyans. The Cerealian is not keen on wasting time as he is going for the kill right from the start. He’s using his sniping abilities to its maximum extent, catching Goku and Vegeta off guard by shooting blasts at them from different directions. Goku acknowledges this by saying that he can barely dodge the blasts and are deadly accurate.

When Granolah started hurdling blasts at them again, Vegeta and Goku charge towards its source. Vegeta uses his mind to dodge the blasts by predicting where it’ll be next. Contrary to this, Goku uses base Ultra Instinct to dodge them. The following panel clearly shows which method is superior:

Difference between dodging using the mind and Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super
Vegeta struggles to maneuver around the blasts whereas Goku seamlessly dodges them

But, when the duo reaches the source of the attacks, there’s nobody there. Then, all of a sudden, the shots started coming from above in the sky. They moved to the air to avoid them. But again, to their surprise, the shots stopped coming from the sky and started coming from the ground. This puzzled me for a while. After a couple of brainstorming sessions, the answer may be something about what I’ve been thinking ever since Granolah got his wish granted.

Does Granolah have Ultra Instinct And Destruction In DBS Chapter 72?

It’s more than likely that Granolah possesses techniques SIMILAR to Goku’s and Vegeta’s. But I have my doubts on whether his command over them could be greater than theirs.

In another article, I speculated whether Granolah can use Hakai or Ultra Instinct post the wish. I mentioned that, in order to surpass Goku and Vegeta, Granolah needs to use their techniques in a better way. And those techniques need not necessarily be ONLY Hakai and Ultra Instinct.

Granolah seems to be moving so fast that our heroes struggle to keep up with him. When Goku fired a Ki blast towards his direction, he instantaneously moved from the forest to where the Saiyans were standing.

Granolah's superior version of Goku's instant transmission
Granolah’s version of Instant Transmission

Now, some people may be under the impression that Granolah used UI in this battle so far. The answer is NO. By looking at his movements, Goku sensed that this technique Granolah used is even faster than his Instant Transmission. So he makes a direct comparison with his teleportation technique and not Ultra Instinct. This is how he was maneuvering between the sky and the ground instantaneously.

After this, he moves his arm towards them and squeezes his hand, which resulted in a huge explosion. Fortunately, Goku and Vegeta managed to escape in the nick of time.

This is very similar to Granolah destroying that huge rock right after the wish in chapter 70. Since that chapter, fans immediately concluded that he has Hakai. Vegeta now mentions that his technique is SIMILAR to Hakai. What’s more, Goku begins to wonder whether the Cerealian can use his and Vegeta’s techniques. Well, at least I got one theory right. Huehuehue.

He may have even other techniques like Forced Spirit Fission or telekinesis. So the fusion technique might not work here.

As for Ultra Instinct, I think he might have some elements of Ultra Instinct but not completely. His anger and style of charging up his Ki cannot sync with the fundamental principle of Ultra Instinct. His speed might be lower than MUI Goku’s.

However, he has other abilities which could cover up for that.

Granolah’s sniping abilities knocked out Goku twice!

The DBS chapter 72 focuses more on Cerealians sharp sense of sight. Their right eyes are capable of seeing things at a far distance. And amongst the Cerealians, Granolah’s right eye is a cut above the rest according to Oatmeel. His right eye helps him to closely observe the target’s blood flow and muscle movements. This enables him to pinpoint the target’s vital points and strike them.

This could be the reason why he managed to defeat the OG Androids in Goichi’s ship so easily. He identified their weak spots (the centre forehead crystal) and struck them with utmost precision.

Adding to this, his sniping abilities also enable him to suppress his Ki more effectively than the others. In fact, Goku and Vegeta weren’t able to pinpoint his location at all, even though he was very close to them.

Using all of the above-mentioned abilities and speed, Granolah was able to catch Goku off guard and knock him out two times already! I couldn’t believe what I was reading when these scenes popped up!

Granolah knocks out Goku twice
Goku knocked on his feet twice

Hitting on the vitals like this is similar to what Beerus pulled off in the Battle of Gods movie.

Granolah also said that his right eye can sense the hidden power Goku is concealing within. He was also able to notice Goku’s body moving on its own before his brain processes the incoming attacks. His keen observation skills are off the charts! I wonder how MUI Goku will face this new challenge…

Speaking of Ultra Instinct, Goku pulled off something which fans have been speculating for a long time.

DBS Chapter 72 confirms whether Can Goku use Ultra Instinct With Super Saiyan forms?

Ever since Ultra Instinct’s debut in the Tournament of Power, fans have been wondering whether Goku can use Ultra Instinct in his Super Saiyan forms. DBS 72 confirms this possibility as Goku applied the principles of Ultra Instinct with his Super Saiyan God form. Vegeta says it becomes more accurate when combined with A Super Saiyan form.

Goku combining the principles of Ultra Instinct with Super Saiyan God
Super Saiyan God Goku using Ultra Instinct

Now how can he do this? Super Saiyan transformations are powered up by rage. Ultra Instinct is the complete opposite. How can the two be used at the same time? Well, Super Saiyan God is different from other forms. It’s calmer and more composed & doesn’t need much effort to transform. Also, Goku has learned to use UI even in his base form. He’s merely applying the principles of Ultra Instinct (i.e., reduce thought generation).

As Whis explained in the previous chapter, it’s not a transformation but more of a state of one’s state of mind and consciousness. If one is able to remain in this state at all times, it doesn’t matter what form he is in. It all depends on how much one has perfected UI.

We see Goku using it with Super Saiyan God. But can he use it in conjunction with Super Saiyan Blue or Super Saiyan 1, 2 or 3? He can but to a lesser extent. Those forms are fueled by pure rage and reducing thought generation in those forms is very difficult.

But note that Goku’s Mastered Ultra Instinct (the silver-haired form) is much stronger than the above-mentioned forms. This is confirmed by Goku saying “I’ve still got an even stronger transformation” after whatever he pulled off so far.

Final Thoughts On DBS chapter 72

It’s safe to say that DBS Chapter 72 is one of the best chapters in Dragon Ball Super so far. It was placed at the right time and position. Chapter 71 gave a huge build-up to this fight and Chapter 72 lived up to that. Nobody expected this kind of a start.

I did think that if Granolah turned out to be stronger than Goku or Vegeta, it wouldn’t make much sense. But given how this chapter progressed, knocking out Goku twice at a stretch does make sense. His sniping abilities really are a game-changer.

Vegeta is pretty smart here. He was able to quickly connect the dots and figure out what’s going on. The chapter ended with a cliffhanger with Vegeta saying “I think I know who he is”. I guess his father, King Vegeta, might have told him about the Cerealians and their right eyes. Or he might have heard it from someone who was on the battlefield of Planet Cereal 50 years ago. He knows a lot of lore about the Saiyans and their battles.

Predictions for Chapter 73

I’m expecting an extension of Granolah’s backstory given how DBS Chapter 72 ended. We might get more information about the Cerealians’ history with the Saiyans. Hopefully, the Bardock discussion might happen soon.

As Goku Vs Granolah rages on, Goku is yet to use his Mastered Ultra Instinct so we can expect that in the upcoming chapter. When this happens, Granolah will find it hard to attack him in his vital points. In Chapter 65, Moro tried to strike him in his chest but instead, his hand broke.

Whis mentioned that at his level of Ultra Instinct, Goku’s body automatically grows sturdier and harder. Will Granolah receive the same damage as Moro when he attempts to do the same?

Goku has already figured out that Granolah isn’t a bad guy. So he and Vegeta might start to sympathize with Granolah. Meanwhile, Elec and Gas would land on Planet Cereal and may start looking for the Dragon Balls.

In the future, the focus of the battle might shift towards the Heeters. Also, we can expect Frieza to appear as well. Did he train anytime between the events of DBS Broly and now?

What do you think of DBS Chapter 72? Did it live up to your expectations? Let us know in the comments below!

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