DBS Chapter 71 Spoilers: Granolah Is Ready To Take His Revenge

Fans are excited to witness the fated encounter between the Saiyan Duo and Granolah as the previous chapter ended with a cliffhanger mentioning the same. Goku and Vegeta are training to perfect their respective techniques with a goal to grow stronger every day. The Heeters have their own plans to gain control over things by making the fated encounter happen.

As we wait for Chapter 71 to drop on April 20th, I was having the idea of sharing my thoughts on the spoilers revealed so far. As the lonesome weebs that we are, we love to look for stuff to speculate on and theorize about. Dragon Ball has no shortage of theories and discussions. So without further ado, here are the spoilers for Chapter 71 titled “Heeters Plan” (courtesy of Dragon Ball Hype from Twitter):

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 Spoilers and Summary

Last time on Dragon Ball Super, Elec schemes to kill Granolah, as he plans to get the Saiyans, Goku and Vegeta, to get rid of him. He’s confident that they’d wipe him off the face of the Earth. Whis notices Granolah’s sudden power boost and is intrigued. Goku and Vegeta are training hard to sharpen their Godly techniques. What fate awaits our heroes as the exciting battle between them and the Cerealian is about to commence? Stay tuned to find out! Cue Dragon Ball Z title OST

  • As Goku’s training with Whis continues, Whis quizzes him on the difference between the Saiyan and the Angels. Whis slaps Goku with his staff as the latter gives a wrong answer – “Maybe it’s the Halo”. Whis explains that the Angels always remain in the Ultra Instinct state. Beerus said this a few chapters back.
  • Instead of relying on the transformation, Whis says Goku can also naturally remain in the Ultra Instinct state perpetually. To achieve this, he needs to control his thought production no matter what state he’s in. And, he needs to let go and make his body parts work on their own. Whis demonstrates this by summoning his staff and dodging it without thinking too much. Just letting his body do all the work.

    Basically, the outcome of this training should be similar to what Goku and Gohan achieved in the Cell Games Saga. They managed to remain in their Super Saiyan Forms, hardly losing any stamina.
Goku and Gohan train to remain in their Super Saiyan forms through out
Dragon Ball Z Chapter 193 – Goku and Gohan training to make their Super Saiyan forms their natural state
  • Goku remarks that he’s always disturbed with the problem of stamina or time running out. Whis says that by going through this path, he will no longer be bothered with that problem. However, the Angel further adds that he can only rely on consciously activating the technique as a last resort.

Now, some people have this question. Didn’t he relieve himself of this problem by training with Merus and finally perfected Ultra Instinct in the fight against Moro? He said to Moro that he mastered the technique after honing my body to withstand it.

The thing is, in regards to any transformation, it requires stamina to hold on to those powers. When stamina levels are at its lowest, it’ll be difficult to hold on to it for long. This is generally the case for all forms. In the case of Ultra Instinct, when one consciously makes effort to control thought generation, it requires stamina. But, if one stays in that state for long periods of time and gets used to it, the amount of stamina loss gets reduced.

A similar thing happened to Goku and Gohan after their training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

While trained to be in Super Saiyan Form perpetually, Goku and Gohan hardly lose stamina
Dragon Ball Z Chapter 197 – Vegeta on perpetual Super Saiyan form

Vegeta didn’t feel the pressure from their Super Saiyan forms. The energy emanating from them felt so calm and serene as if they were in their base form. This is exactly what Whis is training Goku to do. To make Ultra Instinct his base form.

  • Goku says it’ll take a long time to reach that level. But, Whis mentions that they may not have much time. He then calls for Vegeta and says that, instead of keeping each other as rivals, they need to keep the level at which they were in the previous day as their own rivals. This is a different route to what Goku and Vegeta have been following so far. They’ve been growing stronger every day since their training started. Whis adds another key piece of information.
  • He says recently, he felt some disturbance in the Universe and he’s only warning them out of caution. Goku then asks whether this is another strong enemy who is after them. Whis replies that he isn’t sure whether this “disturbance” is an enemy or not… (Our thought process that Granolah isn’t an enemy is true.)

    It seems that from the recently launched trailer (shown below), Goku and Vegeta are done with their training. Vegeta improved on his Hakai a lot. Have they surpassed Granolah at this point?
  • In the final panel of the chapter (which is shown at the bottom of this article), Granolah stares at the ruined part of his planet and says “The Saiyans… They’re going to strike this planet again huh? Very well then… The time to take revenge from what happened 50 years ago… has finally arrived” (translation by DBSChronicles).

    OH MY GOD!! Goku and Vegeta are coming to the land where it all began. Goku’s father attacked the Cerealians and Granolah was there to witness that. How will Granolah’s encounter with Goku turn out? According to DBSChronicles, Elec might have lied to Granolah that the Saiyans are coming back to finish the job. I think Goku and Vegeta (Goku being excited that the strongest warrior is on Cereal) might go there to check him out. Elec saw this coming and warned Granolah. It’s going to be really exciting to watch! I hope.

How excited are you for Chapter 71? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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