Boruto: What Will Momoshiki Do In The Battle Against Isshiki?


Anyone who has read the Boruto manga knows that our protagonist has a karma seal implanted on him by Momoshiki Ohtsutsuki. The Karma seal is basically a backup system for the Ohtsutsukis; it transfers their genes into a suitable host to allow the Ohtsutsukis to reincarnate.

Since the release of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 52, everybody is trying to speculate what Momoshiki will do next as his Karma seal’s manifestation is almost complete.

What will Momoshiki Do?

ah yes momos

While all that we can do right now is speculate, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that some of these speculations could be true. Isshiki did not kill Boruto because he planned to use him as a sacrifice for the chakra fruit. Now that Momoshiki has manifested, let’s talk about the most likely way this could go;

Momoshiki fighting Isshiki:

We can expect Momoshiki to try to capture Isshiki as he is minutes away from death, to use him as a sacrifice for the ten tails, which is essential to create the Chakra Fruit. This is quite obvious as Isshiki did not kill Boruto for the same reason. Though, he would certainly want to do this before the Karma has been implanted on Kawaki again. As dealing with a full power Isshiki Ohtsutsuki who isn’t on a timer, would be too much for anyone.

However, I don’t expect it to go smoothly for Momoshiki. If we look back at the first few panels from the first chapter of the manga, Kawaki and Boruto seem to be in a death battle, with Karma seals.

boruto vs kawaki chp 1

This could mean many things. I suspect that there could be a chance for Momoshiki and Isshiki to team up against the Ninja world. As they are the biggest hurdles for both the Ohtsutsuki to overcome.

Momoshiki & Isshiki teaming up:

The two Ohtsutsukis could very well team up to take out their threats and then either fight it off between them. Or they could come to a mutual contract of sorts where one of them sacrifices themselves to the ten tails and is later resurrected. They could decide who will sacrifice himself with a Karma race. As we know that both Ohtsutsuki has implanted karma in their individual vessels. So whoever completely manifests the karma wins the race.

However, only considering the Ohtsutsuki team-up would be a mistake, as we can expect an unexpected team-up from Naruto, Sasuke and Momoshiki as they try to prevent Isshiki, who is arguably the greatest threat in Naruto verse if he manages to infest Kawaki with his Karma.

The third possibility could be Momoshiki intercepting Isshiki and placing the karma seal on Kawaki.

Despite all this, I think that while Ishhiki will be able to implant Kawaki with his karma seal, it won’t be complete for some reason and Boruto might somehow be able to control Momoshiki inside him? Or perhaps the manifestation is not complete yet and it’s just similar to what happened against Boro? Only time will tell!

I expect this to unfold completely in about 20 chapters, no claims though! As mentioned above, these are just speculations. Although there’s a possibility that one of them could turn out to be true. So stay tuned for more Boruto related content and comment your thoughts on this.

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