Did Boruto Manga Overlook This Detail About Chakra Fruit From Naruto Shippuden?

Kaguya eats the chakra fruit

There are a lot of major reveals regarding chakra fruit, the God tree (divine tree) and the Ohtsutsuki clan in Boruto manga chapter 51. One of them being how a living Ohtsutsuki needs to be fed to the ten tails as a sacrifice in order for the God Tree to bloom. The Ten-Tails can be considered the seedling for the God Tree. Without the Ohtsutsuki sacrifice, the chakra fruit cannot be harvested.

But then it seems that this piece of information overlooks a certain detail surrounding Kaguya and the chakra fruit from Naruto Shippuden

Isshiki and Kaguya had come to earth as a pair in order to plant the God Tree (or Divine Tree) and harvest the chakra fruit. Now, from what Amado said, Kaguya was the low-ranking member of the two and would have been the one to be sacrificed for the God Tree to bloom. However, this did not happen as Kaguya betrayed Isshiki and left him for dead. 

Kaguya later settled among humans, as Tenji’s lover, till she was chased away and hunted for having broken the peace treaty with the neighbouring clan. It is then that we see Kaguya eating a chakra fruit in order to gain power and to maintain peace on earth, which she had come to love.

This is where the disparity surfaces. 

If Amado’s statement is true, then the chakra fruit from the God Tree shouldn’t have been harvested, because Kaguya was not sacrificed at all. So how did Kaguya get the chakra fruit? Weren’t Kaguya and Isshiki the ones tasked with cultivating the Divine tree? Did Ikemoto and Kodachi overlook this crucial detail from Naruto Shippuden? 

How did Kaguya get the Chakra fruit?

To answer in short, it is highly probable that Kaguya ate the chakra fruit from the Divine tree that’s planted by the Ohtsutsuki pair who had visited the earth before her

Wait, we are not spouting nonsense here. Nor are we dishing out tinfoil theories. Please read the rest of the blog to know how we arrived at this conclusion. 

It seems that Boruto manga has covered its bases well. In chapter 35, we see Sasuke travelling through space-time to a secret location. Yes, we are talking about the location where he encountered the Ten-Tails being held captive, impaled with chakra rods. There he also comes across the structures on the hills (probably, they looked like weird boards with patterns). If you look closely there are two pairs of boards/patterns that are intact and a pair which is destroyed. 

Boputo chapter 35
Notice how the patterns on the board represent the horns of the Ohtsutsuki clan

The ones that are intact belong to Momoshiki-Kinshiki and Isshiki-Kaguya pairs. This is revealed as Sasuke checks them out. But then we don’t have any information on the destroyed one. If we go by sequence, we can assume that the destroyed one belongs to the Ohtsutsuki pair that visited the earth way before Isshiki and Kaguya. They could be the ones who planted the God tree. 

This seems highly probable because Kaguya introduced herself as the guardian of the God Tree to Tenjin when she was captured and presented before him on her arrival. If this is indeed the case then what could have happened to these two Ohtsutsukis. Maybe this will be explored in the future. 

Other possibilities:

The second explanation is that Amado is not completely right. What if chakra is required and not a living Ohtsutsuki specifically in order to cultivate a Divine tree? Well there are some facts that point to this.

We see Momoshiki talking about cultivating a God Tree by using the chakra of the Seventh Hokage. Then there’s Kaguya who fed humans to the God Tree. We can conclude from these two instances that chakra would be enough to sustain the God Tree. Though there is still the question of whether chakra can be fed to the Ten-Tails for the God Tree to grow. We do see the Ten-Tails directly transforming into a tree in the Fourth Shinobi World War (was Kaguya merged with the Ten-tails?). This tree would then drain the chakra of all the shinobi from the war.

There is another theory that is making rounds in the Boruto fandom reagarding this. We see that Isshiki is missing the lower half of his body after Kaguya’s surprise attack (or betrayal). Fans believe that Kaguya might have fed the lower half of Isshiki to Ten Tails to cultivate the God Tree.

However, this seems a bit far fetched. If we consider that a LIVING Otsutsuki is needed for cultivating the divine tree, then the lower half of Isshiki wouldn’t exactly fit the criteria would it? But then if it is only chakra that is needed then this possibility too might be correct.

But we suppose what really transpired will only be revealed in the future chapters of Boruto manga. Which chakra fruit do you think Kaguya ate? Let us know your opinions in the comments section!!

  • Im quite confused because shouldnt the God tree destroy the planet once it starts to drain energy to create the fruit? So how come Earth still standing after Kaguya eats the fruit? The presence of the god tree would automatically mean the death of any life or civilisation so how come there are humans on earth by the time Kaguya arrives. And why would they plant another God Tree on a planet that supposedly already used its ressources for a previous God Tree?

    • Now there are discrepancies in the concept of God tree in both Boruto and Naruto Shippuden. In Shippuden, the god tree was supposed to bear fruit once every 1000 years or so. But that stuff is somewhat blurred in Boruto. So, yeah, its debatable at the moment!

      Also the reason why Kaguya came after a previous pair had already planted the God tree maybe because we don’t see the previous Ohtsutsuki pair anywhere. Did they perish? Were they not able to harvest the chakra fruit? It’s all a “mystery” (like Hanajima would say)

  • I hope we find out who were those two mysterious members you mentioned in your theory. I read the whole Boruto manga series over the weekend and I think this was one of the biggest questions I had when I read chapter 45. It bothered me that not even Sasuke brought it up to question when Amado was explaining how the God tree works.

  • I agree to anyone, who doubts the previuos Otsutsuki theory.

    If they planted a tree, the Planet would have become a liveless Husk. And i believe, the godtree would just continue to absorb Energy, If the fruit isn’t harvested. Thus, making the reapperance of Life Impossible.

    And even If Kaguya only feed isshikis lower half to the Ten-Tails, and thus didn’t had the Power to completly absord all Energy and genetical information, the Tree was there Long before Kaguya arrived. So this is also unlikely

    And i believe, the Pictures of the Otsutsuki before Kaguya and Isshiki, Just withered away. If you Look at the condition of the while facility, It is quote old, and Kaguya appered at least 1000 years before the Events of the Original series

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