Black Clover: Why Does Asta Have No Magic? Will He Get Magic?

Why Asta dont have magic

One of the foundations of the story of Black Clover is the protagonist, Asta, being an ordinary magicless boy in a kingdom where magic means everything. Black Clover takes us through his endeavors to achieve a seemingly impossible goal for someone like him: to become the Wizard King.

But there have always been questions about why exactly is Asta magicless? Even the weakest children to the eldest from major areas to the villages of the Clover Kingdom have at least some mana. Let’s delve into a few possibilities behind this one oddball.

Asta’s mother’s magic took away his mana


Asta’s mother, Licita, had a strange form of magic. It gave her the power to seal objects without mana into other things. On the downside, this power caused her body to suck away the mana and life energy of any person around her. Thus, she was isolated outside the village where she lived.

So being her child, it is possible that Asta does not have any magic because his mana was sucked up by Licita’s body. This may have happened before or after his birth. In fear of not sucking out his life energy as well, she had to take the hard step of abandoning him at the church in Hage Village.

Mutation due to Asta’s mother

Following the above theory about Licita’s body, Asta’s body may have gone through mutation to adjust him for this atypical magic. The witch queen did say that Asta did not have any magic because he was born with a mutation. This could be a foreshadowing to Licita and her condition. We have seen in Black Clover that entities adapt to different kinds of magic. One example of this is Megicula overcoming arcane magic during its fight against Lolopechika, Undine, Noelle, and Secre.

It is entirely possible that Asta was born to be without magic so that there would be no mana to take away from his body. However, Licita’s body was still taking away his life energy as stated above and indicated her actions.

Asta’s magic is hidden?


One more estimation that can be made is that Asta does have some form of magic, but it is a special kind. There have to be some certain prerequisites, perhaps like a situation for him to be able to use it. We have seen something along these lines (something is the keyword here) take place, too, in the Black Clover universe.

Five-leaf grimoires are created when the owner of a four-leaf grimoire falls in despair; Zora’s magic traps also have set conditions to get activated; humans can use devil’s powers only by becoming a host or creating a contract, these are a few instances of the same. All these suggest that there indeed might be a situation where Asta can draw out a power previously not known. But then it could asl obe our wishful thinking.

Will Asta get magic in the future?

No, Asta will not get any magic in the Black Clover series. Tabata-sensei has stated a lot of times that Asta is an ordinary boy, nothing special. If we take his words at their worth for real, then we can say that it just happened to be so that he was born without magic.

Asta having no magic is what sets him apart from the others as a protagonist. He is a very simple boy with not so simple dreams and loads of determination. He is the poster boy of “anything is possible” right from his birth. Nobody thought it was even possible for someone not to have mana, for someone from the boonies to become a Magic Knight, let alone dreaming of becoming the Wizard King.

Asta 3

Do you think we covered all possibilities, or do you have any in mind too? Let us know below!

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