Black Clover: Is Lotus A Spy For The Diamond Kingdom?

Last week, Black Clover manga came out with its latest chapter 273. In the middle of the ongoing clash between the Heart-Clover Kingdoms and Spade Kingdoms, every chapter has come with revelations that have left us surprised. Following the same theme, chapter 273 starts at the Dark Triad’s base at the Spade Kingdom.

But instead of seeing the edgy trio, we see two familiar faces. These are none other than Lotus and Morris from the Diamond Kingdom. And the two of them seem to have joined forces with the Spade Kingdom! Morris is healing Dante after his battle with Asta & Yami, while Lotus looks over.

Lotus and Morris

If you are wondering “who?!” then here is what you’re looking for:

Character Recap

Lotus Whomalt: Lotus is a Diamond Kingdom mage, who fought against Julius and Yami in the past. He was responsible to conquer a dungeon in the Kiten magical region between Diamond and Clover Kingdoms. He fought a vigorous battle with Luck who was joined by Noelle and Asta later, wherein he was heavily wounded. Of course, he ran away from there for the time being. Later, we see him being a part of the Eight Shining Generals of Diamond Kingdom. He noticed William’s mana-sucking roots and confronted him, but encountered Yami in the process, deciding to retreat again.


Morris: We don’t know much about Morris other than that he is a medical mage, with a few (or all) rotten brain cells. He was controlling the king of the Diamond Kingdom. He carried out cruel experiments and training on the poor children of the kingdom, eventually forcing them to kill each other. If his “experiments” didn’t meet his desired results, he would discard them. Ugh. Hate him to the bones! After Mars returned to the Diamond Kingdom, he seems to have kicked Morris out. This is probably because Mars himself was a human weapon created by Morris.


Lotus on the villain’s side, really?

While Morris seems to be completely at home with his devilish (coincidence? I think not) tendencies falling in line with the Dark Triad’s, we do have some doubts about Lotus.

Morris is smugly talking about Dante’s healing with Zenon, and Lotus is in a corner contemplating. When asked for a confirmation of his abilities by Morris, Lotus does affirm but his thoughts are too out of line for him to be in cahoots with the Dark Triad!

Lotus is disturbed

These thoughts are definitely not of someone who consciously chose the Devil’s side. On the contrary, he looks disturbed by the developments. I say consciously because we did see him have a cordial relationship with Mars, even saving him and being thanked by the boy. Unless there had been something very wrong, Lotus would not have been kicked out and more so would not have chosen to go to the Spade Kingdom.

Another reason why this is out of character for Lotus is that we saw him being laid-back and avoiding fighting at all costs before. He also escapes when his probability of winning or being safe is low. It makes lesser sense as you think about it with the amount of information we currently have.

Is Lotus spying for the Diamond Kingdom?

We already know that the Spade Kingdom attacked the Diamond Kingdom and has even conquered a lot of it. With Morris’s testimony, we can infer that Mars is leading the Diamond Kingdom forces from the frontlines. His relationship and previous interactions with Lotus can mean that he trusts Lotus as his comrade.

Mars and Lotus

In the face of adversity, Mars might have taken some steps. While fighting against the Spade Kingdom and Morris also joining them, he may have come up with the idea of “kicking out” Lotus as well. The man was told to join the enemy forces to inform of their movements, motives, and strategies back. This explains the vagueness of his thoughts – it can be bad specifically, yes, but also bad for the Diamond Kingdom.

One more interesting point in this theory is that since Nacht has been undercover in the Spade Kingdom for so long, these two must have crossed paths sometime or other. Highly likely, since we know that Nacht’s magic and sense of situation are very powerful. It is no shock if he had even seen through Lotus if the man is pretending to be a spy. This leads to our next possibility:

Chances of a coordinated attack by Clover & Diamond Kingdom!

Given how Mars changed after meeting & befriending Asta, it will be a no shocker if he had reached out to the Clover Kingdom. Or that Nacht had realized what was up and devised a plan to confront a common enemy. More the forces, the better the defense and attack.

In any situation, it will be a win-win for all three Kingdoms suffering from the atrocities inflicted by the Spade Kingdom. It will be very fun to see what the combined powers of the mages of these kingdoms result in if they do decide to collude.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Lotus is a spy, or merely a coward? And is there something up with the Diamond Kingdom? Catch the latest chapters of Black Clover on Viz, and let us know in the comments~~

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