Black Clover Chapter 279: Two Devils Released From The Tree of Qliphoth

Just when everyone thought that the Dark Triad was defeated too easily and that this might be an anti-climatic end, Tabata-sensei decided to raise the stakes. He again proved that there is no time for the reader to breathe in the Black Clover manga. The Spade Kingdom arc has been an emotional rollercoaster until now, and we expect nothing less after Chapter 279 ended on such an intense cliffhanger.

Let’s see the highlights of this chapter!

Morris’s devil powers; two devils released from the Tree of Qliphoth

Before Jack could land the deciding blow to Dante, Nacht was already assuming that they won. Big mistake. I think all the Magic Knights were so occupied in fighting the Dark Triad that they never noticed another presence. The biggest twist of this chapter was undeniably Morris speeding up the growth of the Tree of Qliphoth.

The sudden opening of the gateway from the Underworld to the human realm even surprised Dante himself. The magic knights had barely defeated the Dark Triad when new trouble came knocking. Nacht sensed something wrong and used his new devil union form: Felis, to enhance his Shadow Magic giving him clairvoyance. By the time he investigated the Tree, everything had already gone south.

Twin Devils

Two new devils of the ten highest-ranking devils have been released. Their power is probably nothing close to what a devil host can wield, as they cannot use 100% of the devil’s power. Even Nacht, who usually does not display many emotions, estimated their abilities and sensed the danger. The new devils are twin devils, corresponding to “Thaumiel” in the Tree of Qliphoth structure we saw before. They are the least strong of the devils of the Tree of Qliphoth. They also seem to have an angel/devil and man/woman dynamic going on. Just the sight of the devils is enough to send a shiver down the spine.

We knew from the previous chapters that Morris’s presence at the Dark Triad’s castle meant nothing good. However, what nobody saw coming was him becoming a devil host. Looking at the marks on his face and his eyes, it seems he also got powers from both Vanica and Dante. This is bad news because he can kill Lolopechika, Yami, and William in an even shorter time. The Advent of Qliphoth will become inevitable if the Magic Knights somehow don’t defeat the devils as well as the not-dead-yet Dark Triad.


Mereoleona defeats the demon? Ralph unites with the Resistance

Rule number 1 of all shounen stories: NEVER say “is that all you’ve got?”. If you do, it is almost always going to come back and bite you. A couple of chapters ago, we saw Mereoleona go Mereoleona on an ancient demon released by Zenon. It seems like she has defeated it and successfully saved the citizens. However, we don’t know the origins or identity of this demon yet, and that is precisely why I think it is not defeated yet. We do have faith in Mereoleona, but we also know that a demon kept by the Dark Triad is anything but small fry.


We also see Ralph leading the oddball group of Sally, Valtos, Rades, and Maxa to reunite with the Resistance Forces of the Spade Kingdom. I think the Resistance still has an important role to play in this arc. They are at the advantage of knowing the Spade Kingdom and even the surrounding regions to some extent.

Mention of Yuno’s wind magic

The way Yuno’s magic is being spoken about is definitely indicating something. There might be more to his mana or magic itself that we don’t know yet. This is also because Ralph’s father also had Wind Magic. Fans have also speculated that Yuno’s magic might be a kind of absorption magic. Some theories say Yuno’s magic is not at its full potential yet. His being a Spade Kingdom prince will play a role in activating his full power. What do you think?

Fans’ reactions

I agree with all these fans! Black Clover Chapter 279 was one of those chapters that you feel are very short, but a lot happens in them. So far, every chapter has twisted and turned the balance of both sides, and it will be exciting to see when and where Asta, Noelle, Mimosa, and Secre will enter the fight. Read the new chapter 279 on Viz and comment down your speculations for the next!

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