Black Clover Chapter 311 Spoilers: The Climax Is Almost Here!

Black Clover chapter 311 is set to release on Sunday, 31st October, but a few spoilers have surfaced online hinting at what unfolds next!

Black Clover chapter 310 ended on a high note with the Yuno vs. Zenon battle coming to a close. Since the chapter revealed a lot of things like Zenon’s past and Yuno’s new powers, fans are certainly excited to know what happens next.

A few spoilers from Black Clover chapter 311 have surfaced online, hinting at what could happen in it. However, remember to take these spoilers with a pinch of salt and read the chapter on Viz or Mangaplus on its release for free!

Before we get to the spoilers, let’s have a small recap of chapter 310.

What happened in chapter 310?

Black Clover chapter 310 mostly concerned the hyped-up fight between Yuno and Zenon. It showed Yuno’s new combination power-up with Wind and Star Magic. He was up against Zenon’s Bone and Spatial magic combo with a devil’s heart.

However, the battle was already decided in the previous chapter. Yuno received his second grimoire, helping him to overpower Zenon with Saint Stage. The chapter ended with Yuno slaying Zenon’s body in half using Conjunction Saint Spirit of Zephyr.

Black Clover chapter 311 spoilers and summary

As was expected, the last chapter left everyone in awe of the fantastic fight that had gone down. With the Dark Triad’s defeat, there must have been some developments, and Black Clover chapter 311 addresses these questions.

We, of course, could not wait till the release of the chapter. Thankfully, a few samaritans on the internet have come through with the text version of Black Clover chapter 311 spoilers and summary. The title of the chapter is “To Come Back Alive” and here is what happens:

  • With Yuno handing Zenon his massive defeat, the latter seems a bit disconcerted. He asks what the difference between both of them was. The fandom has, for long, drawn few parallels between both of them, so it makes sense for Zenon to ask this. However, Yuno says that he does not know, but he thinks about Asta. It reminds Zenon of his promise with Allen as well.
  • It seems that the Black Bulls, or at least a few of them, found Yuno. Asta is amazed that Yuno took down Zenon. On the other hand, Nacht notes that despite the defeat of all the Dark Triad members, the Advent of Tree of Qliphoth hasn’t stopped. It means something much more sinister is happening.
  • Even Julius, back in the Clover Kingdom, has a bad feeling out of nowhere. We cut to Dorothy fighting Morris, but it is not a pretty sight. Morris has overpowered Dorothy’s powerful Dream Magic and finds it fascinating. He further confirms that the Advent has surely not stopped because the Dark Triad were not required anymore!
  • Yami and William’s lives are still in danger as the Advent is using their magic and lives. Morris is a devil host for Lucifero and the devil manages to appear on Morris’s forehead. Lucifero says that the Tree of Qliphoth’s second gate is about to open. He will come out of the second gate soon.
  • We will also finally see Lotus in action, who seemed to have been laying low all this while. As we had expected, Lotus betrayed Morris but still failed to overpower or defeat him. He has a flashback to his family back home and thinks of returning back to them alive. The title of the chapter also comes from here.
  • Lastly, the Black Bulls have a banger entry as they march in and declare that they are taking Yami back.

The chapter ends here!

From the spoilers, it looks like we have a lot to expect from Black Clover chapter 311 and the next chapter as well. The climax is nearly here, but it would be really bad if Lucifero manages to come out of the Underworld. We hope the Black Bulls and the rest of the force can stop the Advent in time and save Yami and William.

How did you find this chapter? Are you excited about its release? Let us know in the comments!

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