Black Clover: Asta’s Swords Explained With Their Powers!

The Clover Kingdom. In this kingdom where magic is everything, there is one boy who can’t use magic. His name is Asta. With guts and hard work, he made it into the Magic Knights and he never gave up, despite how much he got hurt. He continues to diligently aim for the top-

Well, I don’t know if he will make it to the top because our protagonist can’t use magic like the rest of the Clover Kingdom (or even the entire Black Clover Universe). But what I do know is the thing he sure as heck can do: using them swords! Since the Grimoire Acceptance ceremony, we have known that the five-leaf grimoire is something mysterious and different than other grimoires. We do come to know why it is different later, but other than that, the way Asta uses his powers is different too.

Asta uses Anti-Magic from the devil residing in his grimoire via swords. For this reason and because of his endless body training, he is a seasoned swordsman now. He has also fought alongside and with many insanely strong warriors. Asta found all his swords in different ways, and the swords have slightly different powers. Let us see them in detail!

How many swords does Asta have?

As the current events stand, Asta is in possession of a total of not three but four swords. Before you throw hands, read further, okay?! With the progression in the story of Black Clover & our MC’s growth, he collected different swords. All of them are powerful Anti-Magic swords with different strengths. Let us see how Asta got the swords and the powers of each of them!

Demon Slayer Sword

Demon Slayer Sword

The first sword Asta got is the Demon Slayer Sword. In the Grimoire Acceptance ceremony, Asta does not receive a grimoire. However, after the ceremony, when Asta feels powerless for not being able to save Yuno from Revchi, he receives a five-leaf grimoire. He pulls out a giant sword from it and is rusty and covered in dust. He uses this sword for training before he goes for the Magic Knights Exam.


This sword can cut and reflect magic off its surface. Asta can summon this sword by its name and fly on top of it. He can use Anti-Magic to extend the sword’s length and width and create long-range attacks. Remote attacks are also possible with this sword.

Demon Dweller Sword

Demon Dweller Sword

In the Kiten region dungeon between the Clover and Diamond kingdoms, Nero leads Asta to a sword. It is resting in a hidden room, and Asta equips it to fit in his grimoire.


This sword can cut magic too, but most importantly, it can absorb the mana of anyone in its vicinity. It is also extremely heavy. For these two reasons, ordinary mages cannot wield the Demon Dweller Sword. The sword can also borrow others’ magical power and release slashes of it. Similarly, it can also release Anti-Magic slashes. If it is thrust into an opponent in the attack, the sword will absorb all mana and enhancements of the person.

Demon Destroyer Sword

Demon Destroyer Sword

During the Reincarnation Arc, Asta finds the Demon Destroyer Sword. It was lying in Gravito Rock Zone’s floating dungeon’s, better known as the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s base, central room. When Licht (the original one) touches it, the sword turns into its true form instead of rusty and dirty. This sword is very different from the other swords owned by Asta.


More than just its shape, the powers are different too. While it can also cut through magic, it can nullify any magic spells. It is different from deflecting or cutting through magic. This sword severs the cause-effect relationship of magic. It grows Anti-Magic tendrils that cease any after-effects of magical spells. Asta used it to reverse the effect of Reincarnation Magic that made the elves’ souls possess the Magic Knights’ bodies.

Does Asta have a fourth sword?

Manga spoilers ahead!

Demon Slasher Katana

To answer in short; Asta currently is in possession of a fourth sword called the Demon Slasher Katana which initially belonged to Yami. Basically, Asta has Yami’s sword with him.

*wipes a tear* *clears throat*

After a fierce battle with Dante, Yami was taken captive by Zenon in a jiffy. An exhausted Asta and injured Black Bulls could only watch as their beloved captain disappeared through the Spatial Magic portal with a small smile. Before going, he left behind his dear katana with Asta, probably as a keepsake (Yami-san, can you stop acting like you’re never coming back, I will cry). Asta kept this katana safe in his grimoire and pulled it out while fighting against Liebe in the Devil Binding Ritual.


There is not much information on how Asta can use this sword, but it can cut through magic and release slashes of Anti-Magic so far. So technically, Asta doesn’t have a fourth sword, but he does. Both Asta and we don’t want him to keep this katana for too long, do we?!

Which sword of Asta is the strongest?

It is really challenging to rank Asta’s swords in order of strength, mostly because all these swords have different powers, as stated above. However, we shall do it for the sake of it (considering only his own swords)!

Since the Demon Slayer sword has been with Asta for the longest time and is the sword he relies on the most, we can say that Asta can use its powers most effectively. The Demon Dweller sword is useful in long-range battles as well, so it deserves the second place. The Demon Destroyer is third simply because its significant power is to nullify spells that have already impacted someone’s (or Asta’s) body.

Do you think Asta will get more swords as he gets stronger? Let us know in the comments!

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