Berserk Manga To Start New Arc With Chapter 374; Release Date Revealed

This year’s Young Animal magazine issue #18, which was released on Sep 8, 2023, revealed that Berserk manga will return with a brand new arc after a four-month hiatus.

Berserk V 41

This will be the first time in over a decade that Berserk is getting a new arc. It will commence in chapter 374 releasing in the next issue of Young Animal on Sep 22, 2023.

The previous arc of the manga, i.e., the Fantasia arc, which began in the late 2000s, concluded in chapter 373, which was released on May 26, 2023.

Moreover, the 42nd volume of the manga will be releasing on Sep 29, 2023.

Berserk is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura. Set in a medieval Europe-inspired dark fantasy world, the story centers on the characters of Guts, a lone swordsman, and Griffith, the leader of a mercenary band called the “Band of the Hawk”.

Miura premiered a prototype of Berserk in 1988. The series began the following year in the Hakusensha’s now-defunct magazine Monthly Animal House, which was replaced in 1992 by the semimonthly magazine Young Animal, where Berserk has continued its publication.

Following Miura’s death in May 2021, the final chapter that he wrote and illustrated was published posthumously in September of the same year.

On June 7, 2022, the editorial department of Hakusensha’s Young Animal magazine and Kouji Mori had released a statement saying that Kentaro Miura’s magnum opus will resume serialization.

The manga is being supervised by Miura’s long time friend and fellow mangaka, Kouji Mori, and Miura’s studio, Studio Gaga, which comprises of his assistants and apprentices, is drawing the manga.

Kentarou Miura first published a one-shot version of Berserk manga in Hakusensha’s Monthly Comicomi magazine in 1988. He later launched the Berserk manga in Hakusensha’s Monthly Animal House magazine in 1989 which later continued in Young Animal magazine till date.

The manga has 40 million plus copies in circulation.

The manga further inspired a TV anime series in 1997 and a trilogy of movies from 2012 to 2013. A re-edited version of the Berserk: Golden Age Arc trilogy movies will be broadcast on TV as ‘Berserk: Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition‘ in 2022. It will be first time the trilogy will be broadcast on TV.

Source: Young Animal Website