Beckett Collectibles Launches Manga Grading Service

Beckett Collectibles Manga Grading

Beckett Collectibles, a renowned grading and authentication company, has expanded its services to include manga with the introduction of the Manga Grading Service. This will offer collectors and enthusiasts a unique opportunity to preserve, protect, and showcase their manga collections.

The comprehensive grading process involves a meticulous evaluation of the manga’s condition by experienced graders who follow stringent guidelines. This ensures that collectors receive precise and dependable grading results, including the authentication of the books.

Beckett Collectibles Manga Grading

Beckett is already quite popular for its grading service, which includes sports cards grading and comic book grading.

Bill Sutherland, Head of Beckett Manga, expressed enthusiasm about the company’s foray into Manga grading, stating, “Beckett is continuing its heritage in Manga that started with the Beckett Anime & Manga magazine. Its entry into the world of Manga grading is set to revolutionize the way Manga collectors interact with their cherished collections. It is a testament to Beckett’s dedication to preserving and enhancing the value of collectibles, ensuring that collectors have unwavering confidence in the quality and authenticity of their prized possessions. Manga collectors now have the opportunity to experience the same level of protection and authenticity that Beckett has long offered to collectors”.

For a detailed overview of the manga grading process and the scale checkout the official website.

Beckett Collectibles, established in 1979 by Dr. James Beckett, initially as a pricing guide for classic American sports cards, has evolved into a pivotal player in various collectible categories.

With over 40 years of experience and a comprehensive collectibles database, Beckett claims it is committed to providing exceptional products and services for collectors, positioning itself as the world’s premier alternative assets platform.

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