Bankai Of Yamamoto Genryusai Explained In Detail

Yamamoto Bankai

Yamamoto Genryusai, the Captain Commander of Bleach’s Gotei 13 and the strongest Shinigami to ever exist just revealed his bankai in the episode 6 of Bleach TYBW anime. Although we saw the full glory of Yamamoto’s Bankai, there are a few who did not get the extent and the major powers of it. Mainly due to the fast pacing of the anime many couldn’t feel and understand Bankai of Yamamoto Genryusai and its depth and why it was feared across all of sereitei.

Bankai of Yamamoto and why everyone feared Yamamoto

So today, I am going to explain the Bankai of Yamamoto Genryusai in detail, focusing on its powers and why he was considered the strongest Shinigami to be ever born.

So without further adieu let’s jump right into it.

What Are The Powers Of Bankai Of Yamamoto Genryusai?Explained in Detail!

Bankai of Yamamoto Genryusai is called Zanka No Tachi, it is unlike all the bankai’s we have seen till now. It doesn’t become flashy and big like that of Sajin Komamura, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Byakuya etc.

Nor does his zanpakuto goes from being huge to sleek like Ichigo nor it becomes loud like that of Soi Fon and Isshin Kurosaki.

His zanpakuto in shikai form is a katana which is engulfed in flame whereas his zanpakuto in bankai form becomes a charred sword. It has no visible flame and the entire fire power of the zanpakuto is stored in the tip and at the sharp edge of the sword.

What are the abilities of Yamamoto Bankai?

Another way in which Bankai Of Yamamoto is unique is that his is the only bankai with several stages. There are four stages to be exact. The stages are named after each primary direction.

I will be discussing them one by one.

The First Stage Of Zanka No Tachi: Zanka No Tachi, Higashi: Kyokujitsujin

The first stage of Zanka No Tachi is called Zanka No Tachi, Higashi: Kyokujitsujin or as VIZ Media translates it as Blade of Ember, East: Rising Sun Blade. This stage is activated as soon as Yamamoto activates his bankai.

In this stage, the entire fire power of the sword is stored in the tip and the sharp edge of the blade. Wherein even a single touch or a scratch from the zanpakuto will disintegrate anything and everything and everyone.

The fire power is so strong that even the Blut vene, a defensive move of the Quincies, cannot stop it.

The Second Stage of the Zanka No Tachi, Zanka no Tachi, Nishi: Zanjitsu Gokui

The second stage of Zanka No Tachi is called Zanka No Tachi, Nishi Zanjitsu Gokui, or as Viz Media translated it as Blade of Ember, West: Sunset Hell Robe.

This stage is also activated automatically as soon as the bankai is activated.

In this stage of Bankai of Yamamoto, he is engulfed with his own strong reiatsu. It cannot be seen by anyone else unless Yamamoto wills it to be seen.

This acts a defensive robe as the temperature around Yamamoto goes up to 15 million degree Celsius. This is as hot as the surface of the sun. Due to such immense heat, anybody who tries to come close to Yamamoto will either be turned to ash or their weapons will evaporate into nothingness. This was evident during the battle between Yamamoto and Yhwach.

The heat emitted by Yamamoto in this stage is so intense and widespread that it practically engulfs all of soul society and if bankai of Yamamoto is kept active for prolonged time then it will destroy soul society itself.

It also evaporates everything liquid in and around soul society also the ground beneath Yamamoto’s feet starts to melt.

Also, the flames seen during this stage engulfing Yamamoto are not real flames as the heat of 15 million degrees cannot exist as flames. The flames which Yamamoto enables others to see are nothing else but his reiatsu.

The Third Stage of the Zanka No Tachi, Zanka no Tachi, Minami: Kaka Jūmanokushi Daisōjin

The third stage of Zanka No Tachi is called Zanka No Tachi, Minami: Kaka Jumanokushi Daisojin, or as Viz Media translated it as Blade of Ember, South: Trillion Flame Great Corpse Formation.

This stage Yamamoto has to activate and can be used for long range attacks. In this stage, Yamamoto can summon zombies of the people he has killed with his zanpakuto and make them fight for him.

This is quite averse and perverse to Yamamoto’s profession as a shinigami. Since Shinigami’s job is to make sure souls pass on to the afterlife peacefully and not fight their battles.

This stage also proves why Yamamoto was never scared in battles as he alone was one man army. He can summon thousands of corpses to fight alongside him.

To activate this stage of bankai of Yamamoto, he impales the ground with the tip of his sword and the ground crumbles with enough force that it can destroy Kirchenlied: Sankt Zwinger the strongest offence and defence prison of quincies. Through that crumbling ground the zombies come out in thousands and start attacking the enemy.

Along with providing reinforcements to Yamamoto, this stage also inflicts psychological damage on his opponents as Yama-ji can choose which corpse to bring forward to fight the enemy. Thus, he can make one fight their own subordinates or family members. Albeit, they need to be killed by Genryusai earlier.

The Fourth Stage of the Zanka No Tachi, Zanka no Tachi, Kita: Tenchi Kaijin

The fourth stage of Zanka No Tachi is called Zanka No Tachi, Kita: Tenchi Kaijin, or as Viz Media translated it as Blade of Ember, North: The World Reduced To Ashes.

In this stage, Yamamoto using shunko he quickly slashes his opponent with immense power and a wave of fire is generated that obliterates everything in its path leaving nothing behind.

We saw Yamamoto using this against fake Yhwach and we could see that the body parts which were touched by the wave were simply disintegrated into nothingness.

How Strong Is Bankai Of Yamamoto Genryusai?

Yamamoto Bankai

According to reddit users @Arturo-Plateado and @CurryshotGG, Yamamoto’s power can be calculated mathematically and the explanation they provided seems pretty solid.

According to Arturo, they said,

What we already know is the temperature is 15,000,000 degrees C, and that the Emissivity of skin is 0.98.

So all we need to work out is Yama’s surface area. Yama’s height and weight are 168 cm and 52 kg. The mosteller formula tells us that body surface area = root((height cm*wieght kg)/3600). So his body surface area is 1.56m2 .

Now we can plug these values into this formula:

 P = εAσT4


P: Radiation Energy
ε: Emissivity of the Surface.
A: Surface Area, in m2.
σ: Stefan-Boltzmann Constant, σ=5.67 × 10-8 W/m2 •K4
T: Absolute Temperature

Which gives us the P value of 4.39×1021 joules (per second).

The real sun emits 3.8×1026 joules every second, which is obviously a greater amount.

And according to CurryshotGG,

Can’t say exactly but it is ridiculously powerful. Apparently it would have evaporated all the water in SS and burned the realm to ash. If we low ball SS and say they don’t have oceans, only lakes, and compare one of their lakes to a really small real world lake, Salt Lake for example, here’s the math:

Salt Lake has 5.4 trillion gallons; a gallon weights 8lbs. That’s 43.2 trillion pounds. It takes 1,000 BTU (British Thermal Units) to vaporize 1lb of water. So, it would take 432,000,000,000,000,000 BTU (Four Hundred Thirty-two Quintillion) to vaporize it all.

The biggest nuke ever was the Tsar Bomb. It had a yield of 50 megatons of TNT. Converted into BTU, that’s 198,283,341,569,544. (We will round it off and say Two Hundred Quadrillion).

The first number divided by the second number is 2,160 so even if we seriously low ball Yamamoto here (we are) the energy yield from his Bankai should at least be 2,160x greater than the biggest nuclear bomb ever.

If we go by these calculations,

Yamamoto’s powers can be ranged between the strongest and most powerful nuclear bomb and the power of the sun.

You think, you can top these explanations, let us know in the comment section.

According to us, well given the abilities of bankai of Yamamoto, Yama-ji can easily destroy a planet if he wanted and then still have the strength to continue fighting. Given he is a soul, he doesn’t need to breathe outside of the planet and then just like Cell or Buu from Dragon Ball Z continue his rampage in the solar system.

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