Attack On Titan: Questions Raised On Ymir’s Role

WARNING. This article covers topics in the latest AoT manga chapter (137, as of writing this piece). Please read ahead at your own discretion.

So, we’re at chapter 137. There are two more chapters to go for Attack on Titan. There is a lot left unexplained though! We saw Eren start The Rumbling and wreak havoc on the world. He essentially proved that Paradis is not to be messed with.

That all came to a rumbling (hehe) halt with this chapter, though. It was assumed that Ymir sided with Eren’s view to destroy the world. But that’s all up in the air now. She conveniently sided with Armin and Zeke to help them bring Rumbling to a stop.

Was this her own will? Or was it because Zeke willed it? Let’s take a look to see if Ymir has any control over the rumbling at all.

Did Ymir ever truly have control?

In a nutshell, Ymir seems to be the one controlling things, using Eren’s will as a path to her own freedom. While Ymir’s influence isn’t explicitly mentioned, it is heavily implied.

Ymir seems to have an ethereal form in Paths that also manifests itself as a physical body. We clearly see her observing the situation and capturing Armin. Armin even notes that Eren said he would attack forward, so the resistance must come from Ymir.

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Ymir seems to be resisting the attack. Not Eren.

What we do know is that Ymir brought up the “dead”. The old titan shifters of yore were resurrected and fought our brave heroes, while Eren slowly destroyed what was outside the now non-existent walls of Paradis.

The titans offered an immense strength and seemed to be an impassable wall, but suddenly, they switch sides and start helping the heroes instead. This happens as Zeke’s head is chopped right off by Levi and he is presumed dead. The Rumbling also stops at this time.

But then, this is not a convincing scenario. Was royal blood still essential for Eren to carry out the Rumbling?

Ymir’s control and Royal Blood

Ymir was basically behaving like a defense mechanism for Eren. She protected him, and The Rumbling, from danger. However, in the latest chapter Zeke ends up offering his head to Levi, who takes it without a second thought.

Looking at how the rumbling stopped, we can assume that Royal Blood indeed was a crucial part of the equation. Zeke’s death severs the connection Eren has to Ymir. Due to this severed link, it seems like, Ymir can no longer will the Colossal Titans to rampage around the world.

photo 2021 02 14 18 32 39
The Rumbling stops after Zeke’s head is cut

However, it still raises questions as to how some of the previous titan shifters were able to switch sides. Zeke and Armin’s talk no jutsu seemed to have had an effect on them. But then, wasn’t Ymir supposed to be in control on these people? Didn’t they manifest as Titans thanks to her?

Honestly, we can’t be sure at all. It is all quite mysterious. Another question we’d like to raise is why did Zeke appear the way he did, halfway out of the bone, and not appear fully human, like Armin?

Was Zeke fused together with the Founding Titan form of Eren and couldn’t come out as fully human? Or is there a deeper meaning to it? This is AoT, after all…

Does Ymir have an ulterior motive here? Did she allow the alliance to take control so that she could REALLY be free. After all, Armin and Zeke do conclude that Ymir expects something else from the real world. Maybe she wants to free herself from the long imprisonment in Paths.

What are your thoughts on Ymir’s role in the Rumbling? Let us know your opinions in the comments section!

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