What Are The Powers Of Zeke’s Beast Titan In Attack On Titan?

Zeke has been in the story for a while and while he started as a mysterious and terrifying figure, he has become an important part of the series. He's schemed, fought, destroyed, charmed, and tricked his way into our hearts. Maybe you don't love him much. Nevertheless, Zeke is undoubtedly an extremely smart man and a really powerful titan shifter. After learning about his powers in multiple broken bits, some people might question what exactly his powers are and to what extent they're potent. Let's break that down for

Attack On Titan Leaves Eren’s Future In Doubt

WARNING. This article contains major spoilers from the Attack on Titan manga. Please read ahead at your own discretion! Attack on Titan chapter 137 threw a curveball at us, tossing all fan theories out the window. The most intriguing event was the Alliance finally blowing up Eren's titan. What is going to happen now? We can only presume things for now. Let's get into some nice theories about what the next chapter entails for Attack on Titan and Eren! Is Eren dead? The chapter ends with Eren's titan being blown

Attack On Titan: Questions Raised On Ymir’s Role In Latest Chapter

WARNING. This article covers topics in the latest AoT manga chapter (137, as of writing this piece). Please read ahead at your own discretion. So, we're at chapter 137. There are two more chapters to go for Attack on Titan. There is a lot left unexplained though! We saw Eren start The Rumbling and wreak havoc on the world. He essentially proved that Paradis is not to be messed with. That all came to a rumbling (hehe) halt with this chapter, though. It was assumed that Ymir sided with Eren's view to destroy the world.

Attack On Titan: Why Did Eren Laugh When Sasha Died?

WARNING! The following article has major spoilers from the Attack on Titan manga. Please read ahead at your own discretion! Attack on Titan did the fans dirty. Saying that is not an understatement. Isayama knew the love that fans had for Sasha and got her taken out by a new-ish character, which made everyone hate her instantly, though uncalled for. What surprised a lot of people, though, was Eren's reaction to Sasha's death. You might expect him to be heartbroken and maybe even cry, claiming how much her death hurt.

Attack On Titan: Why Did Historia Get Pregnant?

WARNING! This article contains major spoilers from the Attack on Titan manga. Please read ahead at your own discretion! The latest episode of Attack on Titan reveals a lot of new things to anime watchers. Zeke's plan, Historia getting pregnant and the overall plan that Paradis wants to enact to keep themselves safe. Also, Marley has united the world against Paradis with Willy Tybur's speech. Paradis is in grave danger. Zeke's plan was to make Historia inherit the Beast Titan. Primarily because he wanted the titan to

Why Did Eren Wake Up Crying In Attack On Titan?

In the article which broke down Eren's dream in the anime and manga, we theorized that Eren saw atrocious visions and got scared by what he saw, leading him to cry. With this article, we're wondering if that very theory is actually what happened. Of course, that is one of the reasons, but maybe there is more! Here, let us take a look at what might be the true reasons for his crying. This article contains major spoilers on the Attack of Titan manga. Please read ahead at your own discretion! So far, we have

What Happened To The Marley Scout Ships Sent To Paradis?

Paradis Island might have been devils to the rest of the world, but they had their own devils to fight. Pure titans roamed the area outside the walls, effectively stopping them from ever realizing that a huge world existed outside their little bubble. In fact, Marley would take its prisoners to Paradis and drop them after injecting them with titan fluid to keep increasing the number of titans posing a threat to Paradis. This would work against them, though. Marley sent the Warriors to Paradis and ended up losing three

Breaking Down Eren’s dream From Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan started off with a bang. Scenes of blood, gore, and titans were immediately shown to the viewer to give them an idea of what is to come. However, is it just random scenes that we're shown? Or are there deeper meanings to each frame? This is all in the anime, of course. The manga starts differently and the mentioned dream sequence is absent, except for one frame. Now, let's do this, shall we? This article contains major spoilers for the Attack on Titan manga. Please read ahead at your own discretion!

What Is The Tybur Family’s ‘Duty’ In Attack On Titan?

Yes. Another Willy Tybur article. It might seem like a lot, but this man and his family are steeped in mystery and intrigue. At Animehunch, we don't rest until every theory is explored and every intention is revealed. Willy contradicted himself in his speech quite a lot and there is a sense of 'duty' to what he said. He talked about his turn at the wheel and Laura Tybur talked about his duty as a Tybur. What does that mean? What is the responsibility of the wheel? Time to take a look at the Tyburs. More specifically,

Did Willy Tybur Make Sure That Eren Will Keep Marching On?

"I don't want to die because I was born into this world" This article contains major spoilers from the Attack on Titan manga. Please read ahead at your own discretion!An enigma. That is what Willy Tybur is. A person who is secretive and intentionally manipulative. He pulls the strings of Marley behind the scenes and seems to be on their side... Or is he? Willy's plan to wage war on Paradis makes no sense. He knew that Eren was not bound by the king's vow, and he had received confirmation from Reiner that Eren was able

Attack On Titan: Who Planned The Raid On Liberio & Why?

This article has major Attack on Titan manga spoilers. Please read on at your own discretion! "THIS IS A DECLARATION OF WAR". Famous last words, Willy Tybur. Famous last words. The raid on Liberio was a shock to the world of Attack on Titan. The dignitaries and the military from every major country saw Willy be literally torn apart and murdered. To add to that, the person who kills him is the very same enemy he was warning them against; Eren Yeager. Now, was this just a random attack that Eren started on a

Attack On Titan: Were Willy Tybur & Zeke Working Together?

Willy Tybur made one of the most rallying speeches in Attack on Titan, which not only rallied his fellow Marleyans and the dignitaries from other countries; but also riled up Eren to attack and eat him. Moreover, Willy knew that there were Paradis spies in Marley, and chose to incite them anyway, fully accepting responsibility and death to unite the world against the devils of Paradis. Why he did this and what his motives have been covered in a separate article! However, the question here is, was Willy Tybur working

Attack on Titan: The Hate For Gabi Is Unwarranted

The Gabi hate is flooding the Attack on Titan fanbase. Some would say it’s for good reason. SPOILER. She kills our favorite potato-eating girl; the bubbly, joyful Sasha. What an unforgivable act! So there's no other option but to hate the kid right? I mean, there’s even a Tumblr blog called, ‘GabiBraunMustDie’.... Wrong!! The hate for Gabi is unwarranted. Sure, it’s understandable why people feel the way they do. Sasha, a fan favorite, dies to a gunshot from Gabi. It still is unwarranted though. If you really think