Attack On Titan: How Much Time Does Each Titan Shifter Have Left?


Ymir’s Curse dictates that each titan shifter can only live up to 13 years after inheriting one of the nine titan powers. Since Attack on Titan: The Final Season takes place after a four-year time skip, it’s only fitting that we go over the current time the shifters have!

Note: this list only covers titan shifters that have been shown in the anime so far.

Eren Jeager: The Founding Titan, The Attack Titan

eren attack

Eren inherited both the Founding and Attack Titan from his father in the year 845. By the time he realised about his power, 5 years had already passed. Now, the story is taking place in 854, meaning that Eren has 4 more years left to live.

Armin Arlert: The Colossal Titan

armin colossal
P.S.: doesn’t the Colossal Titan look sad?

After a nail biting conflict over whom to choose, Levi ended up reviving Armin. Armin had sacrificed himself to defeat the Colossal Titan, and ironically becomes its next inheritor. Since he inherited it in 850, Armin still has 9 years left to live.

Zeke Jeager: The Beast Titan

zeke beast

Zeke inherited the Beast Titan in 842. This means that his term will be up by 855. Zeke only has one more year remaining in his term, which explains why he’s hellbent upon successfully completing the Paradis Operation.

The Inheritors of 843

There are 5 warriors who inherited the titans in 843. Out of them, two (Marcel and Bertholdt) have already died. The remaining three have 2 years left as their term would end in 856. They are:

Reiner Braun: The Armoured Titan

reiner armour 1

Reiner serves as the Vice Captain of the Warrior Unit (and is currently going through an existential crisis).

Annie Leonhart: The Female Titan

annie female 1

Annie is in a comatose state after her fight with Eren in 850. There have been multiple attempts to break her out of it, but to no avail. Annie too has 2 years left to live.

Pieck Finger: The Cart Titan

pieck cart

We first saw Pieck during the retaking of Wall Maria. She is known to be extremely intelligent and a quick thinker, so keep a look out for her!

Porco Galliard: The Jaw Titan

porco jawl

Porco most probably inherited the titan from Ymir in 850. After Ymir willingly left with Reiner and Bertholdt, she was transported back to Marley. We can assume that they didn’t waste anytime in making Porco eat Ymir. Therefore, like Armin, he has 9 years left.

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