AOT Ch. 133: Was This Secret About Beast Titan Already Foreshadowed In Anime?

Beast Titan Secret

In Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) chapter 133, we see Falco saying that he had a dream/memory that belonged to Zeke, the beast titan. In this dream or memory, he can see the beast titan flying above the clouds. After seeing this memory, Falco feels deep inside him that he too can fly. 

Usually titan shifters inherit memories of the previous shifters who they ate. Falco is currently in possession of the Jaw Titan. Meaning, he should have seen Galliard’s memory. However, Falco became a titan after consuming Zeke’s spinal fluid which made him inherit his dreams or memories.

Basically this implies that Annie and Gabi can use Falco’s newfound titan powers to join up with the rest of the alliance and increase their chances of stopping Eren (with the help of a flying titan). Falco’s dream suggests that the Beast Titan does not always take the same form like the other intelligent titans. In the past, there could have been a beast titan that was able to fly.

The flying titan clearly gives the alliance an (unfair?) advantage. From the latest chapter, we know that the alliance’s flying ship is short on fuel. Though Armin has placed his trust in Onyankopon, the fuel shortage could possibly prevent them from reaching their destination. And if such a situation indeed arises, we could already see Falco swooping in with his Flying-Beast-Jaw Titan to save them.

With this power up coming at such a crucial time, it might seem like an asspull for many manga readers. However, it seems that this particular trait of the beast titan was already foreshadowed way back by Isayama and the producers in Attack on Titan anime. 

Sasuga Isayama!!!

The easter eggs about the beast titan’s secret were hidden in Attack on Titan Season 2 opening. 

You might have noticed that at the end of Season 2 Opening the beast titan is seen running with multiple animals around him. All of them had a red glowing heart, suggesting they were all titans or somehow connected to beast titan. This did not make much sense at that time as we did not see any of those animals in the anime as such. 

But come Attack on Titan chapter 133, we know that it was referring to the previous beast titans. The beast titans were not always apes or monkeys. 

Don’t believe us? Check out the Season 2 Opening below!!

This also explains why Xavier, the previous user of Beast Titan, told Zeke that he was not very useful in battles. Fans are speculating that he could be the whale titan that we see at the end of the opening along with Zeke’s beast titan. 

That’s not the only thing. Back when Falco transformed for the first time, his titan visibly had a different shape from that of Galliard. We could clearly make out the talons and feathers (or scales) on his titan. This was another thing that pointed to the fact that Falco could be able to fly. Even Falco’s name and him asking the bird to fly away at the beginning of the Marley arc could be an obvious foreshadowing of his powers as a flying titan.

Falco Grice | Attack on Titan Wiki | Fandom

In fact, the Attack on Titan fans at Reddit have come up with quite a quirky name for Falco, the Millenium Falcon (yes this is a star wars reference).

What are your opinions on Falco being a hybrid beast and jaw titan that can fly? Were you able to connect the dots and come to this conclusion way before?

  • The “Winged Titan” has long been foreshadowed in Dot Pixis’ hallucination after eating meat during Jean vs. Sasha cooking contest.

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