Additional Details Of Jump Festa 2022 Hybrid Events Revealed

On November 15, we get an idea of some of the contents of the Jump Festa 2022 virtual events. Read on to find out!


Among the most anticipated events from Japanese publishing giant Shueisha, “Jump Festival” is one of the most anticipated Animanga events for otakus all over the world. To celebrate that joy once again, the 38th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine revealed in August 2021, that Shueisha will hold the Jump Festa ’22 event as both an online and in-person event.

On November 15, we get an idea of some of the contents of the virtual events. Read on to find out!

Last year, the Jump Festa fan event was accessible via the Jump Festa smartphone app, with live streams available on YouTube and the event website. This year’s edition will include the return of the in-person event as well as a parallel virtual event via the same app.

The Jump Festa app will be modified with a new version of the virtual island dubbed “JanFes Island”.

There are created structures and locations in the Janfes Island app where you can appreciate the world perspective of Jump. Players can freely explore the island of Janfes by controlling an avatar. There exist 22 avatars which are created by Weekly Shonen Jump’s new Mangakas (Shueisha).

There are 29 different sorts of coins scattered about the island with the theme of Jump Group magazines and serialized works, and collecting coins allows you to unlock new characters at the “Capsule Character Tower.”

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22 types of characters that can be operated with the “Janfes Island App”.

Furthermore, the “Jump Original Drawing Museum,” which showcases approximately 130 original drawings on autographed colored paper by the artist, is the main highlight and has opened as material that can only be accessed with the Janfes Island app.

In one corner of the island, a “Zeblack Library” will be established in collaboration with Shueisha’s electronic bookshop app Zeblack.

The specification “Zeblack Library” flows from the entry to a dedicated page on the Zeblack official website. 33 Jump Group titles, as well as the September 2021 issue of Saikyo Jump (Shueisha), which was renewed this year, will be available for free on the special site.

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JF22 10
Jump Original Painting Museum

Additionally, 34 phases will be delivered in two days at four different locations on Janfes Island. Many special stages, such as live content and recorded video from Makuhari Messe, will be created.

All distributions are available on Jump Festa Island, as well as Jump Festa’s official YouTube channel, Jump Channel, and the official website of “Jump Festa 2022,” Jump Festa NAVI.

Furthermore, Jump Festa NAVI offers a “Jumfes Store” with links to internet retailers selling original goods and “Jump Festa 2022”-related stuff all in one spot. The online shop for original goods will pre-open on November 19th, and purchase applications will be accepted for each product category beginning December 15th.

On November 15th, the Jump Festa NAVI app will begin accepting applications for tickets to the actual venue “Jump Festa 2022 Makuhari Messe.”

More information will be released soon.

Source: Comic Natalie via Crunchyroll

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