25 Best Comedy Anime Of All Time That Are Too Funny To Handle!

Trust us, this is not your generic comedy anime recommendation list.

30+ Best Comedy Anime Of All Time

Laughter is no doubt the best medicine. Are you feeling a bit low and need a good laugh? Searching for a perfect comedy anime to take your mind off of things and change your mood?

Never fear, we got you.

Here is a list 25 best comedy anime out there, that are sure to chase away your blues.

From the main stream comedy anime titles to ones that are pure gag, we have created a list that will satisfy the humor hunger in you.

So stay with us and go through the list that we cooked up specially for you guys!!

25. Himouto! Umaru-chan

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Himouto! Umaru-chan brings you a cute story that follows the daily adventures of a 16year old high school student Umaru Doma who lives with her responsible older brother Taihei.

While at first glance she is a model student and a good friend, as soon as she reaches her home and dons her hamster hoodie, she transforms into a totally different person. This version of Umaru is a lazy, junk food-eating otaku who can not be bothered with trivial matters like cleaning and homework.

The stark difference between her outside and at-home personality is hilarious and is an honestly relatable part in this comedy anime.

24. Arakawa Under the Bridge

Arakawa Under the Bridge

Arakawa under the Bridge is a comedy anime which follows the son of a successful businessman who has a strong sense of identity with his elite status is Kou Ichinomiya. As a result, he is determined to avoid getting into debt with anyone; however, one day, following an altercation with some cheeky children on Arakawa Bridge, he ends up falling into the river that flows beneath the bridge. He is fortunately saved by a passerby, but now he owes this stranger his life!

Kou is incensed by this and insists on paying her back, but this might be the worst business decision the conceited man has ever made. The stranger, a stern, homeless woman only known as Nino, resides in a cardboard box beneath the bridge and has one wish in life: to find true love.

Kou is compelled to agree when she asks him to be her boyfriend, which forces him to leave his cozy home and begin a new life beneath the bridge.

Arakawa Under the Bridge is focused on Kou Ichinomiya’s sudden lifestyle trade. But, there is no drama or any other development of sorts in the anime. Instead, all it has is pure random comedy, which is as detached from logic as it could be.

This comedy anime is supposed to be enjoyed just by sitting back and chilling on a lazy day. The totally ridiculous characters and their antics often leave you snorting, but also might make you question societal expectations and what really is “right” and “wrong”.

23. The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

It is exactly as the title says. Devil, yes Satan himself, has ended up in our world, along with his trusted general Alciel. Striped of their powers, the Satan assumes the identity of Sadao Maō and starts to work at a local fast-food restaurant to make the ends meet. This alone is funny enough!

Actually, he wasn’t the only one who has ended up in this world. The hero Emilia, sworn to defeat Satan once and for all has also gotten trapped here while chasing him. Going as Emi Yusa, she keeps tabs on Mao waiting to learn his fearsome plan to take over this world. However, it seems the only thing Mao is planning for is how to have some grilled meat for dinner. 

A maou going through the daily hassles of a job is a trope that is quite fresh and the way it is executed is perfect to elicit some good laughs.

22. Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2 is a comedy anime that is peppered with strong action and martial art sequences. The plot follows Ranma Saotome, a martial arts prodigy, who ends up being cursed after falling into an ominous spring. From that point on, he transforms into a girl when splashed with cold water, and only turns into a boy when he is in contact with hot water.

This turns his life upside down completely. While he is trying to get accustomed to this new life of his, on comes Akane, a girl who has been chosen by his father to marry him. The worst part? She always tends to rub the wrong way with men.

The plot is episodic and lacks an overall goal or objective. However, the humor stems from Ranma’s failed attempts to overcome the curse and become a “man” again. To add to it, the eccentricity of the additional cast and events that unfold because of their actions keep us entertained throughout the course of the episodes.

Ranma 1/2 excels when it comes to using awkward timing to elicit laughs, making it one of the best comedy anime of all time. The time and place of Ranma’s transformation and trouble it gets him into, will often leave you in splits.

The best way to enjoy the anime would be to sit back and watch a handful of episodes everyday!

21. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is an anime that sports a lot of humor elements alongside its main theme. The plot follows Chiyo Sakura who has the biggest crush on her classmate Umetarou Nozaki.  When she tries to confess to him he courage leaves her and she somehow ends up asking for his autograph. However, imagine her shock when she realizes the sign matches one of the shojo manga writers Let’s Fall in Love published in the magazine Monthly Girls’ Romance.

When she confronts Nozaki about it he confirms it. From then on Chiyo helps Nozaki with his manga and ends up meeting his friends all them who are well for the lack of a better word, weird in their own way.

Every day is filled with hilarious events as they all help Nozaki help develop plots and characters for his story as well as make the deadlines. All the while Chiyo keeps trying to find a perfect moment to confess her feeling to Nozaki.

20. Ouran Host Club

Ouran Highschool Host Club

Ok, this is one of my favorite anime EVER! Anytime I need a laugh this is the anime I go to. So in my very biased opinion, this title had to be included in this list of best comedy anime ever!

Haruhi Fujikoa has been accepted into the prestigious Ouran High school on a scholarship. However, most of the students going to the Ouran academy belong to rich families (filthy rich!, think conglomerates and actual Royalty).  On the day of the orientation, Haruhi ventures into a room trying to find a quiet place to study. What she doesn’t know is the room was dedicated to the Ouran high school host club.

[To my precious innocent souls who do not know what Hosts are, they are guys who you pay to entertain you as a boyfriend or love interest (no not in that way they are high schoolers! sheesh!). These kids just basically throw extravagant parties and girls can request their presence.]

Haruhi accidentally breaks an antique vase while trying to back out of the room. To pay her debt the host club’s president Tamaki Suoh asks her to join them as a host. Tamaki being the dimwit he is thinks Haruhi is a boy. Now Haruhi is dragged into the world of these rich kids who are strangers to life of a common man.

Every day there is new chaos in her life as she tries to balance her studies and the ridiculous demands of being a Host in the Ouran High school host club. Despite all the weirdness, Haruhi actually starts enjoying her new life. 

19. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

Havent You Heard Im Sakamoto

I honestly don’t know how to describe this comedy anime; but I shall give it a try. I’m speechless, basically! So, imagine a cool guy, now imagine him cooler, a bit more, and he is still nowhere near as cool as Sakamoto. All this anime does is prove that, and in doing so, it ends up becoming one of the best comedy anime ever!

Sakamoto is a high school student. But do not take him as an average run of the mill highschooler. No sir. He is Sakamoto, the coolest, most elegant, intelligent person you will ever come across. The anime deals with Sakamoto dealing with ordinary life situations in extraordinary ways, be it a walk to school or dealing with bullying. Sakamoto will always emerge out of the situation with swag and his catchphrase.. “ Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto”.

18. Watamote


Watamote, also known as ‘No Matter How I Look At It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular!’ is the story of a socially awkward introverted girl, Kuroki Tomoko, who thinks she is ready for her high school experience because she has played over 50 high school simulated games.

No shocker that this is actually far from the truth. Still determined to have a memorable high school experience. With the help of her best friend, Yuu Naruse, and her brother Tomoki, Tomoko attempts to brave the new world of high school life.

Her everyday attempts end up giving us a great comedy anime, albeit with a lot of dark comedy, to binge.

17. Spy x Family:

Spy X Family

Spy X Family follows the adventures of a “fake” family. Loid Forger is a spy. To conceal his identity for his mission he adopts an orphan Anaya and asks her to not let anyone know they aren’t related by blood.

Soon they are joined by Yor, who is an assassin, and also needs a cover, so she ends up joining the family as Anya’s mother. Both Loid and Yor consider this a temporary arrangement and hide their identities from others.

What both of them don’t know is that cute little Anya is a mind reader and knows both of their identities. But Anya is so happy to have a family that their profession does not matter to her, or rather to her this is all a big adventure. Excitement should be high because the anime is getting a season 2 and also a movie.

16. Kaguya Sama: Love is War

kaguya sama love is war enters final arc

Kaguya Sama: Love is war is a cute romantic comedy centering Shuchiin Academy’s Student council president Miyuki Shirogane and Vice president Kaguya Shinomiya. Both of them like the other one but are reluctant to confess, making it a war of egos.

The anime is filled with cute funny and wholesome moments. The main couple, other student council members, and their friends bring a ton of fun and cuteness.

The reason why it didn’t make it to the top 10 comedy anime recommendations in our list is because the emotional quotient of the show weighs down the humor as the series progresses.

15. Urusei Yatsura

Urusei Yatsura 1

Urusei Yatsura (the 1980s one) is a rom com anime that is often forgotten and overlooked when it comes to ranking the best in this genre. However, what many forget is that Urusei Yatsura is in fact one of the most influential anime in its genre that set a trend for the others to follow.

The plot follows Ataru Moroboshi, whose standout traits include his overly flirty nature and a fair share of bad luck. He gets chosen to be the one representing Earth, as the planet is threatened by an invading army of aliens known as the Oni.

The events and misunderstandings that follow make Lum, the daughter of the Oni’s head, feel that Ataru is interested in marrying her, and ends up moving in with him. However, she doesn’t realize that Ataru has his eyes set on someone else.

What follows is a host of hilarious events. If you are new to this anime, then the humor in it might feel a bit cliched and formulaic. However, it’s worth noting that Urusei Yatsura is a series that brought forth the blue prints for this tried and tested formula and without a doubt reserves a place in this list of best romance comedy anime.

14. Joshiraku


Joshiraku follows 5 storyteller girls as they try to keep the dying art of “Rakugo” alive. There is no grand overarching plot, no storyline to follow. Just an episodic drama where you watch these five girls hilariously narrate the odd happenings around them everyday, either to a live audience in Rakugo theatres around Tokyo, or to each other.

There is a well-maintained comedic momentum in every episode and lack of any dull moments. It will destroy the fourth wall and poke fun at stereotypical anime cliches, but never gets repetitive and always has something new to say. Joshiraku is a very normal show, but extremely funny. It is definitely get a place in your list of must watch comedy anime.

13. Uncle From Another World (Isekai Oji-san)

Uncle From Another World

Are you tired of the same old generic Isekais? Have you had enough of the same copy-pasted black-haired fantasy protagonist who gets all the girls? Isekai Oji-san is here to offer you something new.

We have seen plenty of anime focusing on life after being transported to a new world, but what if the protagonist actually returns back to his original world? Yousuke “Oji-san” Shibazaki is one such man who had experienced this as his original body remained in coma for 17 years. But there’s another twist: he still has his magical powers retained from the other world!

Together with his nephew Takafumi Takaoka, the pair show off his magical abilities to the world through a YouTube channel as Takfumi acquaints his uncle with everything that has transpired in the world over the last 17 years, including the infamous console war of the 90s.

The show is really fun to watch with tons of pop culture references and comedic sequences centered around the uncle as he tries to adapt to the modern world. The premise is a unique and interesting twist on the Isekai genre and it succeeds in giving birth to one of the best comedy anime out there.

12. Prison School

Prison School

Recognized as one of the most ecchi anime out there, the plot of Prison School is set in the outskirts of Tokyo, Hachimitsu Private Academy was a revered and elite all-girls high school. Following revisions in school policy, it now opens the door for boys to get enrolled. The new semester sees only 5 boys join. To this merry band of perverted boys, the school seemed like heaven on Earth, but little did they know, what awaited them was hell.

There are no breaks on this pain train and you better be prepared for what you’re getting yourself into, because it is rather… crude, to say the least. Nevertheless the execution of comedy in this anime is stellar, and it rarely fails to make you laugh with how blunt it is. Be ready for peak degeneracy, which itself might be a parody on the “ecchi” genre, because Prison School is a wild ride to say the least.

11. Sabage-bu!

Sabage bu

Ever wanted to see 5 cute girls doing batshit crazy stuff under the guise of club activities? Well here’s one of the best comedy anime you never knew you needed. Take a peek into Aogiri Academy’s survival game club where you follow Momoka Sonokawa and her four somewhat crazier friends taking part in paramilitary activities under the leadership of President Miou.

The members of this bizarre club have wild and fanatical personalities. The activities they take part in are even wilder, ranging from wearing ghillies suits in public to jumping off the school building. The show plays through the girls’ collective imaginations where they feel they’re shooting real bullets and spilling real blood.

A silly comedy with an absurd premise, but it never fails to be entertaining.

10. K-On


K-On is one of the slice of life comedy anime out there and easily makes it to the top ten of this list. It is also the perfect example of a moe anime, so if you are not a fan of the genre, this might not be the perfect fit for you. However, it still can give a lot of laughs for the neutral fans.

The plot of this comedy anime follows four high school girls as they create a band and learn the true meaning of music and friendship. However, music itself is not the main focus in this series, rather we are more invested in the inconsequential antics of the four main characters.

Yui Hirasawa by accident joins the Light Music Club at the same time as looking to determine a high school club. She has no musical ability, though, and first of all, intends to forestall. However, in an effort to keep the club from disbanding, the other members present her with some benefits.

Humor is bound to happen when an airhead, an energetic idiot and a mature person interact. And because it is K-On all of that turns out very cute in nature. So if you are on the lookout of a fluffy comedy anime to watch, this should be your top pick!

9. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Episodes: 120

Studios:  JC Staff

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

Kusuo Saiki has a host of supernatural powers, the major one being psychic powers. To an ordinary person, this is nothing less than a dream! But all Kusuo Saiki want is to have a normal, quiet, peaceful life. However, due to his powers, he inadvertently gains attention from a variety of characters.

These are short 5 min episodes packed with hilarious situations as Saiki tries to avoid trouble. 

8. Azumanga Daioh

Episodes: 26

Studio: J. C. Staff

Azumanga Daioh

Azumanga Daioh is centred around 10 year-old prodigy Chiyo Mihama who finds herself in high school among students 5 years older than her due to her incredible intellect. Chiyo has a fondness for plush dolls and homemade cooking and her best friends are 5 wild and eccentric girls with unique personalities.

A surreal comedy anime which consistently makes you laugh, enhanced by a lovable cast of characters who have genuine chemistry with each other. You’ll follow these characters as they try to break away from the mundane and monotonous school life to enjoy their youth to the fullest. Like most slice-of-life comedies, it is simple and its charm lies in that very simplicity.

It’s a no brainer to include this title in the best comedy anime of all time.

7. Great Teacher Onizuka


Studio: Studio Pierrot

Great Teacher Onizuka

22-year old Eikichi Onizuka is an ex-biker gang leader who’s now reformed and has his sights set on being the greatest high school teacher in Japan. Of course, this goal isn’t driven by passion for teaching or any such noble causes, rather because he wants to meet sexy high school girls.

You’ll watch Onizuka as he tries to win over a class full of delinquent problem children, with all odds stacked against him. GTO has its fair share of hilarious comedy but at its heart, it is a wonderfully written character driven drama that tackles issues such as bullying, suicide and sexual harrassment that students face face daily, with the Great Teacher at the centre of it all.

6. Nichijou

Episodes: 26

Studio: Kyoto Animation


No comedy anime recommendation is complete without Nichijou. While it is not something that will have you in splits, like Konosuba or Asobi Asobase, it is certainly one of the titles that comes first to any anime fan’s mind when they think of comedy anime.

Nichijou is an anime that revolves around the daily live of six characters. Three highschool friends Mio Naganohara, Yuuko Aioi and Mai Minakami,  young genius Hakase Shinonome, her robot caretaker Nano, and their talking cat Sakamoto.

Detailing the random day to day incidents that happen in their lives, Nichijou manages to make you laugh to the aimless absurdity that is happening on screen. Simple and often hilarious, Nichijou rightly grabs the 6th spot in our list of best comedy anime.

5. Grand Blue Dreaming

Episodes: 12

Studio: Zero-G

Grand Blue Dreaming

When asked about a good comedy anime, Grand Blue will be one of the first ones that comes to mind.

Iori Kitahara has just moved to the coastal town of Izu for his freshman year at university. Staying at his uncle’s scuba diving shop, he’s sucked into the drunken party of the diving club members who frequent the place. Thus the madness begins.

Follow Iori Kitahara and his band of alcoholic misfits taking part in ridiculous antics as they try to live their best carefree college life and dive to the depths of oceans to discover the beauty of the underwater.

Grand Blue is slapstick comedy done right. Every gag is immaculately timed along with detailed comedic expressions which enhance the experience. Every episode will have you rolling on the floor in a fit of hysteria.

4. Konosuba

Episodes: 20 (and a movie)

Studio: Studio Deen (first two seasons), J.C. Staff (for the movie)


Well, well, well. If you are on the lookout for the best comedy anime out there to watch, then Konosuba is an anime that doesn’t need any special introduction.

The story follows Kazuma, a NEET who dies and reincarnates in an isekai world, along with a useless goddess Aqua. He ends up forming an adventure party with Aqua and two other characters, Megumi and Darkness, who turn out to be as useless as the God of Water when on their own.

Watching Kazuma’s party members fail spectacularly each time they try to get even the simplest of jobs done, and then landing him in even bigger trouble is just too much, and no matter how hard you try, it would be hard to hold back your laugh.

3. Asobi Asobase

Episodes: 12

Studio: Lerche

Asobi Asobase

Do not be deceived by the shoujo themed opening of Asobi Asobase, because what follows is a perfect compilation of gag and deadpan comedy along with some totally absurd developments, that catch you off-guard and make you roll with laughter.

Asobi Asobase follows a trio of school girls and the incidents that happen in the past-time club that they create. The plot is not chronological, with episodes divided into multiple parts and focusing on a particular incident each. The interactions between the characters is what forms the crux of the humor in the show, making even the simplest of situations a never-ending laugh.

Asobi Asobase is definitely one of the best comedy anime out there.

2.   Daily Life Of High School Boys

Episodes: 12

Studio: Sunrise

Daily Life Of High School Boys

This is simply an anime depicting day to day life of three high school friends Hidenori, Yoshitake, and Tadakuni. Except these kids have some absurd ideas and colorful imagination. From intricate RPG reenactment or imagining an unexpected romantic encounter on the riverbank, they come up with ways to pass the time which are.. well not quite mundane.

But hey, if a guy accidently shaving off nipples or bombing hard in his attempts to woo a girl are your type of funny, then this comedy anime will make your sides hurt.

1. Gintama:

Episodes: 367

Studios:  Sunrise


At first glance, Gintama is an absolutely ridiculous show. For starters, there are aliens.. in Edo period Japan. Actually, these aliens, called Amanto, have conquered Japan to be specific. (Yes, so Gintama is an anime where samurai and aliens co-exist). 

The anime focuses on a silver-haired Samurai, Gintoki Sakata. He is joined by  Shinpachi Shimura, a boy learning the way of the samurai Kagura, an alien girl with superhuman strength, and Sadaharu, their giant pet dog who loves biting on people’s heads. Together they form Yorozuya, (we do anything).

Gintama includes a parody of almost every pop culture reference out there at the time in Japan, from anime, manga, and drama to music. And it is a laugh-out comedy throughout. Like, pause the anime to catch up your breath sort of comedy. It’s pretty episodic, especially at the start. However, story arcs are introduced later on with well-established antagonists. Overall it is worth it to invest the time to watch 367, you will not be disappointed.

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