10+ Best Underrated Comedy Anime That Is Sure To Make You ROFL!


We all like our action-filled, adrenaline driven stories and also the ones which leave behind a deep message through a dark and depressing setting but sometimes you can get burnt out by consuming a lot of heavy stuff.

Surely you have felt this way and the best way to counter that is to take a break and watch some light hearted comedy or maybe just random nonsense to re-juice your brains! Do not worry, we got you as always!

In today’s daily dose of web scrolling we have compiled a list of most underrated comedy anime, the ones which you may not have heard much about.

As for every underrated list, we highly encourage readers to check out these titles which have not received the attention and credit that they deserve and it’s a win-win situation, where they are being recognized and you get to laugh!

11. Life Lessons With Uramichi Oniisan

Life Lessons With Uramichi Oniisan

What happens when a group of miserable adults decide to be a part of a children’s morning show. Disaster happens. That, and a lot of gag comedy revolving around how depressing adult life can be.

I know, not the perfect way to groom those tiny tots, but then, certainly a good place to start this list of best comedy anime. If you don’t mind a heavy dose of some dark jokes about adulthood, if you will be able to take all those self-burns, then Uramichi Onii-san would be a good anime for you.

The downside? It can get a little repetitive over time, even with the introduction of new characters. Overworked, would be the right word for it.

10. I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying

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This underrated comedy anime portrays the story of a working lady Kaoru, who is married to an otaku, Hajime. He works as a blog writer. Their personalities are worlds apart and Kaoru struggles to understand the point of view of her otaku husband.

The main theme of the show is how love and patience is the key to making a relationship work. However, that part about not understanding which I mentioned? That’s your cue for laughter in this anime.

It is a wholesome and funny anime with only 3 minute-long episodes. If you want something short to take a break from your work and have a hearty wholesome laugh, then this anime would be a good choice.

9. Tonari no Seki-kun

Tonari no Seki-kun, comedy anime

This is one of my personal favorites.

Tonari no Seki-kun is an underrated comedy anime which follows two middle school classmates, Toshinari Seki and Rumi Yokoi. Al Rumi wants to pay attention to her teachers during school. However, in every period, her neighbor Seki-kun has some new way to pass the time which distracts Rumi as well.

Sometimes he plays shogi like a soap opera, sometimes he has dominos lined up. Whatever it is Seki is never caught by the teacher while Rumi is often reprimanded by her teachers for not being attentive in class. Its comedy of errors and will definitely draw a lot of laughs from you.

8. Binbougami ga (Good luck Girl)

Binbougami Ga, underrated comedy anime

Now, Bingougami Ga is a suggestion that we take much pride in. Not everyone is familiar with this series, and it perfectly suits the tag of an underrated anime. It follows Ichiko Sakura, who is a 16-year-old that has always been very lucky. Beauty, good grades, wealth, she has everything anyone can wish for. This is because Ichiko has high fortune energy that sucks the good luck from everyone and everything around her, leaving everything out of balance.

To correct this Goddess of Misfortune and has come to take back Ichiko’s fortune energy. Now Ichiko’s everyday life is filled with daily (hilarious) battles to save her fortune energy. It parodies most of the shounen tropes out there and will surely make you roll with laughter.

7. Shimoneta


Imagine a city where impurity and obscenity does not exist. Not because the people themselves have abandoned the trait but due to the government being so strict that they have to monitor every citizen. Now, we are humans and we do have our personal idiosyncrasies and complete control over us does not really guarantee the best results. So, to tackle the growing problem of Japan’s new morality laws, Tanukichi Okuma meets the infamous Blue Snow, the masked criminal whose goal is to spread Lewd Propaganda to the needy!

Okuma gets stuck along with the self proclaimed Messiah as he figures out that it is none other than the vice president of the student council and their biggest target being the president of the council, who is infact the crush of Okuma. What decisions will he take? These dozen episodes will test your limit to your laughter for sure.

6. Aho Girl

Aho Girl, underrated comedy anime

Yoshiko Hanabatake works really hard and is really passionate. What? That sounds cliche? Well, she works really hard to get all zeros on her tests and as for passion, she has a strong attachment to bananas. Yes, this is Yoshiko’s true nature and her eccentric behavior is the reason for everyone to lose hope on her (even her mother!!) but there exists one person who has taken up the responsibility of keeping her in check: Akuru Akutsu.

Yes, he is so good at his work that he keeps her at bay – SIKE! It seems that no one can stop Yoshiko, even when Akuru decided that if he has to resort to physical force, it shall be the case. Yoshiko’s insanity knows no bounds and her unpredictable behavior has attracted some other individuals, with every episode filled with scenes of utter foolishness which makes this underrated comedy anime worth watching!

5. Hinamatsuri

Hinamatsuri1 header

Hinamatsuri is a supernatural anime where Yakuza member Yoshifumi Nitta’s life changes after he meets a young, blue-haired girl Hina, who literally fell from the skies and hit his head, filled inside a capsule. This chance encounter turns into a life threatening plot where it is revealed that if her self proclaimed powers are not used then it releases itself in the form of explosions which does take place just after a while, proving her powers.

Now we do understand that the setting does not really make it sound like a comedy anime but the handful who may have seen this know what they experienced. Basically, now that Nitta knows that he has to use her powers, he uses them to complete various tasks and also uses it to eradicate other Yakuza gangs, making her an optimal asset for his gang but he has to make sure that he keeps using her before the powers come out in various destructive forms!

4. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

If you find pessimism hilarious, then Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is one of the best underrated comedy anime recommendations that we have for you.

The plot follows a pessimistic teacher, Nozomu Ishotiki, who ends up being in the dumps even with a small mishap. Buckle up people, because Ishotiki and his depressing escapades involving his students, chronicle the culture of Japan, and serve it all up with a topping of satire, which will make you laugh for sure, but also make you ponder about life for a bit.

3. Ichigo Mashimaro (Strawberry Marshmallow)

Ichigo Mashimaro

Strawberry Marshmallow (or Ichigo Mashimaro) is the slice-of-life genre personified. A very simple premise with 5 main girls – Nobue, her younger sister, Chika, Miu, Ana and Matsuri – following their daily mundane life. 

You’ll see them do everyday activities like attending school, eating cakes, shovelling snow, get lost and play sports. Despite that, it never gets boring as mischief is right around the corner and you’ll often find yourself giggling away in the silliness of it all. If you can appreciate a stress-free comfort show with “kawaii” overload, then make sure to hit up this anime.

2. Plastic Neesan

Plastic Neesan

Plastic Neesan is a comedy anime that will have you sold in the opening itself. It has the perfect mix of bizarre and crazy twists to keep you laughing the whole time. I mean, a character has a tank on her head, in which an old geezer resides. BIZARRE! 

The best part? The whole anime is just under 30 minutes.

Plastic Nee-san follows Iroe Genma, a third year high school student often called Nee-san, her two friends and the often ridiculous situations they find themselves in. Their interactions with each other and their activities make Plastic Nee-san one of the best comedy anime, albeit a very short one, out there.

1. Cromartie High School

Cromartie High School, underrated comedy anime

Cromartie High School takes the cake for this list of underrated comedy anime. Why? Let’s see. A normal sane human stuck in a place where he doesn’t belong at all? Check. Hooligans all around him who will try their best to not leave a day mundane? Check. Absolutely hilarious and mind boggling character designs with the best reactions ranging from most expressive to stoic? Check. Also, let us not forget nonsensical supernatural/robots robots all over the place. This anime has got the formula mastered.

Takashi Kamiyama is your average high schooler with a relatively sane attitude who decides to join the breeding ground of the worst delinquents in the city, for reasons that is better left unspoiled. He meets up with the weirdest of the weirdest people and apparently Freddie Mercury studies there and comes to school with a horse.

Now why is he in Japan? Trust me, there is a beautiful reason for that too. The story follows Takashi’s survival in this warzone of a school and the interactions with the most unique people you can ever come across.

How many of these underrated comedy anime series have you seen? Let us know them in the comments below!

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