10 Senku Ishigami Facts That Every Dr. Stone Fans Must Know!

Ishigami Senku, the big brain protagonist of the anime Dr. Stone, became loved by the viewers for his intelligence and the innovative inventions he carried out in the anime. The character is quite endearing even if you are not into all the sciency stuff.

Senku‘s main motto is to revive all humans who were petrified and go on to make his own version of the world termed as the kingdom of science. Other than being the first person who broke free from the petrification (apparently) and the one who was able to concoct the stone formula to de-petrify the stone effigies, here are some facts about Senku Ishigami that ever Dr. Stone fans must know!

Warning! The following post contains spoilers for Season 1 of Dr. Stone anime!

1) Senku is the stone god of the petrified world!

The fact is derived from the meaning of Senku’s name. In Japanese, “Sen” means a thousand, and “Ku” means sky and together it reads the “a thousand skies”. But, even more interesting is the meaning of his surname. “Ishi” means stone “gami” means god, and he can literally be viewed as a “stone god.” Considering the setting in which Dr. Stone is set (with people turning into stone effigies and Senku setting out to save everyone), the name given to him seems pretty apt.

2) Senku’s childhood dream was to go into outer space

Kid Senku Ishigami in Dr. Stone
Senku saying his dream is to go to space

And in order to achieve this dream, he spent several years studying how to create rockets. Eventually, he was able to send a miniature prototype of a rocket to outer atmospheric layer along with dolls which bore resemblence to him Taiju and Yuzuriha. Even thoughthe rocket exploded, the dolls were shown to be drifting freely in the outer space!!

3) Senku is allergic to lacquer!

Senku Lacquer allergy
Senku allergic to lacquer

Lacquer is a liquid made of shellac dissolved in alcohol, or of synthetic substances, that dries to form a hard protective coating for wood, metal, etc. It is shown in Dr. Stone that Senku is allergic to lacquer. It dramatically affects his face and lips andswells them up.

4) Senku is inspired by & is a fan of Doraemon

“I am a technology kid, who’s excited by mecha, space, and Doraemon!. I will save all of humanity, without exception, with the power of science!”

The above quotes points out that Senku is also in love with anime and his favorite character is Doraemon.

5) Senku’s birthday comes on January 4th

Gen Asagiri was able to find out Senku’s birthday when he told him the number of days that he has been alove for. Knowing the exact date of petrification, Gen did the math and found that Senku was born on January 4th.

6) Senku is adopted

Senku & Byakuya Ishigami in Dr. Stone

It is revealed in Dr. Stone that Senku is the adopted son of Byakuya Ishigami. Even Senku is aware of this fact. There isn’t any information available about Senku’s parents , or the circumstances under which Byakuya adopts Senku. But it is said that one of Senku’s parents was Byakuya’s close friend.

Despite being adopted, Byakuya and Senku have a very strong father-son bond which is visibile even after 3700 years.

7) Senku has actually died!

Senku Death

Many fans have a misconception that Senku did not die when Tsukasa broke his cervical plexus. Senku indeed was dead, and would have stayed dead, if not for the small petrified portion on the back of his neck. Click the link below to know how he came back to life:

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8) Senku is the leader of Ishigami Village

D 3qlpkVAAE5Rig
Senku was lucky in becoming the leader of Ishigami village

Senku is the leader of the Ishigami village (which was formed by his father Byakuya) after he won the village games which is held to select their chief. The main objective was for Chrome to win the games and become chief of the village but Senku accidentally won claiming the title and Ruri as his reward.

9) Senku is a divorcee!


Senku had to marry Ruri after he won the village games as became the chief. But he immediately divorces her after he gets the alcohol to make vinegar. He also does so because he understands Chrome’s feelings towards Ruri.

10) Senku has no love interests!

Kouhaku funny face from Dr. Stone
Senku is pretty bad when it comes to reciprocating romantic feelings!

Surprisingly Senku is decent when it comes to interaction with women. Generally, a smart character tends to be ignorant and patronizing but Senku never abhors anyone, but the pay-off is that he’s terrible when it comes to women. There have been many scenarios where we can see women attracted to him. However, to Senku, romantic relationships tend to overcomplicate things and make little logical sense. The only love interest in his life till now seems to be science and science alone!

Did we miss out on any important Senku Ishigami facts? Let us know them in the comments section!

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