Dr. Stone: How To Make Senku Cola? Recipe For Senku Cola:

Could humans have made cola back in the stone age? Definitely not.

Well, it would have been hard for the homo sapiens back then to even fathom a carbonated drink like cola. And even if they could fathom it, it would be too difficult for them to practically conceive the devices that would help them make it. 

However, Senku Ishigami, the science crazy big brains, managed to make cola in a world that had reverted back to the stone age due to almost 3000 years of inactivity, thanks to the human petrification.

But then, this is the world of Dr. Stone we are talking about, where scientific inventions come as easy as batting an eyelid for the protagonist. 

However, if Senku could make cola with only the meagre things that he found around him, we should definitely be able to do so in our homes thanks to the easy availability of the ingredients right?

Well, from what Mecha Senku tells us, it is pretty easy to make your own Senku Cola. The recipe for Senku cola was revealed in Dr. Stone episode 15.

There are only four ingredients that are needed to make it. They are;

  • Carbonated Water (1 bottle)
  • Honey (around 4-5 tablespoons)
  • Coriander 
  • Lemon/Lime (1)

Other items: Strainer, peeler/zester, enough number of cups/saucepans, fire extinguisher and first aid kit (we ain’t kidding).

How to make Senku Cola:

Warning: If you are like us and can’t tell apart sugar from salt, we request you stop this experiment now. If you still persist with it and end up creating a nuclear holocaust or poisoning your dog, we are in no way responsible for it! Please let someone responsible handle it.

Okay, here goes the Senku Cola Recipe:

Recipe for Senku Cola from Dr. Stone Manga
The senku cola recipe in Dr. Stone manga
  • Step 1: Zest the Lime

The first step in making Senku Cola is to zest the lime. Lime zest is basically the coloured outer surface of the peel. This is usually used to add a concentrated tangy flavour to the recipes.

Zesting can be done using a zester or a peeler. Once you’re done zesting keep the lemon aside.

  • Step 2: Crush the coriander and mix it with the lime

Shred the coriander leaves and crush them. You could do that using a cup or in a small mortar.The motive is to get the coriander leaves crushed properly.

Now squeeze the lemon and add the juice into the crushed coriander along with the zested lime. Again continue with the crushing until the ingredients form a fine paste. 

Like Senku says, this paste will provide our homemade drink the smell of Cola. The quantity of lime juice to be added depends on your taste requirements.

We’d say squeezing one half of the lemon should be more than enough.

Now strain the mixture that you have created and keep it separate.

  • Step 3: Caramelize the honey

Take the honey in a saucepan (well a small cup should suffice too) and heat it till it starts boiling.

Now simmer the flames and cook it till the honey caramelizes (till it becomes nutty brown, you should get a slightly burnt smell by the time the honey caramelizes).

Ideally, you’d leave the honey one for a minute or two at the most. The slightly burnt smell is ideally your cue to stop.

  • Step 4: Making the syrup

Now mix the strained coriander-lime mixture and the caramelized honey to make the cola syrup. This syrup essentially provides the taste and the essence of the cola to your drink.

The mixing should be done immediately after the honey is caramelized, otherwise the honey might harden (or thicken) again.

  • Step 5: Summon the cola

Now in the final step, take a small quantity of the cola syrup that you have just prepared and mix it with carbonated water to ready your homemade cola.

While the exact quantity of the mix was not revealed in the anime (because the coca-cola recipe has been a secret for ages?), from trial and error (and online sources) we found that you’d ideally add around 200 ml of carbonated water to 3-4 tbsp of the cola syrup. 

Lo behold, you’ve made your first bottle of Senku Cola.

The taste of the cola depends on the right balance of the ingredients….it might take 2-3 tries before you are able to find the taste that suits you the best. 

Let us know about your experience of making the Senku Cola in the comments section below!

If you have any tricks that would help the cola taste better, do let us know.

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