Will Boruto Awaken The Byakugan?

Boruto Chapter 42 cover

The theory of Boruto Uzumaki awakening the Byakugan has been running around in the Boruto fandom for a while now. Many people expect Boruto to awaken the Byakugan like his little sister Himawari Uzumaki. Himawari knocking the lights out of Boruto and Naruto after awakening her Byakugan were priceless moments. However, many were unsure if Boruto would be able to do the same.

Why do fans feel Boruto will get the Byakugan?

The crucial reason as to why Boruto could awaken the Byakugan is due to his Mother, Hinata Uzumaki. She belongs to the upper echelons of the Hyuga clan. Being her son Boruto could have inherited the genes of her clan and along with it the ability to awaken Byakugan.

However, the creator of the series, Masashi Kishimoto stated that he simply forgot to give Boruto and his sister Himawari Uzumaki the Byakugan. He later corrected this mistake by giving the dojutsu to Himawari. This happened in the Zai no Sho’s Special chapter, The Day Naruto Became Hokage.

Himawari Uzumaki awakens her Byakugan

With Boruto’s lineage to the Hyuga clan and his sister awakening the Byakugan, people speculated that Boruto would awaken his Byakugan eventually as well. During this speculation fest, we saw Boruto awaken a Dojutsu which looked somewhat similar to the Byakugan.

Before jumping to conclusions, let’s understand what power-ups could Boruto gain by awakening the Byakugan?

Powers of Byakugan:

Byakugan users have a near-360 degree field of vision, except for a small blind spot at the back of the neck above their first thoracic vertebra. Moreover, the Byakugan’s vision can penetrate through almost any object, allowing a user to see through walls, underground, smokescreens, or even examine the contents of a person’s body!

Hyuga Clan members also excel at playing the role of a spy. A user can focus their vision onto one person from afar and monitor their movements. The range for such surveys depends upon its user but can be increased over time by practice as well.

The biggest feat showed in the series is by Boruto’s mother, Hinata Uzumaki, who could see as far as Twenty Kilometers during the fight against Toneri Otsutuski!

So, Byakugan users always work as a scout group member or something similar, right? Bzzzt! Wrong! They have even more insane abilities, buckle up!

Its ability to see chakra is acute enough to see the chakra pathway system within a target’s body. They can also see the 361 tenketsu that run along with it. The Byakugan can see chakra to a greater degree than the Sharingan and also enables them to identify certain types of clones and an individual’s chakra signature.

Chakra points seen through a byakugan
Chakra points seen throigh a Byakugan

To capitalize on this, the Hyuga Clan created the Gentle Fist fighting technique. When they strike an opponent’s tenketsu, this technique either seals or forcibly opens them. This allows the user to have control over their opponent’s chakra.

A Byakugan user can also identify when a person is using or is under a genjutsu.

With all of these crazy power-ups, we can expect Boruto, who is already a prodigy to become one of the strongest ninjas from his generation at the very least. Team 7 would also share an interesting dynamic, with Sarada and Boruto potentially boosting each other’s growth as dojutsu users.

WOW, overpowered, right?

Even if a person belongs to the Hyuga Clan, they cannot awaken the Byakugan. One must go through severe training or experience an unusual amount of stress to unlock the Dojutsu.

So, will Boruto awaken the Byakugan?

To answer in short, NO, Boruto will not awaken the Byakugan. The biggest reason why Boruto will not awaken the Byakugan is possibly because of the Jougan.

Confused? Let me explain.

The right eye of Boruto which people speculated at first to be the Byakugan turned out to be a new form of visual dojutsu, called the Jougan. The dojutsu could make it impossible for Boruto to manifest a Byakugan. This is because the Jougan is a pure eye that belongs to the members of the Ohtsutsuki clan.

Jougan Boruto

It was always plausible that the creator of the series, Masashi Kishimoto could try to bring some more diversity into the series using the current world-building in the series, which has fit well in the series.

With this, you’ve got your answer! While Boruto awakening the Byakugan would’ve been amazing; considering how team 7 could put two of the strongest dojutsus to use and bring the greatest potential out of each other.
However, Jougan is even more powerful than the Byakugan, implying Boruto’s inevitable strength, which even Toneri Otsutsuki admitted.

Well, what would you prefer Boruto to have? Byakugan or Jougan? Let us know in the comments below!

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