Why Does Hisoka Want To Kill The Phantom Troupe?


Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter is one of those mysterious characters whose motives are not easy to decode. He has always had his own obsessions and his very peculiar way of doing things. And one of his latest obsessions is that of hunting down the Phantom Troupe members and killing them.

While it is always hard to say why exactly Hisoka does something, there is a very clear reason for why he is hellbent on killing the Spiders.

Hisoka Hunter x Hunter

Why does Hisoka want to kill the Phantom Troupe:

Hisoka is portrayed as a complex and enigmatic character in Hunter x Hunter, with a twisted sense of morality. He is someone who is always looking for a challenge and it is no secret that he is particularly drawn to powerful opponents. But this urge is not solely based on his desire to test his limits and see how far he can push himself.

Hisoka is also bored with peaceful life, and he seeks thrill and excitement, so his urge to fight is also driven by this need.

Naturally, there are fans who assume that Hisoka is just looking for potentially powerful rivals as he targets the spiders. And it goes without saying that the members of the Phantom Troupe are powerful Nen users and certainly count as formidable opponents.

However, that assumption is not entirely true. Hisoka’s goal of targeting and killing the members of the Phantom Troupe does not stem from his desire of fighting the strongest Nen users around. This is not a simple turn on for him. Because, if that was the case, he wouldn’t have targeted Shalnark and Kortopi, who were defenseless and without their abilities.

The real reason why Hisoka wanted to kill the Phantom Troupe members can be traced back to his fight with Chrollo Lucifer.

To answer in short; Hisoka wants to kill the Phantom Troupe members because he wants to have a fair match with Chrollo, without having the other members interfere in any way.

Hisoka had always been fascinated with Chrollo and wanted to go up against the leader of the troupe. However, since he was the leader, the other members would definitely interfere if he were to plot something.

In the entirety of Yorknew arc, Hisoka was hellbent on creating an opportunity to fight Chrollo alone. But when he got his chance eventually, Chrollo’s nen had already been sealed by Kurapika.

However, instead of backing down at this moment, Chrollo asks Hisoka to postpone their fight, and being the adrenaline junkie he is, Hisoka allowed Chrollo some prep time and also the liberty to choose the time and spot of the fight, which was a big mistake.

See, Hisoka was not interested in fighting a weak Chrollo. He wanted to go up against the guy at his best, and he did not mind waiting for that to happen. That fight was an absolute turn-on for him.

And so, we finally get to their matchup at the Heavens Arena.

However, in this battle, Chrollo borrowed abilities of fellow troupe members Machi, Shalnark and Kortopi and also used the crowd to his advantage, outsmarting Hisoka and consigning him to an unexpected defeat.

While the entire blame for the defeat rested on the latter alone, he was not ready to accept his loss.

Not only was he salty about his defeat, he now had this newborn urge in him to fight Chrollo once again. But this time, he wouldn’t allow the head of the Spiders the comfort of choosing a spot or giving him any prep time.

And since Chrollo had borrowed the abilities of his fellow spiders, Hisoka wanted to make sure that he doesn’t have that advantage once again.

To Hisoka, it felt as if the other members had intruded on his fight and according to him, as long as the legs of spiders were alive, he would not get his desired 1v1 matchup with the head.

Thus began his process of hunting down and eliminating the members of the Phantom Troupe. By doing so Hisoka was cutting down the roster of abilities that Chrollo had. And he was sending a message that he was really serious about what he was doing.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the first ones he killed were Shalnark and Kortopi, whose Hatsu Chrollo had borrowed. Because once they die, he would no longer be able to use their abilities.

But then, if he was really intent on killing the Phantom Troupe, why did Hisoka let Machi go?

Machi from phantom troupe

Why didn’t Hisoka kill Machi?

Well, Hisoka did not kill Machi because author Yoshihiro Togashi did not want him to kill Machi then and there. I am not kidding here.

According to Togashi, if it were up to Hisoka, he would have killed Machi right on the spot. However, at that point the author felt that he needed a messenger who could relay the message to other spiders, and carry forward the story to the Dark Continent Expedition arc.

Also, it seems that Togashi has something planned for the character in the future. The author claimed that he had the blueprints of the story in his mind, and felt that Machi was a character who could prove to be useful down the line as the plot progresses.

This has led some fans to believe that Machi would play an important role in the coming arcs.

Chrollo VS Hisoka

Also, I don’t think it would be outrageous to suggest that Hisoka is a bit fond of Machi, and he probably had intentions to play around with her in the future, not in a good way. However, his main goal in letting Machi live was to pass on his message and sound the declaration of war to Chrollo and in extension the troupe.

This is the reason why the troupe and Hisoka are having a cat and mouse chase right now inside the Black Whale.

What are your thoughts on Hisoka going after the Phantom Troupe? Do you think he can defeat them on his own? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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