Where To Stream/Watch Anime Legally In India?

Anime in India was always looked down upon as ‘Kid’s Content” or simply mindless “cartoons” from time immemorial. But luckily from the last decade the scenario is changing slowly. India is now acknowledging Anime as a Culture, resulting in a humongous fanbase.

After the fall of Animax, Toonami and Cartoon Network(when animes were aired), the medium changed from Television to Online. In the age of smartphones and low cost internet, it is high time anime gets the appreciation it deserves.

Why use Legal Anime Streaming sites instead of Pirated ones?

Because, Pirated sites draw loss for the anime production companies as well as it is malicious for your device. Legal platform streaming gives the companies the profit and motivation that they need to bring in more awesome animes and grow the community! So, to make India an Anime hub, we ought to use legal mediums available to invite more production companies and bring back the glorious anime days.

Here we have 9 Anime Streaming options for you to enjoy great animes easily and legally in India:


The best paid choice for every Indian anilovers. Its user friendly and have a great collection of animes and what not. Watch all the popular giants like Naruto, MHA, FMAB, Black Clover, with a recent addition of One piece. It has a good collection of anime movies too- Popular, Originals,Ghibli and all. It also has some original series with a fresh look. But it doesn’t have simulcast, so you might have to wait until all the episodes air.

Screenshot 52


  • Free if you have friend’s password
  • Vast collection of Anime
  • Ad Free experience
  • Both subbed and dubbed content


  • Paid service starts from-INR 199/month(basic) with 1 screen streaming.
  • Upto INR 799/- with 4 screen streaming.
  • Doesnt have simulcast.

Muse Asia

An epic Youtube channel dedicated to Anime. An awesome source to stream series like One punch man, Noblesse, Talentless Nana, Hyouka, Slime, Goblin Slayer, God of High School etc. It lacks a lot of popular titles which can be a downer. But they have a good collection of lesser known yet awesome animes. The great thing about the channel is it has simulcast and it updates everyday!

Screenshot 48 e1607584163882


  • Absolutely free!
  • Decent anime collection
  • Regularly updated.
  • English Subs available
  • Simulcast available
  • Great library of lesser known animes


  • Lacks some mainstream animes
  • Dubbed version unavailable
  • Youtube Ads


One of the oldest Youtube channels where you can access full anime episodes without a hitch. It is similar to Muse Asia but with a bigger library. Starting from Konosuba, No game No life, Food Wars, Balance Unlimited and a whole lot of currently airing animes. All legal and safe. Of course simulcast is available but with only subtitles.

Screenshot 49 e1607583893816


  • Absolutely free!
  • Fairly good library.
  • Great lot of currently airing anime and lesser known ones.
  • Regularly Updated.
  • Simulcast available


  • Lacks some Mainstream animes.
  • Dubbed version unavailable
  • Youtube Ads


A channel which is going to beat up all other anime channels on Youtube, as its a collaboration between several Anime Studios like Toei Animation, Kodansha etc. At present, for the Indian viewers it may not be of your heart’s content as it lacks the typical Shounen or Slice of life titles. Currently they are airing titles that are famous according to NHK, but as they have promised in the news, soon we can get more awesome animes. Fingers crossed.

Screenshot 58


  • Absolutely free!
  • Sub and Dub available in English
  • Dubs available in other international languages too.
  • Going to be a super cool channel.


  • Lacks mainstream animes right now.

Amazon Prime Video

If you like old animes like Astro boy, GTO, Bakugan, Beyblade etc definitely check out this option. Its user friendly with a good library of anime movies like Ghost in the shell, Pokemon movies, few Naruto movies etc. It needs improvement with the anime series collection and put in more mainstream animes. Among the popular titles you will find Vinland Saga, Banana Fish, Watakoi, Psycho Pass, Elfen Lied, Toradora etc.

Screenshot 54


  • Free if you have friend’s password
  • 30days free trial available
  • Decent Collection of Anime
  • Ad free experience


  • Paid- INR 129/month or 999/year
  • Lack of newer and mainstream animes
  • Simulcast unavailable


Mother of all aniwebsites but didn’t age well with time. It’s definitely not an option for a middle class Indian weeb. The free version doesnt offer much except Naruto and Boruto. Even with paid version the library is not so overwhelming. If you are an anime superfan, then you can explore this site. The premium version gives access to 1000+ animes to stream with numerous subbed and dub episodes.

Screenshot 57


  • Free version available
  • 14day free trial available
  • Okayish collection of Anime for Indian region.
  • Premium membership gives access to simulcast and ad-free experience
  • English Subs and Dubs available
  • Has both website and app


  • INR 875/month (Basic) Premium version without offline viewing
  • Upto INR 5892/year

Anime Planet

Anime planet is one of the best aniwebsites out there with legal streaming anime episodes. It also has mangas, recommendations and reviews. But the problem is its navigation system, its confusing. It is basically like a website to rank and talk about anime, much like MAL, with a hit and miss chance of actually finding episode videos. The only good thing about the site is that it is FREE, legal and not pirated.

Screenshot 51 e1607590653844


  • Unbelievably free!
  • Mangas are available too.
  • Sub and some dubs are available.
  • Huge collection of series to list
  • Simulcast available


  • Very confusing to navigate and stream
  • Hit and miss chance to find episodes


A promising website with lots of series to choose from. Also airs new animes with simulcasting. The only drawback for us Indian viewers is we need to use VPN. If you can go through the trouble, then enjoy free anime without anymore hassle! For the free users, there will be ads and standard quality videos. Among the free series, we have all the mainstream shounens as well as the average ones- enough to fill Indian otaku hunger. The premium users will get full access to the library without ads and HD videos as well as no delay simulcasting.

Screenshot 56 e1607598939335


  • Free. yay!!
  • Vast collection of anime
  • premium users get acess to both english subbed and dubbed episodes
  • No delay simulcast available for premium users
  • Has both webiste and app


  • Need Vpn- Australia/ New Zealand region
  • Premium users pay INR 517/month for no ads
  • Free users get 1 week delay simulcast epiosdes


If you want to work a lot just get limited ads or no ads and a great anime time then Hulu is here for you. Much like Netflix and Prime Video but with simulcasts at a decent subscription plan. The hard part is it is not available in India but if you have VPN then its done. You will find most of your loved animes like AOT, Naruto, Black clover, Fire Force etc with latest episodes. Also great anime movies are there.

Screenshot 55 1


  • Free if you have friend’s password and VPN
  • 30day free trial
  • Download and offline available
  • Great number of animes
  • Both subbed and dubbed contents
  • Simulcasts available


  • Paid service- INR 441/month(limited ads)
  • INR 884/month(no ads)
  • Needs Vpn- US region

Other than these giants, we also have a good news from Akatsuki Inc. a gaming and anime production company who wants to localise contents in India.

Here is an excerpt of the news that we received:

First we are targeting tier I, metros as the Kumarba is available in English,” Yuki Kawamura, Head of Global IP Expansion at Akatsuki Inc, told PTI. He added that the next step will be to expand to vernacular audiences in tier II cities and beyond by dubbing in local languages like Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. “We are planning to bring in a range of content from education to edutainment to interactive and engaging content. In the pipeline, we have more properties to come in. We want to distinguish (ourselves from others) by bringing rich story telling expertise from Japan,” Kawamura said. He noted that the current content lineup may not be a 100 per cent fit with Indian audiences. “So we have to have localisation, not just in terms of language localisation but also on the content side.

To avail the whole news, click on the link here.

Mr. Yuki Kawamura‘s attempt is just the first step to a huge process to bring together the Anime Industry in India. Though most of the population in this country is youth, however the popularity of Japanese Animation is not as close to what it should be. It’s a shame.

I hope by the next decade, the myth of anime being a “waste of time” will be broken by more entertainment industries. But do you remeber the quote from Assasintion Classroom?

“Its all fun and games until things get real.”

Nagisa Shiota, Assasination Classroom

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