Tower Of God Episode 6 Reveals Anaak Jahad’s True Identity

Tower of God Episode 6 titled “Position Selection” dropped some huge reveals. In an episode that saw new friendships forming and positions being assigned to the competitors who are vying to climb the tower, the biggest twist came as the real identity of Princess Anaak Jahad was revealed.

The following article contains major spoilers for Tower of God Episode 6, “ Position Selection.” If you have not seen the episode, then we recommend that you watch it first on Crunchyroll here and then continue reading.

As seen in the previous episode, there was a lot of animosity between Anaak and Endorsi ( Rachel’s teammate). The reason behind this animosity and more secrets about their identities and past were revealed in Episode 6 of Tower of God, making it an absolute joyride. Endorsi’s badassness was taken up a notch in the episode and we just can’t stop fawning over her.

Speculations were rife online that Endorsi was also a princess of Jahad, with unknown motivations for taking part in the test to climb the tower. These speculations were confirmed when Anaak lets the cat out of the bag. Endorsi was intrigued to see Bam, Khun and their new group of friends including Shibisu, Serena, Laure, Hats and others having lunch together. As she joins them, Anaak ridicules her and asks if the standards of a Princess of Jahad had dropped so low. 

Anaak revealing that Endorsi is a princess of Jahad in Tower of God episode 6
Anaak revealing that Endorsi is a princess of Jahad

Shibisu and Serena are particularly surprised to know that two of Jahad’s princesses are taking part in the tests.

We also get more information on what being a princess of Jahad really means. The princesses are not really sisters or even related (it seems). In fact they are just strong people who are recruited to represent capable tribes and families.

However, what concerned us most was, if Endorsi and Anaak were both princesses then why was the latter being termed as an imposter by the former. Later, when Khun is seen running some background checks on the participants (fishing out information about them), he comes across some odd and peculiar information regarding Anaak.

Who is Anaak Jahad we see competing in the Tower?

According to the reveal made in Episode 6 of Tower of God, the Anaak who is trying to climb the tower is not the real Anaak Jahad and is an imposter as Endorsi said. The reveal comes when Anak and Endorsi fight each other during a game which was meant to be part of training (for the position of fishermen apparently). 

Anaak and Endorsi fighting in Tower of God episode 6
Anaak and Endorsi face off

When Khun looks for information on Anaak Jahad, he finds out that the real Anaak was made a princess after she became a ranker (meaning she has already climbed the tower) and was given the Green April. Furthermore it is revealed that the real Anaak, the former princess of Jahad, is now dead. So who is the Anaak Jahad we see?

The little green lizard who is trying to climb the tower is none other than the daughter of the real Anaak. Endorsi already had doubts that she was Anaak’s orphan, which explains why she has been calling her an impostor all this time.

Why is the fake Anaak trying to climb the tower?

Endorsi addresses the real Anaak as her sister (were they really related though?). Endorsi asks fake Anak ( the niece) why her mother chose the path of misfortune. Could Endorsi be talking about how a former princess decided to marry an infamous chicken pie chef (the father of the little green lizard). Well, Endorsi does previously mention about how people in her family are forbidden to love. Was she referring to the princesses to here?

While that is not known, it is confirmed that the little lizard’s father, the chicken pie chef, was apparently murdered by the Princesses of Jahad. And this was supposedly the only regret her mother had.

After her mother’s death, she assumed her mother’s name and title and decided to climb the tower with only vengeance in her mind. She has all but one intention, to kill everyone with the name Jahad. This explains the hostile feelings Anaak had towards Endorsi from the point they met. 

Anaak reveals her motivations for climbing the tower

We can also assume why Anaak suddenly split from her team and went renegade. Her mission has nothing to do with climbing the tower. She is taking part in the test solely for revenge. Having a teammate with no real intention to climb the tower would only put her teammates at risk. Thinking about it from this point of view, Anaak sure does seem like a considerate person, doesn’t she.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger, as the fight between Anaak and Endorsi just began to get serious. We’ll have to wait till the next episode drops to see the outcome of the fight and to know what repercussions her identity reveal will have on the Tower of God universe. 

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