Tower Of God Episode 4 Review – The Green April & Black March!

Khun gives the crown to Bam in Tower of God Episode 4

Tower of God episode 4 packed some action and fight scenes that fans of the shonen tropes were desperately waiting for, while also throwing some plot twists and raising even more questions. With each and every episode, Tower of God seems to be raising its standards and living upto the expectations set on the anime.

The previous episode of Tower of God ended with Bam spotting Rachel and her group waiting to take part in the bonus test. Fans were eager to see if they would have some reunion of sorts in this episode. While that did not happen, the anime watchers might have gotten a hint why the Tower of God manhwa readers hate Rachel so much.

Tower of God Episode 4 Review & spoilers!

The fourth episode of Tower of God titled “Green April” was a wild ride to say the least. It begins with Bam calling out Rachel who is standing silently with her group. As she does not respond, Bam thinks that it might not be Rachel afterall, believing that she won’t treat him that way. The questions won’t stop popping up in our minds. Why is Rachel ignoring Bam on purpose and as Khun asked in the previous episode, why did she leave him behind to attempt to climb the tower alone?

Meanwhile inside the arena where the crown game is in progress. As shown previously Anak has taken the crown and claimed the throne. However, Shibisu, who believes that he is the weakest of the three in his group, argues saying he should have been the one on the throne with Anak and Hatsu should have protected him. One can’t help but see the logic in Shibisu’s argument as a stronger team can easily take him out leaving his team at a disadvantage. But it’s too late for him to argue as the wearer of the crown cannot move away from the throne without being disqualified according to the rules.

As the next teams enter the arena to steal the crown from Anak, Hatsu says that he believes in Shibisu. We were honestly surprised to see Hatsu say he believed in Shibisu from what we have seen in the previous episodes. Is he a tsundere after all? That aside, the talk no jutsu (which is a common ingredient in all the shonen anime) seems to have worked on Shibisu, motivating him to fight and hold his ground! 

The teams that enter to challenge Shibisu and Hatsu are Lauroe’s team (the guy who always sleeps and the lady who struggled to get through the Shinsu barrier) and Clocker’s team. Shibisu is finally set to face off with the woman and the horned guy, as Lauroe continues to sleep, whereas Hatsu expertly holds off on his own against the three guys from Clocker’s team. He even comes to Shibisu’s aid when he is cornered by Serena (the woman) and the horned guy Hoh.

The episode springs up a surprise for the viewers next, as Lauroe is shown to be able to control the Shinshu. With Hatsu and Shibisu distracted facing the others, Lauroe, wakes up and attacks Anak, who was till now watching the others scuffle with no interest. This surprises Khun and the participants. Though he took her by surprise, Anak is still able to dodge the attack and keep her crown from falling off.

A brief flashback shows how Lauroe had already planned his moves out before with Serena and Hih. He wanted to distract Shibisu and Hatsu so that he could attack Anak and claim the crown. He asks Anak to give up because he can attack her easily from anywhere using Shishu, making it hard for her to keep dodging his attacks continuously and still staying on the throne.

Anak, now angry at being attacked, unleashes her whip (which again surprises the other contestants, especially Khun who wonders if such a weapon should be allowed in the test). Lauroe and the others manage to evade the attacks from the multiple whips that have spawned from Anak’s weapon, however they soon find themselves on the losing side, with Lauroe wondering if he made a huge mistake thinking he could take down the lizard girl easily. 

Anak angry after being attacked in Tower of God Episode 4
Anak unleashes her whip

The fights in the episode are crisp and well animated. With no over the top action sequences and useless dialogues creating a lag in between the fights the fights proved to be very entertaining. The animation of Shinshu and Anak’s weapon being unleashed have to get a special mention. The action packed content was a welcome change in tone from those of the previous episodes, which were quite fast paced and lacked the kind of the brawls which episode 4 of Tower of God had.

More intrigue followed in the episode as Anak’s weapon and Bam’s sword start reacting and going out of control in the midst of the fight. The presence of an activated Black March is sensed by Anak, who is surprised. She retracts the whip to the normal form, allowing Serena to drag Lauroe and Hoh back to the waiting room to forfeit the match. As Bam struggles to take control of the Black March, the entrance to their waiting room is blown open with Anak appearing there, effectively disqualifying her team for leaving the throne. 

She reveals herself to be a princess of Zahad and questions why Bam is in possession of  the Black March, asking him to turn it over. She goes on to say that her weapon, the Green April and Bam’s Black March are part of the same 13 Month Series which only the princesses of Zahad are supposed to weild. However, Bam refuses to hand over the weapon to Anak, saying he borrowed it from Princess Yuri and would only return it to her.

As Anak proceeds to take the sword by force, she is stopped by the test administrator Lero Ro. Even so, the confrontation doesn’t end there as she places a bet with Bam. If he manages to survive till the end of the challenge she would give him the Green Apri, and if he fails, he has to hand over the Black March to her. 

Anak probably placed the bet thinking that Bam and his teammates won’t be able to hold out till the end. However, in the next few minutes of the episodes, Anak would have come to question her decision seriously as Khun single handedly deceives the competitors who had entered the arena with a fake crown and takes the real crown and presents it to Bam. This stood out as the best moment in the whole episode for us. Note that Rak has not got a chance to enter the fight yet. With Khun and Rak defending, there seems to be a very little chance of Bam losing the crown, or so you’d think. 

The opponents managed to get tricked once, however, they won’t fall for the same deception twice and would be wary of Khun. Also let’s not forget the fact that every opponent who is trying to climb the tower and has reached this stage is formidable in his own way, so holding them off for a long time could be a trouble. 

Add Rachel’s team, which is surprisingly bloodthirsty, to the mix we have some kind of a blockbuster episode coming up next in the anime. 

What concerns us most is that, towards the end of the episode, Rachel’s mysterious teammate asks if it is okay to kill everyone as they prepare to enter the fray, and Rachel replies yes after taking a good long look at Bam. This came as a surprise to us, because from Bam’s point of view she seemed to be a very caring person. Was Bam being fooled all this time, or did something happen inside the Tower which changed Rachel’s attitude considerably. We don’t think we’ll receive the answers soon, but it sure makes the upcoming episodes more interesting. Also this mysterious character called Anak an imposter. Was the lizard girl disowned by the king, forcing her to climb the Tower to be back in his good books? Or could she have any other motives for doing so?

With lots of questions swirling in our minds, we wait for the next episode of Tower of God. Till then, let us know your opinions and what conclusions you drew from the latest episode in the comments section!!

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