Tower Of God Episode 5: Bam Unleashes The Golden Shinsu!

We had speculated previously that Bam might be more powerful than what we were being led to believe, and this assumption was all but confirmed in Tower of God Episode 5, as he manages to unleash the golden shinsu!!

In the previous episode, we saw that Khun schemed and got Bam to sit on the throne with the crown. Rachel and her teammates were planning to enter the arena and kill everyone (in order to take the crown)

Tower of God Episode 5 Spoilers & Review!

With the way things were set, there was no way that Episode 5 of Tower of God could be less interesting. With challengers vying to take the crown from Bam’s team and Rachel and her teammates waiting to enter the arena and kill everyone, the crown games draws to an exciting and thrilling end!

The episode begins with Khun and Rak effectively defeating the challengers from the previous episode who were angry at being tricked. This seemed like child’s play for Rak as he was easily able to swat the others away with his weapon like a bunch of flies. As the trio progressed to the next round, Khun’s planning and sly methods were visible once again, as he has managed to get his allies in the mix among the new bunch of challengers. As the other two team’s try to team up and take away the crown from Bam, Khun’s allies easily defeat them to their surprise and let Bam and his team progress further. 

Interesting fact: One of the abilities of Khun’s bag is that it can replicate the things in it by infinite numbers (now we know where all the chocolates are coming from). It can also be used to transport people without others noticing (that’s how Khun helps the guys he formed an alliance with survive the second test)

The fights were paced quickly and for a second it seemed like things were far too easy for protagonists. After all, the challengers should not be so easy to beat right? However, what follows is pure fun and surprise. 

The next set of challengers included Rachel’s team and one particular contender who is linchpin in making Bam unleash his power. This mysterious contender, who is seen in a black tight suit and weilding a golden staff, is easily able to take down the other challengers and gets the better of Rak too without much of an effort. However, this is where the next big twist comes. As this woman in tights is about to attack Bam, she is suddenly stopped by the girl from Rachel’s team (there are theories online which predict her to be a princess of Jahad, but we’ll take that up on a later date). Initially we thought it was because Rachel’s team wanted to defeat everyone and take the crown for themselves, however, we were left surprised when they started protecting Bam. 

The mysterious woman who tried to attack everyone
Rachel and her teammates Tower of God Episode 5

Rak asks Khun if he had formed an alliance with Rachel’s team too, which he denies.

The action sequences involving the mysterious girl in black tights were some of the best that we saw in the anime till date, with amazing moves and body movement of the characters.  

Rachel then stands guard to Bam’s throne and assures him that they won’t steal his crown. Rachel had her hood up all this time and tried her best to conceal her face from Bam, however, he is able to recognize Rachel from her voice. A helpless Bam, who can’t leave the throne due to the rules of the crown game, calls out to her, but Rachel doesn’t respond. Bam is left wondering what is the point of climbing the tower anymore if he has already met Rachel.

At the same time, Khun is trying to fend off a challenger with two katanas while Rak is wrestling bare-fisted with another guy. The mysterious woman in tights and Rachel’s teammate too are involved in an engaging fight as they both seem to be evenly matched. However, in the end, the mysterious woman manages to overpower Rachel’s teammate (all thanks to a broken shoe heel). She then evades the attack from a second teammate and goes straight for Rachel. Rachel is unable to stop the woman and gets hit, revealing her face to Bam in the process as her hood falls off.

As Bam’s suspicions are confirmed, he has no hesitation in leaving the throne and throwing away the crown game in order to save Rachel from getting hit fatally by the staff of the mysterious woman. He throws himself in front of Rachel and gets struck in the head, almost losing consciousness.

Bam gets hit in Tower of God episode 5

Bam, however, is still determined to keep protecting Rachel and he unknowingly loses control. This is when the golden shinsu manifests from his body with a tremendous force, leaving everyone surprised including test administrator Lero Ro. As he stands up with the Black March, looking to land a final blow on the mysterious woman (whose mask is now broken to reveal her beautiful locks of red hair), the spirit inside the sword comes out and puts Bam to sleep, stating that he has lost control of his powers.

The Black March's spirit appears as Bam loses control

By leaving the throne and dropping the crown, Bam’s team has effectively lost the crown games. It did not lack the thrills for sure and the plot of the series is really heating up at the moment!!

Why Is Bam Controlling Shinshu So special?

Bam has been portrayed as a timid and weak boy, who was clinging onto the skirts of Rachel. However, there were plenty of hints from the beginning that Bam may not be the weak person he is shown to be, especially when Lero Ro talks about irregulars and their tremendous powers. 

Bam controlling or should we say unleashing the shinsu is special because he is able to do so even without having an agreement with a test administrator. This apparenlty goes agaisnt the rules of the Tower. Also, Bam’s power levels could be so high that he could easily cause harm to the tower. The shinsu that we have seen till now is blue in color, however, the one that manifests from Bam’s body was golden in color.

Another important thing to note is that, for a second, Bam himself became the shinsu (as mentioned by Lero Ro). What could this mean probably?

Without knowing more details about the Tower and the world it is set in, it would be hard to guess what sort of ramification Bam’s manifestation of the shinshu would have. However, we are pretty sure that Bam himself is not aware of the power he has inside him and a trip down the memory lane would be required to know how exactly he gained them and what his purpose would be in the Tower.

Another part that seems to trouble us is Rachel’s behaviour towards Bam. Rachel’s treatment of Bam in the recent episode is the exact opposite of how he portrayed her to be. Either something is wrong with Bam’s memory (since he suffered from Amnesia and all that) or something major has happened which brought about a drastic change in Rachel’s attitude. 

At the end of the episode, Rachel comes to visit an unconscious Bam in the hospital room, and asks Khun for a favour. This is a real cliffhanger and we can’t wait to see how Bam will react to having met Rachel, or what this special request that Rachel asks Khun could be. Will Bam lose his memories again? Why did Rachel’s team protect Bam anyways? Is Bam being set up? A lot of questions have come up in our minds, and we will surely try to address them as we wait for the next episode of Tower of God.

What are your opinions about the latest episode of Tower of God. Let us know in the comments section!!

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