Tower Of God Episode 9 Review: Betrayal Is The Name Of The Game

Endorsi Jahad in Tower oF God

Tower of God just keeps getting better with each episode. While we were stunned to see Khun and Endorsi’s betrayals, this week’s episode had something extra in store for us as Tower of God episode 9 gradually shifted to a dark tone.

Personal motives is the driving factor in the latest episode as the crazy ride in the position test continues.

The episode begins with Endorsi tricking and subduing the fishermen in her team without breaking a sweat. Her plan is quite simple. Since only 4 out of the 6 participating fishermen are allowed to proceeding, she had no other option but to defeat the fishermen in her team so that she could make up for the mistake in her previous test and qualify.

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Endorsi tells a surprised Bam that she is only doing what she felt necessary in order to proceed. Judging from her dark backstory this is not the first time she has taken a ruthless stance of eliminating others to make way for herself (as seen in the second test too)

This was also Endorsi’s way of letting Bam know that he can’t climb the Tower armed with his ideals. Puny friendships don’t matter once you are inside the tower. People won’t think twice before betraying others, if it presents them with a clear chance to advance. Following Rachel any further would require Bam to walk down a dificult path.

However, Bam, who is innocent and kind to a fault, said that he won’t betray or trick others in order to climb the tower. Instead he chooses to protect the ones who are close to him, including Endorsi and Rachel, even though the latter wants him to stay away from her. 

As if to prove Endorsi right, Hoh, following the orders he received in the mysterious letter, takes Rachel hostage at knifepoint. His desperation to climb the tower made him overlook the bonds of friendship and focus only on getting ahead even if it meant hurting others. Hoh believed that the only way he could pass the position test was to make Bam drop out. The letter gauded him into using Rachel as a pawn to achieve his goals. However, he did not consider the possibility of Quant walking in on his little devious plan and foiling it.

In the end it did not go well for Hoh. Cornered by the Ranker and Bam, he stabs Rachel accidently. Knowing that his efforts in passing the test were futile, Hoh commits suicide fearing he had no way out of the situation. 

We can’t help but empathise with Hoh, knowing why he went through all the trouble. His guilt and insecurity of not being powerful enough drove him to believe the ominous letter which was a setup from the very beginning. 

The fact that Rachel suffered a grievous injury or that one of their participants is dead, does not stop the test administrators from calling off the position test. Endorsi, walks in on the small gathering and challenges Quant to a battle. Shocked at the betrayals that she witnessed, Serena tries to vent her frustrations on Endorsi for being a traitor. But the latter’s answer leaves her speechless and makes Serena introspect about her own actions. 

Both Hoh and Serena shared similar struggles. Being weak, they faced lot of struggles in their life. Even in the tower, they had to try harder than their teammates to barely make it through. But in the end, it all seemed in vain.

Serena’s monologue about how everything gets taken from the weak when the strong just look away was spot on and hits hard. She had made up her mind to admit defeat and run from her problems. However, watching Endorsi and Bam fight for what they believed in makes her want to stand up for her own too. And even though she looks set to fail the test, Serena decides not to give up on life.

As the test dragged on, Bam supports Endorsi in her fight against Quant so that they could end the test quickly and save Rachel. The anime as usual kept the battle short and crisp. In the end, Quant is left with Endorsi’s panties as a trophy for his efforts. Endorsi tricks the ranker and manages to steal his badge, winning the position test.


It seemed to us that Endorsi came to understand Bam’s viewpoint. With friends turning into foes in the blink of an eye, having people whom he can trust is the most important thing for Bam moving forward, especially due to the fact that he has become a target for some people given his extraordinary powers. 

The episode shows us the harsh realities of what it means to climb the Tower really. This won’t be the end of betrayals. There are people controlling things from the shadows as we speak. However, the excitement is quite high. 

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