Positions In Tower Of God Anime Explained!

Tower of God Wave Controller Position

The viewers were introduced to a new concept, ‘positions’ in episode 6 of Tower of God. From the looks of it, the concept of positions will play a major role as the anime progresses. So without much ado, lets totally understand what these ‘positions’ are in the universe of Tower of God and how exactly they function so that we don’t miss out on anything as the anime gallops forward and breakneck speed (someone teach them the concept of fillers dammit!)

The concept of positions is revealed to the participants by test administrator Lero Ro. From what he says, participants fight battles in the Tower as a team. As a result each member of a team is assigned a position, which is essentially a role which an individual takes up during the battle. There are five basic positions in the universe of Tower of God:

Five Basic Positions in Tower of God:

A team will have the following five positions in a battle:

Pictorial representation of Positions in Tower of God
Image representation of positions; From top- Fisherman, Scout, Spear bearer, Light Bearer, Wave Controller


They are part of a team’s offense and fight at close quarters at the heart of the battle. They can be thought of as the front line in an army which advances into the enemy area and directly attacks them, trying to decimate them totally. This position relies on the physical and combat abilities of the individual.

Anaak and Endorsi Jahad are the notable characters that have been chosen as Fishermen (guessing from the test at the end of the previous episode)

The Spear Bearer:

Spear Bearers too are part of the offense of a team, however unlike the Fishermen, they maintain a distance from the enemy and attack them from a distance by throwing their spears with deadly accuracy. They are very similar to snipers, who kill enemies from long range. They also act as a cover for the fishermen, controlling the battle from a distance.

Rak is one of the characters who has been assigned the position of a spear bearer.

The Lightbearer:

They illuminate the dark tower with their lighthouse( a device used to gather information about the surroundings) as well as gather and distribute information about the situation of the battle to others. Based on the information they collect, they can also formulate plans or relay commands to their teammates. 

While we don’t know for sure, it seems that Khun has been assigned the position of a lightbearer.

The Scout:

They are similar to scouts that we see in real life troops and are used to gather information about the enemy movements on the front lines. They usually run ahead of the group to gather and collect information, however once they come back and relay it to the team, they also help the fisherman in their battles. They don’t carry much arms in order to help them be agile and swift. 

Hatsu and Shibisu among the people who have been assigned the position of scouts.

The Wave Controller:

They are the directors of the battle who control the situation and support their team with the use of shinsu. They can both act as an offense by attacking the enemy or aide their team with defense and heal the injured depending on the type of situation. They can also alter the flow of shinsu to change the outcome of a battle. The wave controller is categorized as a rate position and it comes with many variations.

Bam is assigned the position of a wave controller in the anime. The other noteworthy characters are Lauroe and Hoh.

It is possible for a team member to be capable of functioning in more than one position depending on his strength. While it is possible for a team to fight without positions, it is more effective when they have a position assigned to them.

As the series progresses, we are hoping that more details/ combinations and tactics regarding the positions will be revealed. We’ll keep updating this blog as more information is revealed in the Tower of God anime.

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