Bam From Tower Of God Could Be More Powerful Than We Think!

Bam, the protagonist of Tower of God anime, could be more powerful than what we are being led to believe. From what we have seen in two episodes, Bam is an amnestic human (with a mysterious past he can’t recollect) from the outside world who apparently has no special powers. He manages to enter the Tower chasing after Rachel (another mysterious character) and is called an ‘irregular’ by Headon, the tower’s caretaker.

However, in the first floor of the tower, Bam manages to invoke the spirit inside the sword Black March to grant him powers to pass the first test put in front  of him by Headon. This surprises Yuri Zahard, who, despite being the original owner of the sword, could not summon the spirit. The red flags were already visible at this point of time, however, Bam possessing some sort of mysterious power becomes more apparent when Bam remains unaffected by the Shinshu barrier created by the test administrator Lero- Ro. This happens in the second episode of Tower of God after Bam, Khun Aguero Agnis and Rak had completed the second test as a team.

Bam remaining imperious to the effects of the Shinshu barrier is passed off as pure luck by Lero Ro. However, the test administrator, when explaining the world around the tower and people who are in it, interestingly mentions that sometimes, an irregular from the world outside is able to enter the tower in order to ascend it.

Usually only the regulars who reside inside the tower and the people from the outer section who are chosen by Headon are the ones who are allowed to climb the tower. However, the irregulars who appear uninvited are powerful beyond our thoughts and Lero-Ro who is a ranker (someone who has successfully climbed the tower) himself calls them monsters. He wonders if Bam could be such a monster too. 

It is very much possible that Bam has superhuman powers which he has no idea of, because of his foggy past. He only remembers the time he spent with Rachel and nothing of the time before that. We feel that his powers and more information about his past will be revealed slowly as Tower of God anime progresses.

After learning that irregulars are not so welcome inside the Tower, Bam will most probably try to conceal the fact that he is from the outside world, though the others might be able to easily figure it out. It needs to be seen how the others treat him in the further tests, when they find out that he is both an irregular and possesses a powerful weapon like the Black March. 

Well episode 3 of Tower of God should reveal more about it!! What kind of powers do you think Bam possesses? Leave your opinions in the reply section!

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