The Best Gintama Quotes of All Time!

Gintama Quotes

What is so great about an anime with an insane amount of air time making jokes about random body parts, mayonnaise and poop? The answer you seek is not in its “edo samurai-meets-alien” setting or all the toilet humors, but also its over the top quotes. It may  not be in the same league as Naruto or One Piece, Gintama has a maddening cult following that rivals these Shounen greats!

With a new Gintama movie coming in early 2021, here are the 25 best Gintama quotes that you can relate in real life from this wacky series: 

Gintoki quotes

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“Life is like a mountain – you can say you’ve reached the top, but only after climbing back down.”

One of the best quotes in Gintama by none other than our favourite Gintoki. It is so true to our real world, that the path is always rough but the scenery from the top is so beautiful!

“Happiness depends on each person. If you think you’re happy, then you must be happy.”

No one can judge anyone what give others happiness, be it a cup of tea or watching shitty soap operas, or even car accidents on YouTube. Yeah, I know peeps like that.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have a nice eyeball like you, that can see this and that. All I can do to pursue one thing in front of me. So whether it’s the abyss of death or an empty void, I won’t fight for the manju offered to my grave. I’ll fight for tomorrow’s breakfast. That’s all.”

“No matter whether you win or not, there’s no meaning to war.”

Despite the series is full of slapstick jokes and quirks, certain lines delivered by Gintoki brings out respect for the character. It also reminds us that Gintama has some of the best anime quotes ever. If only Gin-chan existed in our world.

“You’re absolutely right. I can’t do anything alone. Everyone has their flaws and imperfections, but that’s what drives us to work together… To make up for those flaws. Together, we make the perfect main character.”

You can never be a hero alone. You always need someone in the background. One of the typical shounen quotes found in Gintama.

“Listen Up! Let’s say you drink too much strawberry milk, and have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. But it’s cold outside your bed. You don’t want to get up, but the urge to urinate is just too strong! You make up your mind to go! You run to the bathroom, stand in front of the toilet, and let loose! You think that all your life has led to this moment! But then you realize: it isn’t the bathroom – you’re still in bed! That feeling of lukewarm wetness spreads like wildfire! But you don’t stop! You can’t stop! That’s what I’m talking about! That’s the truth of strawberry milk!”

Again one of the best quotes from Gintama anime. No joke! The humor is not for everybody, but Ginatma is famous for these kind of witty shameless jokes. So,uh… Just drink strawberry milk responsibly.

“What are you, some tantrum-throwing brat who forgot to buy his Jump? Having no money is like having a sinus infection. You just have to ignore it and not pick at it, and it’ll go away.”

This quote from the very first episode of the Gintama series is a gem. Gintoki brings in a Jump and verbally regrets it, yet can’t stop reading it even when Shinpachi tell them, they are broke.

“Does a dying father who wishes to see his son really need a reason for that? Do children need a reason to see their parents either? A reason for father and son wanting to meet? He just wants to see the other’s face. Isn’t that reason enough?”

Some relations dont need a reason or explaination.

“Your life is no longer yours to throw away. You’re more than someone who protects Tama. All the protecting you’ve done has led you to the people who will protect you in return. All squirmy-like. Just like a white blood cell.”

Every time you think about dying, remember the bonds that you created. When you die, it not the loss that you feel, rather the people around you.

“Anime – it’s not something that can be thought of in a hall for conferences. It is made out of strange juices current from the brain of animators.”

Kagura quotes

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“It doesn’t bother me. Everyone in Edo is like that. They’re somewhat cold and indifferent towards people. That’s a smart way to live. Busybodies like you are dopes. In the end idiots just end up being used. But I’d rather be a dope.”

Kagura in the series is a well written female character who goes perfectly with Gintoki’s indifferent personality. The cranky duo is something to adore throughout Gintama. And her quotes do come in the top quotes from Gintama anime.

“Kids these days just want to stuff their faces and make sweet love. At least that’s what Gin-chan says.”

And Gintoki is sooo right about it. Just what is up with that huh? All frothy mouthed perverts.

And just what would I gain if I go back to that place? I’ll stop at a tree when I like it and I’ll fly when I like it. How I live and where I live is up to me, got it?


This confident aloof character is someone i just love! By the way, if you said this line to an Indian parent, a flying chappal is guaranteed.

Shinpachi quotes

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“If you want to say that I am a SisCon that’s fine. I love my sister, i don’t want to leave her, i want to stay with her always but…if she’s going to leave with a man she truly loves, whether that man’s lazy and always late playing his rent, or a gorilla stalker, a crazy mayo addict, a sadistic freak, madao, or a guy with hemorrhoids, as long as she’s happy that’s okay.”

I wish every elder sister would have a kind brother like Shimpachi kun. He is the so called ” straight” guy in the series and for the most part he actually is. He cares for his sister more than anything; an ideal brother.

“Living without protecting what needs to be protected, is the same as death to a samurai.”

Yes. Samurais are very particular with their priorities and are bound with an invisible curse of absolute loyality. If their fate lies in protecting someone, then they will do anything to protect that person even if it means to give up their lives.

Shimura Tae quotes

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“No matter how beautiful a person may be, they will still age and ultimately – die. But even so, even if appearances change, don’t you believe that we have, in us, things that don’t change? Even as our bodies crumble, even as the months and years take their toll… don’t you believe that we all have something that time can’t spoil? Even if you cover us with wrinkles, we won’t lose to you. That’s because we know what beauty truly is.”

Gintama has really strong female characters and Tae is of course one of them. She is moderately sane and has some beautiful lines in the series. And this quote from Gintama makes a lot of sense. We will wither away but our dreams, hopes and soul shall always remain young and beautiful.

“Some lies are necessary for giving children dreams.”

I wonder if politicians follow Tae’s words. They are always giving us hopes and dreams.

“When your friend is crying, cry with him. When your friend is worried, you should worry with him. And when your friend has an awkward bowel movement, then you must have an awkward bowel movement too. Shin-chan, if you are a friend, you should be able to share the other’s pain, no matter what. And Shin-chan, if your friend goes down the wrong path… then you must stop your friend, even if it ruins your friendship. That is true samurai friendship.”

As I said earlier, Samurais were the most strong willed human beings born to Earth but apart from keeping their life at stake, they are also taught compasion for fellow samurais.

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“Tears are handy for washing away troubling and sad feelings. But when you grow up, you’ll learn that there are things so sad, they can never be washed away by tears. That there are painful memories that should never be washed away. So people who are truly strong laugh when they want to cry. They endure all of the pain and sorrow while laughing with everybody else.”

Obi Hajime

When you are young, tears are your weapons. But as you grow up, it becomes an element of your life to remind you what is your priority.

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“When you fight, it doesn’t matter how many enemies you kill. If you fail to protect what you want to protect, you lose.”

Younger Abuto

“Life is just an important choice after another, keep going forward and watch how far those foolish choices can take you.”


The never ending cycle of choices, from eating breakfast to choosing you partner.

Kondou 2017

“If someone went the wrong way, the other two would beat him up until he got back on track. That’s how it always been. That’s why we’ll always stay on the right path!”

Isao Kondo

The real friends who will never let you stray from your goal. If you have yours, then you are the lucky one.

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“The only people who say that money doesn’t matter in this world are the ones with lots of it.”

Takasugi Shinsuke

So trueeeee.


“Love is based on unpredictable events.”

Kotarou Katsura

You can never really choose who you meet.

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“There’s no such thing as parents who don’t think about their children. But there are few children who understand their parents feelings.”

Ichi Terakado

No children in this universe will blindly follow their parents. Mostly the chibis. But seriously, parents do as much as they can to make them understand.


“I mastered the way of the otaku… But I suppose that I never cared about being lord over all otaku. I may have just wanted to completely lose myself in one task. I may have just wanted to fight with everything I had, alongside with my friends. With my rivals… Shinpachi, you’re the same. There is no need for any proof. There is no need to create any. We just have to live every second to the fullest.”


“I suppose it’s not so bad that an old friend is the same as ever.”

Kotarou Katsura

Old friends who never change are the best. Even if you change, they will bring out the child in you.

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“It’s quite easy for humans to become adults, but to always have a child-like heart that makes everything joyful isn’t such an easy task.”

Hattori Zenzou

“Manga endings might always be the same. However when it comes to real life, neither you nor I are readers. We are the writers. We can change the ending.”

Hideachi Sorachi
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Man, fountains pen are a pain to use, drawing backgrounds is a also a pain … Drawing manga really is a pain. In short living is a pain … I want to become a cheesburger.

Hideachi Sorachi

Thank you sir, for Gintama. Hope you become a cheeseburger soon.

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