Silent Voice Director Naoko Yamada’s New Anime Film Release Gets Delayed To 2024

Official Twitter account of Toho announced on Aug 3, 2023, that the release date for Naoko Yamada’s latest feature film, titled  Kimi no Iro, has been delayed to 2024.

It was previously set to release in Fall 2023.

A new trailer with the updated release date was also revealed along with the announcement.

The film is directed by Naoko Yamada at Science SARU, with Reiko Yoshida serving as the scriptwriter. Kensuke Ushio will be composing the music.

Kimi no Iro

The plot of Kimi no Iro is described as:

The story revolves around Totsuko, a high school student at a mission school in Nagasaki City. She can see people’s heart in colours. Happy colours, sad colours, peaceful colours, frightened colours…. In order not to have her friends and family’s “colours” darkened, she is careful, reads the air, and tells lies to mend the situation. Then, Totsuko meets a beautiful girl in a second-hand bookstore in a corner of the city. She ends up forming a band with a beautiful girl who radiates beautiful colours and a boy who loves music. These three overly sensitive people get together and begin to play the music of their youth…

Naoko Yamada is a Japanese animator, television and film director. Working at Kyoto Animation, she directed the anime series K-On! (2009-2010) and Tamako Market (2013), and the anime films A Silent Voice (2016) and Liz and the Blue Bird (2018).

In 2021, she directed the original net animation The Heike Story under Science SARU. The series premiered on Japanese television in January 2022.

She has won multiple awards for her work, as well as become world renowned for her stylistic choices in anime. She was also one of the youngest people to be made a director with Kyoto Animation, getting her first directing opportunity around 4 years after finishing college and starting work for the studio.

Source: Twitter