Re:Zero: What is the Great Rabbit Or Oousagi?

The Great Rabbit is one of the three mabeasts or the demon beasts that the Witch of Gluttony Daphne created.

Harrowing deaths is what Natsuki Subaru has experienced the most since he arrived in the parallel world in Re:Zero. He is somewhat of a veteran in that matter. However, being devoured out of the blue by a giant horde of cute little rabbits is something that ought to have psychologically scarred even a veteran like him. There was visible confusion when the rabbit suddenly ripped off Subaru’s arm. It had to be a mistake right? But turns out it wasn’t.

By the time the dire situation slowly became clear to Subaru, there was nothing he could do, other than scream as thousands of white fluffy carnivores tore away at his body and consumed him completely. But who were these rabbits and what were they doing in the sanctuary? Can they be stopped? The answers to these questions were kind of revealed in Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 9. 

What is the Great Rabbit?

During the second witch’s tea party, Echidna reveals that the Great Rabbit is one of the three mabeasts or the demon beasts that the Witch of Gluttony Daphne created. They are fist sized white-rabbits with long ears. The term Great Rabbit needs to be considered as plural, as it refers to the entire horde of these demon rabbits. Like any other demon beasts they are drawn to mana.

The Great Rabbit always operates as a horde. Daphne imparted her own sense of insatiable hunger to the Great Rabbit and that makes them consume everything in their way. To them all other living things are food. It has no other desire than trying to satiate its extreme hunger. It simply eats everything and leaves an uninhibited wasteland in its wake. The empty sanctuary with no trace of life was the after effect of the Great Rabbit feasting on its inhabitants. Not even Garfiel, Ram or Roswaal stood a chance against them. 

The Great Rabbit can be compared to a calamity like the locust plague which devours farmlands and causes famines.

Great Rabbit, Re:Zero
Great Rabbit horde

What is the Great Rabbit’s ability? Why is it so dangerous?

In terms of strength and combat power, the Great Rabbit could be considered weaker than its compatriot, the White Whale. But in terms of subjugation, the Great Rabbit easily outranks the others. The main reason for this is because the rabbits have an innate ability to survive. Each rabbit in the Great Rabbit horde is able to infinitely divide and multiply itself. One can keep hunting the rabbits but there will be no end to them, not unless the entire horde is destroyed in an instant. If even one individual in the horde manages to survive, it will again multiply and continue to ravage every living being around them.

While it seems impossible at first, Daphne, the “mother” of these demon beasts herself, gives Subaru a hint to take down the Great Rabbit.

In short, the Great Rabbit began from one single individual rabbit. Countless rabbits were formed from it who all shared the same sense of extreme hunger. If the rabbits don’t find any prey in front of them, they resort to eating each other and dividing again in order to survive. This explains why Echidna says exterminating the great rabbit could be considered akin to vaporizing the whole lot not allowing a single drop to fall. 

Though Subaru is visibly shaken by the daunting test that awaits him, he seems determined to overcome with his Return by Death ability. What do you think of the Great Rabbit? Can Subaru stop the giant horde alone or would favourable allies show up to help him. Let us know in the comments section!

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