Broly Dragon Ball Super: 10+ Powers Explained

Ever since the introduction of Broly Dragon Ball Super fans has gone crazy over his powers. We are explaining them in detail.

Broly became an instant hit ever since his debut in DBZ: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan in 1993. Now with the introduction of Broly Dragon Ball super. The two films that followed were built on that popularity, resulting in fans remembering Broly for a long time.

Even in recent times, he was so popular that Toriyama’s editor insisted on making Broly appear in the 2018 feature film. The famous Mangaka totally forgot that he drew Broly’s character design for the old movies. But he then rewatched the old films and thought it would be quite interesting if he re-arranged some things. By not deviating from the original design, he updated Broly by adding a new side to the character. With that, Broly was finally added to the Dragon Ball Canon.

DBS Broly had a more personal touch than his DBZ counterpart. There are mixed feelings amongst fans, but I believe DBS: Broly did a better job of exploring Broly’s character. Broly’s true feelings and intentions made sense in this film than “I’m angry because I couldn’t stand Kakarot’s crying”. Of course, there were other factors to DBZ Broly’s anger as well but the hatred on Goku was highlighted. On the contrary, Broly Dragon Ball Super gave us a Broly we could sympathize with.

Yes, the fans did feel the whole character build-up was short. But that was because of movie run time limitations. The original script Toriyama wrote had more details and plot points than the final product (I freakin’ wish the original script was made public). Tatsuya Nagamine, the director of the film, said:

Q: How have you gone about turning Toriyama’s screenplay into a movie?

A: With the exception of action scenes, we’re adapting his screenplay pretty much as-is. However, though we want to be as faithful to it as possible, unfortunately the allotted run time is short. When we first made storyboards for the entire screenplay, a movie that was supposed to only be 90 minutes turned out to be double that length. Enough for two whole movies (laughs).

Tatsuya Nagamine, Dragon Ball Super Series and Movie Director, Dragon Ball Official Site (05 August 2018)

Unlike his earlier avatar, Nagamine pictured Broly to be a truly pure Saiyan like Goku and has depicted him as such. But unlike Goku, he had a more tragic life. Toyotarou comments on the Broly Dragon Ball Super movie by saying that the tragic element of Broly has been deepened and made more dramatic, resulting in a totally different Broly than before. In essence, Broly is a fascinatingly complex character whom we’re yet to fully understand.

Now you may be thinking, why the hell did I use this style of an intro for a power description article? To put it simply, it was to drive home the fact that Broly Dragon Ball Super is such a popular character to this day and the recent movie showed only a part of his persona. By learning about the length of the original script, Toriyama might give us more details about the mutant in the future arcs of Dragon Ball Super.

So without further delay, let’s get right into the good stuff – analyzing Broly’s powers and abilities. Keep in mind that this article will focus on the canon Broly Dragon Ball Super and his non-canonical counterpart will not be considered.

Broly raw strength stems from his aberrant psyche

For better or worse, the ‘oomph’ in Broly’s powers comes from his deep-rooted psychological afflictions. I used the words “for better or worse” because even though his mental agony gave rise to his power but yeah, pain is still pain. The Broly Dragon Ball Super Light Novel states that the growls he makes in this form are due to pain rather than the fighting spirit. In other words, his mind is pretty much broken.

Some blame it on Paragus. He used Broly like a tool, with no affection at all. Constant orders to shut up and do what he says. But I suppose it’s not just Paragus’ fault but everyone had some role to play in the deterioration of Broly’s spirit.

King Vegeta sending him to a hostile world was the first trigger. Broly had no choice but to rely on anger to survive. Paragus hurting Broly’s animal friend Ba was the second. On a few occasions, Broly’s anger became uncontrollable and his father had to use severe measures to keep him under check. Contrary to popular thought, the electrical discharge device on his neck was sadly required to save both Broly’s and Paragus’s life. If he was left as he is, things would have gone astray.

Cheelai and Lemo sold Broly Dragon Ball Super and his father to Frieza, indirectly leading to Paragus’ death and Broly going even more berserk. Vegeta and Gogeta almost killed off Broly. Goku did talk to him while in battle, but Broly’s anger did not let him listen to reason. Goku could have talked to him on Planetoid Vampa but the movie run time was almost over. So we might get that conversation someday. In the end, Broly needs love and compassion to calm the Hulk inside him.

But the main reason behind Broly’s unstable mind could be different; something that is not directly mentioned in the film. King Vegeta describes him as a mutant, an anomaly amongst even the Saiyan elites. What if Broly was genetically modified by artificial means by one of the Saiyan scientists? Yes, I know this is a wild theory but I urge you to read my article on why Broly Dragon Ball Super is so strong. My reasoning is based on a particular information Toriyama gave regarding the Saiyans. So do check it out if this sparked your curiosity!

Regarding Broly’s powers, he’s known for his brute strength than techniques. But the way he quickly adapts to adversity and his determination to fight no matter what, are things I’ve never seen before. This even puts Goku’s “never give up” attitude to shame. Even after getting pummeled by Gogeta repeatedly, Broly Dragon Ball Super endures and comes back for more.

There are many fan-arts of Hakaishin Vegeta, but how about a Hakaishin Broly? If Broly trains under Beerus (Ultra Instinct will not suit him), he could excel in using Hakai, even better than Vegeta. But the only downside is that Broly intrinsically doesn’t want to kill so Hakai, in a sense, is against his persona. But if he’s able to control his anger and unleash it whenever he wants to fight off evildoers… Hakaishin Broly FTW! Broly is definitely a multiple galaxy buster.

Key powers and abilities Of Broly Dragon Ball Super

The following is the list of Broly’s powers and techniques that stand out from the rest.

1. Quick in learning/Adaptive Combat ability

Broly Dragon Ball Super is a monster when it comes to combat development. In about 2-3 hours, he was able to improve from “being weaker than Base Vegeta” to “match the power of Super Saiyan Blue“. When he was fighting with Vegeta, he was able to study his opponent’s moves with such high precision. So much so that he was able to take hits from Vegeta which he couldn’t a few minutes ago.

When Vegeta turned into a Super Saiyan God, he punched Broly so hard that the latter kept crashing back on mountain after mountain.

Broly getting whacked by SSG Vegeta
SSG Vegeta’s punch sends Broly flying backward

But after he unleashed the first stage of his wrathful form (where he condensed the power of the Oozaru form while keeping his humanoid self), he was able to withstand the same punch from SSG Vegeta and go one step further.

SSG Vegeta's punch did not flinch Broly
Broly Dragon Ball Super withstanding SSG Vegeta’s punch

2. High Endurance

Broly's high endurance abilities
Broly Dragon Ball Super immediately responding after getting whacked by Gogeta

As you can see from the above image, Broly Dragon Ball Super reacts and launches a counterattack even after receiving a huge blow from Gogeta.

Usually what happens is, when a Goku or a Vegeta receives a major blow from the enemy, which makes them spew out blood or saliva, they won’t be able to move for a while. But Broly is such a prodigal fighter that his recoil time is very less compared to others. That is why he’s able to survive even after mind-blowing attacks like the Stardust Breaker.

3. Mimicry

Broly's powers and abilities - Mimicry
Broly Dragon Ball Super imitating Goku’s God Bind technique

Mimicry is the ability to copy or imitate another person’s technique by seeing it once. Goku’s famous for this as he copied the Kamehameha wave from Roshi and Hakai from Beerus. Seems Broly Dragon Ball Super can do the same as well. While under the influence of Goku’s God Bind or telekinesis, he was able to backfire by copying and using it back on Goku and land a blow.

4. Barrier

Broly's powers and abilities - the barrier technique (defense)
Broly Dragon Ball Super can create barriers to protect him from blast attacks

It is a method of creating an energy barrier around the user to protect them from attacks. Broly’s barrier even blocked Gogeta Blue’s energy blasts. How often he could pull this off is unknown, but it’s quite an effective technique.

Barrier (Offensive)

Broly's powers and abilities - the barrier technique (offense)
Broly Dragon Ball Super can use the same energy barrier to cause damage to others

The same barrier technique can be used for offense. Broly enlarged his barrier and zoomed towards Goku in order to crush him. The shield is quite impenetrable even for the strongest fighters.

5. Eraser Cannon

Broly's powers and abilities - Eraser Cannon technique
Broly’s famous move – Eraser Cannon

This is Broly’s signature move in both his new and earlier avatars. You might remember its name from the Budokai Tenkaichi video game series. The user envelops himself in an energy shield (offensive), condenses the energy in the form of a sphere, and hurls towards the opponent. It’s a powerful technique from which no regular being can escape without suffering severe damage. Any form of Broly Dragon Ball Super can use this technique.

In the old movies, he launches it from his palm. However, there are other variants in Broly Dragon Ball Super, the most notable of which, are as follows:

Eraser Blow

Broly's powers and abilities - blaster meteor technique
Broly’s wrathful form employs a close-range energy cannon

The user brings an Eraser Cannon to his opponent’s chest and thrusts it at point-blank range, sending the target flying. Wrathful Broly uses it to launch SSJ Goku into the air before knocking him down.

The name “Eraser Blow” originates from the Ranging Blasts and Budokai video game series and Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2.

Double Eraser Cannon

Broly's powers and abilities - Double Eraser Cannon technique
Broly’s LSSJ form uses a two-handed double version of the Eraser Cannon

Instead of just one, the user sprouts two Eraser Cannons in each hand. He can either fire it or use it to counter another attack. LSSJ Broly Dragon Ball Super employs this move to counter the combined Kamehameha and Final Flash attacks of Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta. This shows how insanely strong Broly’s attacks are.

The name “Double Eraser Cannon” appears in the Ranging Blasts video game series and Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.

Blaster Meteor/Multiple Eraser Cannons

Broly's powers and abilities - Blaster Meteor technique
Broly Dragon Ball Super fires multiple Ki blasts in all directions

The user covers himself with an offensive energy shield, charges up, then randomly hurls a surge of Ki blast all around the battle arena. Vegeta, Broly and Kale are shown to be capable of pulling off this maneuver. It’s also very similar to Beerus’ God of Destruction’s wrath. (Told ya Broly is quite capable of wielding destruction).

The name “Blaster Meteor” originates from the video games – Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 and Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

6. Gigantic Omegastorm

Broly's powers and abilities - Gigantic Omegastorm technique
Broly’s LSSJ form uses the Gigantic Omegastorm

The user concentrates all the Ki in his body into both his hands and unleashes a powerful green energy wave. It’s pretty similar to Vegeta’s Final Flash. LSSJ Broly uses it in an attempt to counter Gogeta Blue’s Kamehameha. But the clash’s intensity ended up ripping Space itself and transporting them to another dimension.

The name “Gigantic Omegastorm” appears in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game, where it is available to Broly Dragon Ball Super.

7. Gigantic Breath

Broly's powers and abilities - Gigantic Breath technique
Broly’s Wrathful form employs a mouth energy wave

The user opens his mouth, charges energy and spews it in the form of an energy wave at the opponent. It’s the first move Broly Dragon Ball Super used as soon as he transformed into his Wrathful state. A surprised Goku managed to evade it in the nick of time. In his Full powered LSSJ form, he’d use a more powerful version called the Gigantic Roar against Gogeta Blue.

The name “Gigantic Breath” first appears in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game as a special attack of Broly (Fury).

8. Gigantic Cluster

The user extends his palms and channels green energy spheres. He then fires a barrage of Ki bullet attacks (consecutive Ki blasts) on his target. Other fighters use a similar technique, but Broly’s version fires stronger Ki projectiles than the others. They are also faster and larger in number. Any combatant other than Gogeta can easily get caught up in its grasp.

The name “Gigantic Cluster” first appears in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game. There are two variants:

From the palm

Broly's powers and abilities - Gigantic Cluster technique (from his palms)
Broly Dragon Ball Super hurls consecutive Ki blasts against Gogeta from his palms

Broly collects energy in both of his palms and hurls continuous Ki blasts at Gogeta.

From the fingers of his hand

Broly's powers and abilities - Gigantic Cluster technique (from his fingers)
Broly Dragon Ball Super hurls consecutive Ki blasts against Gogeta from his fingers

Broly uses his left hand’s fingertips to channel Ki, launching a barrage of Ki bullets at Gogeta Blue.

9. Planet Crusher

Broly's powers and abilities - Planet Crusher technique
Broly’s wrathful form employs a ginormous Energy Sphere

The user raises his hands in the air and channels his energy to form a huge energy sphere above him. He then tosses it towards the target, pushing him downwards. Wrathful Broly uses it on SSB Goku, pushing the latter towards the ground. The arena then breaks apart, releasing the lava underneath and giving rise to exploding volcanoes. Frieza remained unharmed due to his barrier protection while Paragus was sent flying.

The name “Planet Crusher” appears as Super Saiyan Broly’s Super Card Arts attack in Dragon Ball Legends.

10. Zenkai Boost

When a person is on the brink of death and then heals up, later on, he gets a permanent power boost. This ability is exclusive to the Saiyan race. These power-ups take place on a wide range in the number line, depending on how close you are to death.

In the Namek Saga, Goku’s full power in base form was at 90,000. Post Ginyu battle, his recovery from his severe injuries increased his base power to a whopping 3,000,000! It’s because of the Zenkai boosts that Saiyans get insanely powerful when they fight, compared to other races. Broly Dragon Ball Super has the same ability. It could be even stronger for him.

11. Body growth

Broly's powers and abilities - Increase in Body size
Broly’s body size increases as he transforms

Broly Dragon Ball Super has the ability to grow bigger, faster, and stronger as he fights stronger opponents. Before Wrathful Broly fights Goku, he bulks up his muscles and becomes taller. This also happens as he transforms into his LSSJ form. However, this differs from the gigantification process used by Piccolo and Perfect Cell as the bulked-up muscles and body size do not appear to slow Broly down.

12. Heat Resistance

Broly's powers and abilities - Heat resistance
Broly Dragon Ball Super can withstand boiling lava

During his combat with Goku, he demonstrated his ability to fly unimpeded across lava since his energy acted as a barrier against the lava.

Final Thoughts

The more Broly becomes angrier, the more his energy shoots up. He’s basically the Hulk of Dragon Ball. Broly’s prodigal powers first came to light when King Vegeta sensed his innate capabilities. He sent him off in a faraway barren world to safeguard the Saiyans under his command. He warned Paragus that if Broly was left as he is, he’d be a danger to the Saiyan race and the entire Universe. Paragus realizes this when a Berserk Broly turns the icy arena into a volcano erupting lava brimming land.

Broly’s innate potential is more than Gohan’s. If the former trains as much as Goku or Vegeta, he could easily become the strongest in the Universe, even capable of surpassing Beerus someday. Three days after the Saiyans’ battle with Broly, Frieza tells his minions to leave Broly alone for the time being. With the company of Cheelai and Lemo, Broly can slowly calm his mind down. Once the mutant learns to release his immense power without going berserk, Frieza said he’d pay him a visit.

The Galactic tyrant might be even training with Broly all this time for all we know. In the Granolah arc, Frieza’s name appears in every chapter but there’s no sight of him as of yet. What if he managed to trick him and the others to join his team and trained the Saiyan? Frieza and Broly Dragon Ball Super would have become so strong that one of them might be the strongest warrior in the Universe.

Broly’s immense power is by no means a plot armor. Check out my article Why Broly is so strong for more clarification (including details of his transformations). Sure, the authors could have written him in that way just to give us a good fight. But hey, if you can accept that a 4-year-old Gohan could momentarily surpass 24-year-old Goku’s and Piccolo’s base power levels combined, it’s possible to accept Broly’s mind-boggling strength.

From the time of Broly’s first punch towards Vegeta, his power level would have increased by at least 1,250,000 times at the end of the film. This is how much Broly improved in 2-3 hours. Broly is OP. Heil Broly!

So what do you think of Broly’s powers? Let us know in the comments below!

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