Popular Japanese Coplayer Earns Over A Million Dollars Every Year Through Cosplay

Enako Cosplay

At a recent New Year’s special program which was being aired on Kansai TV, it was revealed that popular Japanese cosplayer Enako earns around USD 1.53 million (over 200 million yen) every year through her cosplaying gigs alone.

Enako Cosplay

Enako had stated multiple times in the past that she made over 100 million yen annually. So naturally, the topic of the discussion at the special program eventually turned to the cosplayer’s earnings and how she spent all of that money.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Enako said that she doesn’t even know how much money is there in her back account, as her manager is the one who handles it all.

“Of course I buy costumes, but basically I don’t spend that much. I don’t even know how much money is in my bank account. My manager keeps my bank book,” she said.

Her manager, who was there in the studio at that time, agreed and said that he took care of the cosplayer like a mother, making sure that she paid her taxes and so on.

The show’s MC, Takashi Yoshida of the Black Mayonnaise comedy duo, asked the manager if he ever thought he could get away with stealing a million yen every month from Enako, since she was so careless. The cosplayer however defended him saying that he was a manager who told her everything and that he was a transparent person.

It was then that Enako’s manager revealed that the that cosplayer actually earns 200 million yen annually (over 1.5 million USD). She splits her annual revenue 50/50 with her talent management agency and gets around 100 million yen annually.

Born in Nagoya prefecture in Japan in 1994, Enako started cosplaying in second year of middle school after she became interested in the animated series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and saw other cosplayers portraying the main character in Akihabara.

She later became a regular at Comiket and other conventions. In 2016, Enako had revealed that she earned around a million yen in a month. She started a YouTube channel in 2021, and became a member of an idol group, PPE41 in 2022.

Source: Tokyo Sports via Otakomu

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