Overlord: Floors Of The Great Tomb Of Nazarick Explained

As one might have heard that there were different levels in “The Great Tomb of Nazarick” you might stop to wonder how did the tomb really come into the picture and how many Floors does/did it actually have? So, let’s go on a journey together where I shall be your guide through it helping to understand it bit by bit.

Plus this article contains LOTS of spoilers so tread carefully!

Origin of Great tomb of Nazarick:

“The great tomb Of Nazarick” used to be a dungeon which required all the members of the guild (most preferably) to beat it, that too in only one go! The other requirement was for the players to be of Level 80 and above. Only after capturing it was the guild able to rename it to the current one.

The one who scouted out this dungeon was “Nishikienrai” (who also created our favourite Narberal Gamma). He was a Ninja who used to go on various scouting adventures previously even before the guild got it’s new name “Ainz Ooal Gown.” They then proceeded to completely destroy all the 6 layers/floors of the dungeon by defeating the different “Rulers” of the floors, much like the “floor guardians” eg Shalltear, Cocytus etc.. but nerfed.

After defeating the dungeon they received the most important world item “The throne of kings” which let them take control over that base completely.

How many floors does the Great Tomb of Nazarick have?

The Great Tomb of Nazarick has ten floors. However, when it was conquered, the dungeon only had 6 floors. The Floors in the tomb were increased from 6 to 10 because of the constant attacks Ainz’s guild was facing from other guilds. This could also partly be because of the “Ariadne system”.

Nazarick is considered to be almost on par with the other nine dungeons in Yggdrasil. The only guild who came as close to level 6 comprised of almost 1500 members including the NPC’s and were then utterly destroyed as they tried their luck in the 8th level (home to the most powerful NPC’s in Nazarick including Rubedo) solely because of Victim (who solely exists to Buff up his allies and Debuff his enemies) along with other NPC’s present there.

Now the floor wise description of “The Great Tomb of Nazarick”:

image 6
Source: Overlord LN

Let’s first talk about the Surface:-

It was enclosed by 6-meter tall perimeter walls surrounding the tomb, with two entrances of the front and back gate. There was no pattern to the Nazarick’s tombstones. There were lots of statues of goddesses and angels dotting around the cemetery, some of which could have been regarded as a piece of art lingering about. And then there were 4 mausoleums or tombs at the four cardinal directions with a large mausoleum in the center. The surroundings of the center mausoleum being the largest tomb that exists with an entrance to the Great Tomb of Nazarick, held eight 10 meter tall armor-wearing figures. Most of the tomb was also covered with the help of Mare’s magic as shown even in the anime.

It also has the Log Cabin near which Ainz Made Jircniv and his party sit and rest for the time being while he was making his preparations and presented him the “Orange Juice” served to them by the Death Nights.

Now on the Next Floor (Floors 1 to 3):-

The Floor Guardian of the first three floors of Nazarick is Shalltear Bloodfallen.

This is the most Infamous and Nefarious of the Floors we got to see in the Tomb Invader’s Arc. There are ample amounts of Undead roaming around and the ones who attacked the invaders. It’s also filled with Lots and Lots of traps as we already got to see in the anime.

Some notable Areas present in this floor are:-

Black Capsule: Residence of Kyouhukou. Located on the 2nd Floor. Also Known for Entoma’s favourite place to have a quick snack as it was also filled with cockroaches.

Derelict Rope Bridge: It is held up by ropes that looked like they were about to break. The boards below are rotten through, and where some knots had come loose, the planks had fallen off, leaving nothing, but empty space where they should have been. Below the bridge are countless corpses.

Grave Vault of Adipocere: Shalltear’s residence. Located on the 2nd Floor.

Windowless Underground Chapel: The chapel is about a hundred meters across and completely unlit.

Floor 4 (aka Underground Lake):-

Floor Guardian for the 4th floor of Nazarick is Gargantua.


This floor hasn’t been touched upon much except the presence of Gargantua(the guardian as seen during the Lizard Men arc.) The giant golem who picked and threw the huge boulder, just to show the supreme authority of Ainz over the Lizardmen as he sat upon the throne made upon the boulder.

Floor 5 (aka the Glacier):-

Floor Guardian for the fifth floor of Nazarick is Cocytus

This is the coldest of all the floors in Nazarick and has been used by Ainz for the preservation of the corpse of the “Dragon Lord” and some other dragons alongside him.

It’s completely covered with snow and also has a wide ice lake underneath which also lies a giant serpent.

Some Notable areas in this floor are:-

Frozen Prison: A two-story building that looks similar to the house of fairy tales, though it is frozen on the surface, making its appearance bleak. Captured enemies of Nazarick are locked here, guarded by Wraith-type undead monsters.

Room of Truth: Neuronist Painkill’s room(The slime lady who tortured that intruder by simulating the pain caused do to bladder stones and other torturing methods).

Room of Nigredo: Nigredo’s room. One is suggested to get a baby doll from the entrance and give it to Nigredo to calm her down before starting any conversation. She is also a sister of Albedo along with Rubedo.

Snowball Earth: Cocytus’ residence. It is a white dome looking similar to an overturned vespiary. Six large crystals surround this structure, which are residences of Frost Virgins.

Floor 6 (aka Jungle):-

Floor Guardians (Yes 2 of them) of the 6th floor of Nazarick are

1) Aura Bella Fiora
2) Mare Bello Fiore

This is the ill fated place where the intruders were previously pitted against either against NPC’s or the supreme being themselves in the Colosseum. The same happened to one of the group who were intruding the property of Ainz during the Intruders in the tomb arc and were utterly defeated by him.
This floor is about 200 meters in height. Created by Blue Planet san, a fake sun, as well as a fake sky, exists on the ceiling, reproducing the day and night cycle that changes according to the time of day. There is no weather except the wind produced in this area, so Mare occasionally summons rain.

Some notable areas include:-

Gigantic Tree: Aura and Mare’s residence.

Amphitheatre: Built as a copy of the Roman Colosseum. Golems act as the audience, while VIP seats are prepared for guild members. Dragonskin (level 55) work as cleaners.

Amphitheatre overlord

Green Hole: An area that was developed into a village after the conquest of the Great Forest of Tob.Dryads,treants,spear needles, and some lizardmen live in the village, raising mandrakes, apples, etc.

Some other places in this floor are;

  • Overgrown Ruins
  • Huge Lake: It is located in the middle of the floor. As large as it may be, it is still smaller than the underground lake on the 4th Floor.
  • Poisonous Pits
  • Twisted Trees
  • Mangrove Forest
  • Bottomless Swamps
  • Various Types of Woodlands
  • Large Cave- It used to be managed by the Area Guardian, Gashokukochuuou.

Floor 7 (aka Lava):-

Demiurge is the floor guardian of the seventh floor of Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Ah the floor of Demiurge’s happy little farm! This floor is crimson lava flowing like a river, with numerous bubbles in these currents bursting as they reached the surface. This place, which was thoroughly inimical to the living, perfectly fitted the description of a “hell world.”

This floor consisted of various “goats” which Ainz mistook them for some sorts of “Chimera”. They were however most notably humans of all ages and genders, be it babies or even older men and women. Demiurge constantly butchered and healed them in order to create the desired parchments for the scrolls. He even ran several breeding experiments on them, by inter-breeding the different species with humans.

Some notable areas:-

Blazing Temple: Demiurge’s residence. The entrance to the 8th Floor is inside the temple. Seven Evil Lords (around level 80) guard this area.

River of Lava: An area guarded by Guren. There used to be a fire-elemental damage field effect in place here, but since that effect had been temporarily suspended, the area was simply hot instead. However, despite the word “simply”, this was not a place where the living could easily survive. The scorching air would easily strip throats and skin of their moisture in seconds.

Floor 8 (aka Wilderness) :-

Floor Guardian for the eighth floor is Victim.

Most of Nazarick’s best of the best and highly capable fighters are present in this floor including Rubedo and Aureole Omega(?). This is the ultimate definition of a Dead End as no Warrior who has even reached this floor has ever been able to complete it despite their best efforts.

Along with Victim who is a massive ally ability booster and enemy debuffer when killed, the NPC’s of this floor are able to reach god tier realm. Especially considering the fact that Rubedo is strong enough to even annihilate all the NPC’s of this floor even if all of them have world tier items and even Ainz! (Watch out Anos Voldigaod! Rubedo along with her Buff and world tier items will most likely annihilate even you teehee).

Also, one of the world items exist here along with the most Important item in the entire Great tomb of nazarick “The Guild weapon” or the staff of Ainz Ooal Gown kept under strict protection of Aureole Omega.

Notable areas:-

Sephiroth: Victim’s residence.

Cherry Blossom Sanctuary: Aureole Omega’s residence. The Uka-no-Mitama and Ootoshi guard this area.

Floor 9 (aka Royal Suite):-

Originally made as a decoration room, this is now the place where most of the floor guardians come to relax either by having a nice bath or just enjoying the various drinks on at the bar. This ideal place to enjoy with your harem (khu khu khu)etc.

This floor was briefly shown in the anime after Shalltear’s battle with Ainz Sama. After that incident Ainz frequently visited this place to forget about how she “betrayed” Ainz by fighting with him. This is also the place where we are shown The penguin “Eclair Ecleir Eicler” (who was jokingly programmed by one of the guild members to one day take over Nazarick) and the Mushroom Head Bartender.

Notable areas:-

Round Table Room: Conference chamber of the Forty-One Supreme Beings.
Bar: Managed by the Sous-chef.

Spa Resort Nazarick: Largely public, it has a total of seventeen baths with nine types for the two genders. It is a bath, which was made up of twelve zones in total. These zones would include the largest jungle bath, a traditional-looking roman bath, a yuzu bath with yuzus floating on it, a carbonated bath, a jacuzzi, an electric bath with a low current that electrified the body, a cold bath with charcoals floating on it, the Cherenkov pool, a mixed open-air bath with an artificial scenery, a sauna, a bedrock bath, and finally, the lounge.

Staff Canteen: A white-washed canteen area, where the maids of Nazarick gather for meals.

Nazarick Theater: An area where Nazarick conducts plays and performances.

Japanese-style Room: A Japanese room with traditional tatami flooring.
Dojo: A hall for martial arts practice.

Water Park Nazarick: A water park theme area.

Panic Room: An emergency safe room designed by Garnet containing various traps and gimmicks.

Funeral Home: A room that has an atmosphere of a funeral home that is a mix of Japanese and Western styles.

Harem Room: A dressing room in Albedo’s quarters and her main workshop where she makes Ainz plushies and pillows and other stuff.

Guest Room: A room reserved for guests and vistors from outside of Nazarick.

Renner’s Personal Quarters: Having successfully joined the Sorcerer Kingdom,the former Third Princess of the now Fallen Re-Estize was given her own private room within the 9th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick to live and inhabit in, together with her “Puppy”.

Floor 10 (aka The Throne Room):-

Albedo (The leader of all the NPC’s in Nazarick) is the floor guardian of the tenth floor of Nazarick.

The Throne Room or as i would like to call it “The Final Frontier” is exactly what it sound like. It is the heart of Nazarick and the one who captures this place along with the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown rules this entire Tomb!


The Final/Great battle is supposed to take place in this floor where previously all 41 members would fight against the incoming intruders. But much to their surprise it never happened because most of them were unable to cross the 8th floor. Surprisingly though, in the new world, the only humans who were allowed to step in here were Nfirea, Nemu, Enri and The emperor Jircniv along with his subjects without any restrictions.

Notable areas:-

Room of the Pleiades Six Stars: Located right after the entrance of the 10th floor.

Lemegeton: 67 Golems (inspired from the Spirits of Solomon) and elemental traps exist in the hall.

Throne Hall: Albedo’s original residence. Two World Items exist in this hall, including Albedo’s “True Nought, Ginnungagap”. This great hall also contained many high-leveled vassals who had been hand-picked by the other Floor Guardians.

Ashurbanipal: This library is the residence of Titus Annaeus Secundus. Here is where Ainz Ooal Gown, stores book-shaped items along with normal books. Magic Scrolls are also manufactured in this area. It is guarded by five overlords (over level 75), whose names are based on the Five Good Emperors of the Roman Empire (Cocceius, Ulpius, Aelius, Fulvius, and Aurelius).

Treasury Room:-

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Pandora’s Actor is the floor guardian of the treasury room.

This is a place that has been strictly disconnected from the other floors of Nazarick and can only be entered through with the help of “The Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown”. This is why he always asks his NPC’s to remove their rings before moving out of the tomb during their various missions.

The Entrance of this Room is filled with Heaps and piles/literally mountains of treasures collected by all the Guild members over the years, also when everyone left the game Ainz used to continuously go on adventures and collect more and more funds for his team members hoping they would someday arrive and bring Nazarick back to its former glory days.

The other hurdle in front of them was The Door to the treasury, which lead further deep into the treasury and would open only when a certain sentence was uttered.

Next was the Mausoleum. When each member of Ainz Ooal Gown began to silently retire from Yggdrasil, every one of them relinquished possession of their personal items and weapons to Momonga as throwaway which he stored in the mausoleum along with their statue like golem protecting the entrance of the treasury further in. Anyone wearing the Ring would be attacked by these golems.

Last but not the least was Pandora’s actor who was a lot more powerful even more than some of the floor guardians as he was a true Doppleganger and could change his shape or form imitating All the 41 beings along with their abilities at approximately 80% of their true strength.

Behind him were the 11 world items which were currently in the guild’s possession! So pretty big deal!!

Known areas:-

Chief Manager’s Room: Pandora’s Actor’s residence.

Mausoleum: The vault which holds World Items. It is also a resting place for Ainz’s former guild members. Guarded by 37 golems named Avatara. If one enters the mausoleum with a Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown equipped, the Avataras will attack that person.

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