Overlord: Floors Of The Great Tomb Of Nazarick Explained

As one might have heard that there were different levels in “The Great Tomb of Nazarick” you might stop to wonder how did the tomb really come into the picture and how many Floors does/did it actually have? So, let’s go on a journey together where I shall be your guide through it helping to understand it bit by bit. Plus this article contains LOTS of spoilers so tread carefully! Origin of Great tomb of Nazarick: “The great tomb Of Nazarick” used to be a dungeon which required all the members of the guild (most

What Is The New World In Overlord?

New world is the name given to the unknown world to which Momonga and the Great Tomb of Nazarick got transported to, under mysterious circumstances. This world shared many traits with YGGDRASIL including the magic and to some extent even the culture and its history

Black Clover: What Is The Dark Triad Ritual ‘Advent Of Qliphoth’?

Unlike the Eye of the Midnight Sun, who were fooled into reincarnating the devil "Zagred", the Dark Triad seem to go quite a few notches up, by trying to literally summon the demons to the human realm. These demons would then cause 90% destruction of humanity in almost the blink of an eye (especially Lucifero). In order to achieve this “greatness” the 3 members of the triad namely Dante Zogratis, Zenon Zogratis, Vanica Zogratis want to open a gate to the underworld. This will be done by means of the ritual called "The