One Piece: Will Garp Come To Wano?

This question has been scratching the thoughts of many One Piece fans. Will grandpa Garp come to Wano? Will he be the one to save Luffy? Well, there isn’t much to confirm his ultimate arrival, but there are certain reasons that might add some weight to this assumption. In an honest way of putting it, we do want him to shove his “fist of love” right down Kaido’s throat. You know, they say beasts can be tamed with “love.”

Now, the pertinent question is not if Garp will come to Wano. It is more about why would he go there. We mean Kaido is way past the adoption age and Big Mom is definitely not someone Garp would swipe right on Tinder. So, why would he make that effort?

Garp is Luffy’s Grandpa

Luffy and Garp

Even though he may not show it outright, Garp does care about Luffy’s safety. In chapter 907, Garp was seen trying to remain calm when the two Yonkos declared their intention to kill Luffy. But it could have rattled his nerves a bit.

The tragic demise of Ace in the Marineford War visibly broke the Hero of the Marines. If not for Sengoku, then Garp’s rage would have literally melted Akainu. It doesn’t take much to realize that Garp still bears the guilt of his foster grandson’s death. And based on this, it seems highly unlikely that the former marine would just leave Luffy to his fate. We really don’t know if he can stand against the combined might of two Yonkos, but we believe he would try.

It is fair to say that Luffy is the only family Garp has left. Plus, we must see to the fact that Garp has taken his leave from the marines. He is officially retired and as such, the rules and principles of the marine no longer bind this hero. So, he is free to break into the territory of Wano and save his last remaining grandson. Who could possibly stop him? Not Akainu, we think.

The Second Coming of Rocks Pirates

Kaidou and Big Mom Alliance

It’s no secret that Big Mom and Kaidou have come into an alliance. They were both the subordinates of the legendary Rocks D.Xebec, the captain of the Rocks Pirates. He may have passed on but his legacy is still alive. By that logic, this unholy alliance can only be seen as the rebirth of Rocks Pirates. For Garp who has faced the Rocks Pirates, he would do everything he can to stop this. The former marine has seen firsthand the kind of destructive capability Rocks had. Just to defeat them, Garp had to begrudgingly form a pact with Gol D.Roger.

So, Garp coming to Wano seems very much likely when we bring Rocks into the picture. Garp defeated the master of Rocks era at the cost of his pride and honour. Come to think of it, even the imminent execution of Ace wasn’t enough to let Garp abandon his principles.

But then all of this might be wishful thinking and Garp might not go to Wano After all….

The Faded Era of Garp

Do you remember watching Garp indulging in those grand battles and awesome fights? Yeah, we don’t either. No matter how much we deny it, Monkey D.Garp isn’t one of the central characters of the One Piece saga. All that he achieved has become blurred with time.

Garp is primarily the catalyst of the story, the one who, in a way, created the path for this story. But unfortunately, he isn’t the hero of this one. His time is gone and it is now the era of the young generation. So, Garp coming to Wano to defeat Kaido would actually defeat the entire narrative, the entire buildup of the plot.

Something Happened at Reverie

In chapter 956, we see Garp returning to Reverie after an incident happened there. While the incident itself is a bit obscure as of now, it was big enough to catch the attention of Garp. It is safe to say that Garp has his hands full for now. The possibility of him arriving at Wano is a bit near the impossible. From what it seems, he might have to wrestle against the Revolutionaries if they are still at the Reverie.

So in short, we don’t see Garp going to Wano, at least for now. He might be well caught up in the Reverie incident which is happening in the backdrop. Not to forget that the era of Garp is gone. As Marco rightly said, it is the time for the New Generation!!

But who knows, the fate might just bring Monkey D.Garp to the shores of Wano. What do you think? Does it seem that Garp will come to save Luffy? Let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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