God Valley Incident In One Piece Explained: Why Did It Disappear?


It has been a while since we fans have come to realize that One Piece is more than just a treasure-hunting tournament as it embodies all kinds of trials and tribulations that a living being goes through, sometimes using the help of fantastical plot points. Still, Eiichiro Oda has always put a sole focus on real-world problems such as Slavery and Racism to name a few.

As the fans embraced the next weekly installment of peak fiction in the form of chapter 1095, Oda decided to drop some more information about the infamous God Valley Incident and probably the sole reason behind its disappearance.

God Valley

God Valley is one of the most important islands as major events took place here such as the fight between the Rocks Pirates and the Navy where Monkey D. Garp earned the title of Hero of the Navy, albeit with the help of a certain pirate Gol D. Roger.

Now that we have some more information about the accursed island, we can make a clear case by defining the cause and effect as the new info on our hands opens up a lot about the event.

But now, without further adieu, let’s learn more about the God Valley!

What Is God Valley?

In the myriad of islands floating on the oceans of One Piece, God Valley was an island in the West Blue. It had an abundance of natural resources but it was unaffiliated with the World Government until 38 years ago when the Celestial Dragons decided to organize their Native Hunting Competition there.

A customary festival of sorts, this competition is held once every three years, incorporating a culling of slaves and native residents of an island just for sport. As disgusting and sadistic as it may sound, such heinous actions come without any surprise when talking about the highest of nobles who rule the world of One Piece.

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Native Hunting Competition and the Prizes

The reason for choosing God Valley was due to its name, as the World Nobles didn’t take likely to the fact that anything else other than their domains would contain the word “God”. It was an act of Blasphemy for the Celestial Dragons.

According to the picture, the prize pool included at least six chests that could contain Devil Fruits out of which one Kaido had, as there is a chance Big Mom stole it.

The king of God Valley retaliated after the Celestial Dragons’ proclamation but he met his demise instantly at the hands of St. Figarland Garling, who also went on to become the Supreme Commander of the Holy Knights in the future and possibly the king of God Valley as stated at the end of chapter 1087.

What is the God Valley Incident?

The aforementioned information was revealed in the latest chapter but the first instance of God Valley was made by Sengoku in chapter 957, in a Navy meeting. We get to know that some of the most dangerous pirates in the world like Whitebeard, Big Mom, and Kaido sailed the seas together under the same crew, led by the dangerous Rocks D. Xebec.

Occruing simultaneously alongside the Native Hunting Competition, we learn that the Rocks Pirates were eradicated by the Navy. According to the reports, they were taken down by Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp, going on to be hailed as the Hero of the Navy.

Although he received all the credit, Garp never opened up about the incident as he had to take the help of the Roger Pirates led by the Future Pirate King Gol D. Roger. Also, Garp wasn’t exactly proud of saving the Celestial Dragons and he also never accepted any promotions as it would place him directly beneath the Celestial Dragon’s command.

Admiral Kizaru from One Piece
Kizaru mentions that he is just a cog in the machine

The groundbreaking events don’t just end here as Roger and his pirates while escaping from God Valley find a treasure chest with a baby inside who grew up to become Shanks. There are major theories surrounding Shanks being a Celestial Dragon, more specifically belonging to the Figarland family.

This God Valley incident had a massive cast of the most important characters in the story and now we have to try to wrap our heads and connect the dots to make meaning out of it.

Now why were they fighting there exactly? We have a number of theories that make sense.

The presence of the Roger Pirates on the island implies they may have come to save the races from slavery but then we know that Roger teamed up with Garp to go up against Rocks D. Xebec so it is not clear as to why Roger would have a change of heart.

A possible theory is that the Rocks pirates came to free the slaves, hence starting a fight against the marines where Garp was forced to fight and protect the celestial dragons from danger.

This directly addresses the fact that Garp doesn’t open up about this incident as he saved the people who were encouraging something as outrageous as Slavery.

Rocks Pirates vs Garp and Roger

Rocks also seem to have to pretty good reason to free the slaves or maybe even Bartholomew Kuma of the Buccaneer tribe.

The Buccaneer tribe are said to have Giant Blood within them and it is well known that the World Government has been chasing Gigantification for centuries, possibly in order to gain enough military strength. The title of Warlord has already been stripped from the dangerous pirates as the World Government has collected enough data to make Seraphims, which are powerful Pacifistas, even stronger than the Warlords.

Law talks about Giant Humans
Law talks about the experiments conducted by the World Government

His own crewmates like Whitebeard and Big Mom were misfits who possibly have Giant’s blood (we know that Big Mom was unusually large during her childhood). It would make sense for him to rescue people of the same race or potentially the same caliber but then we don’t really know much about Rocks other than the fact that he wanted to be the “King of the World”.

Whatever the case, we still do not know the motives for the different parties to be on God Island at the same time so we will have to wait for the future chapters for more reference.

As for Kuma, his backstory is finally explored, as we see his Buccaneer father and human mother. They are made slaves and Kuma loses his father in front of his own eyes after losing her mother before. At the end of the chapter, we meet a young Emporio Ivankov with a girl named Jinny, who calls Ivankov her brother.

Now this is gearing up to be one of the best backstories Oda has ever written, even after writing excellent ones before. Kuma’s tragic backstory and his father’s last message about the Sun God Nika potentially point towards an excellent moment we might get in the future where Kuma finally witnesses god himself.

Ivankov and Jinny
Ivankov and Jinny

As for Jinny’s identity, there are two possibilities. She could be Kuma’s future wife and Bonney’s mother but there is also a chance that she could be Luffy’s mother!! Although the only reason why we speculate is because of the way she is eating the piece of meat, it’s eerily similar if you ask me!

Why and How Did God Valley Disappear?

Sengoku during his session mentioned that God Valley had disappeared from the map, as if it never existed. We then learn much later that Imu-sama, the one who commands even the Five Elders and the one who sits on the throne where no one should be sitting has the power to delete islands and change the topography of the ocean.

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Lulusia getting nuked

In chapter 1082, Imu completely eradicated the kingdom of Lulusia as the kingdom decided to rebel against the authority after the Levely.

It’s safe to assume that God Valley disappeared in a similar fashion, as Sengoku mentioned that God Valley isn’t even mentioned on the map. It has been completely erased from history.

It is pretty much evident that God Valley was also destroyed by Imu, but what are the implications here?

By drawing comparisons between Lulusia and God Valley, it might be possible that the Lulusia kingdom might have been the island chosen for the upcoming Native Hunting Competition. Also, the math proves it.

Thanks to Reddit user jeannyboy69’s observation, the God Valley incident took place 38 years ago. That means it’s the 39th year since the God Valley incident and if the competition is held triennially, it is supposed to take place in the current year of the story and it might very well possible be that Imu usually destroys the island after the Hunting Competition so he answered back to rebels by destroying the island which was included in the menu.

Now as for God Valley, we still cannot give concrete information as to what happened. It may very well be the same as Lulusia but then we can make assumptions about the result of the Competition as St. Garling Figarland is referred to as the “champion” of God Valley.

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